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Some of you may know about my ankh. If you don't, here's the story.

My grand-aunt gave it to me when I was a kid; she says she "found it"; I've never asked what that means exactly, but I sometimes think it means "on the sidewalk". Anyway, I was going through my EGYPT STUFF IS COOL phase (which, like my horse phase, I never really grew out of), so I was like OMG COOL NECKLACE. I used to bring it with me when I traveled, because it was black and silver, and could be dressy or casual, so basically it went with everything. Often times it was the only jewelry piece I brought with me.

Over time, it got so that it didn't feel right if I traveled without it, ever. I developed a mild superstition about it. When there was turbulence, or if I had any passing anxious plane-crash fantasy, I would touch the necklace and feel better. I started to wear it all the time when I wasn't traveling. It was my Lucky Necklace, and as I said, it matched with everything. When artistic friends sketched my likeness, they invariably included the ankh; it was a part of me. I had to change the cord once or twice, but the pendant stuck with me. I used to worry; what the hell would I do if I ever lost it?

Last September I went on a trip to Europe with my mother, and of course the ankh came with me, through limestone mountains and over river rapids and into the Adriatic Sea. We visited my darling Neve in Bulgaria, and on a walk through the autumn woods on a mountain called Rila, my ankh broke in half, seemingly entirely at random. By the time I noticed, the bottom half was lost forever in the fallen leaves.

I was heartbroken, as you can imagine. But what could I do? I had to be zen about it. There was no getting it back, and getting upset would do nothing for me. And I'm not actually superstitious, so I knew I'd be perfectly safe traveling without it. But I felt naked without it.

Friends suggested I buy a replacement ankh, but... I couldn't just buy any old ankh from Hot Topic, it had to be special. I was determined to find a replacement pendant, another ankh or something else, but I knew I'd have to wait for it to come to me.

...So on my date with Forrest on Sunday (four days ago), I happened to give him the short version of this story. On our date tonight, he gives me this:
Picture under cut because big. )

I was procrastinating, he says, so I made it for you. (Read, PERSONALLY CARVED BY HAND.) It's abalone. I thought it matched your eyes, which are, by the way, beautiful, he says. He says, the brass bead at the top is from Ethiopia, it's a hundred years old.


The ankh is perfect and beautiful, I will wear it all the time and keep it forever. Possibly I will also keep Forrest forever, oh my god.

Also tonight was the first rock concert I've been to since I left Portland. IT WAS SO EXCELLENT. Opening band was Mike Love and Paula Fuga and... whoever their drummer was, doing some local reggae that I actually kind of adored. Never seen Fuga live before... goddamn that woman can sing. The main act was Nahko and Medicine for the People, back in Hilo again after a year of touring. When I heard Medicine for the People two years ago they were a reggae band. Now they're straight-up, punch-you-in-the-face rock and roll with flavors of tribal drums and beat-boxing, with subtle reggae, world music, and Hawaiian influences and a world peace/First Nations issues/environmentalism sensibility. They're mixed-race and mixed-gender and full of bouncy energy and badassery and adorableness, especially Nahko, omg what a lovely and hilarious human being. I bought their new album, and I'll be keeping a close eye on them in the future.

...Gods I've missed rock concerts. I had so much fun.

So worth the... almost no sleep I'm going to get tonight. Early morning drive to Hakalau to catch birds, WHOO.

ETA: IN A HORRIBLE IRONIC TWIST, after staying up to 3 a.m. making lunch for the field and printing papers to read during downtime, I slept straight through my alarm and the group left without me, thus negating my reason for making lunch and printing papers. I feel like a shit head because E asked for my help and I let him down. FML. ...On the plus side, I really need the sleep and the study time? ......But srsly fml.
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Back in Portland now. Have some numbers: I was awake for over thirty hours (after very minimal amounts of sleep for the three nights previous), we drove for about twelve hours (hard to tell, we stopped a few times for food and bathrooms and running around in the dark like lunatics and napping at rest stops), after which I slept for EIGHTEEN HOURS (I told [livejournal.com profile] look_alive that I fully expected to wake up and be surprised and confused by the time on the clock and the presence or absence of light outside of my window; I was), and I had great difficulty taking off my new Patrick shirt and even greater difficulty not putting it back on after my shower, as I had become emotionally bonded to it over the thirty-six hours during which I had been wearing it.

So anyway, hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] platoapproved is yay, and on Friday [livejournal.com profile] look_alive and I successfully navigated Bay Area public transportation (it was mostly her, she's badass) and spent a chunk of the afternoon wandering at random around Golden Gate Park, which was supremely excellent. Saturday I woke my ass up without nearly enough sleep and successfully navigated Bay Area highways and the actual streets of San Francisco to meet up with Alex and Nova and Nova's bridesmaids for brunch and wedding dress fitting and going to REI with my brother so he could buy me those five-toed hiking shoes for my birthday, after which was more hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] platoapproved and sushi and Hawaii Five-0 before getting in the car and DRIVING FOREVER.

In between all that was PATRICK.

...I can tell you already, guys, this post is going to be really long. You've been warned.

Okay, so, let me preface this by saying that this Patrick Stump concert experience that I just had is the best concert experience I have ever had in my life. And I have had a fair number of supremely freaking excellent, life-changing amazing concert experiences. )
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So I'm in San Jose, California this weekend. Hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] platoapproved and [livejournal.com profile] suzume_tori, yay! Going to the Patrick Stump concert, yay! Hanging out with my brother and his fiàncée/wife Nova (it's complicated) and meeting Nova's bridesmaids and going to her wedding dress fitting and going to REI with my brother to get my feet fitted for my birthday present, yay!

So [livejournal.com profile] look_alive and I drove all day and got in last night, and we went to Mini Gourmet, the 24-hour diner of fantabulousness with [livejournal.com profile] platoapproved and [livejournal.com profile] suzume_tori, and I did some dramatic read-alouds and then we went to bed on [livejournal.com profile] platoapproved's floor.

I dreamed about trying to go to the concert and there was some fuck up with the tickets, the name on the front of the ticket was not mine and the name on the back of the ticket was not only not mine but not the same as the name on the front of the ticket, and I was not the only person having this problem, and the ticket person was looking at me all dubious-like, and I was like, "Look, I bought my tickets months ago, clearly it is not my fault, clearly this is a problem everyone is having, something got fucked up with the tickets, can you just LET US IN?!"

The dream moved on, some unrelated things happened that I can't remember properly/can't make sense of, and then it was a weird Hawaii Five-0 dream. It was someone's birthday, whose kept changing, it started out Danny's and then at some point it was Grace's. (Maybe it was both? Maybe they have the same birthday, or their birthdays are close together?) Danny went to pick Grace up from somewhere where she was hanging out with a bunch of other kids and this family friend of theirs who owned a restaurant, and they sang happy birthday to Danny, and he was all distracted because A CRISIS WAS HAPPENING. Before Danny went to deal with the CRISIS he talked to the restaurant owner about whether his restaurant was free to have a birthday party for Grace, and the dude said something about how he'd check on his supplies and let Danny know, but this was a lie... I can't remember if something shady was going on, or if someone had already made plans for a birthday party for Danny there.

Back home (my house in Hilo) it was raining and the roof was leaking and this was somehow sinister, and Danny was trying to handle this and handle the fact that he had to run off and handle a CRISIS and handle the fact that he needed to plan Grace's birthday party and handle the fact that he needed to make sure she finished her math homework first (Rachel was standing by, reminding him of all of this) and the kid next door called up and was like, "Hey, I've finished the problem sets, we could both go over to Maile's house and quiz each other," and I (apparently for a brief time I was Grace) was like, "I haven't even done the problem sets yet!"

Danny eventually had to drop everything and go handle the CRISIS with the rest of the team... which turned out to be investigating these ruins of an ancient city, trying to figure out how the city had been destroyed. They found these vents with a whole bunch of dead mosquitoes littered about, and they were like, "Someone pumped a plague of mosquitoes into the city and everyone died!" and then they found a whole bunch of cloves scattered about another vent and they were like, "But wait, cloves can be used as mosquito repellent!" which disproved the mosquito theory... somehow. And then Chin started having a horrible asthma attack (as he does) and he couldn't breathe and blood was coming out of his nose and someone was like, "Wait! Mosquito bites are an ancient treatment for asthma!" (as it is) so we (I don't know whose POV I was in at this point, maybe Kono's) lowered Chin into this trough of water and he tried not to drown in blood and dirty water and the mosquitoes came and swarmed all over him and then I woke up.

...Even in my dream I noticed that Grace's child actress was very much lacking in acting skills, and as usual it made me sad.
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Ohmigod, fandom dreams. I'll try to get down as much of it as I can... a lot of the details are vague or have gone away entirely.

Okay, so. Chin Ho Kelly. He goes to visit Kono at her home. (She's converted the area under the bleachers of some sports stadium into this fancy house. *shrug*) And Kono and Chin have this... thing going on between them. A slashy thing. Sort of. They've not done anything yet, but they're both interested, and they both know it. (I don't ship this at all, okay, not even remotely, this is entirely the fault of reading a bit of "Set Fire to This Card House" just before passing out.) So Chin's happy to see her, and Kono's happy to see him, and they smile at each other, and she leaves the... door? Front gate? Thinger at the entrance that is made of glass... open, and she turns and runs through the first... room? Garden? I don't think there was a roof. I vaguely remember fountains. Anyway, she runs, and he chases her, and she turns the corner to the left and disappears, and when he rounds the corner we're in another... garden, lots of water and, I think, papyrus and stuff, and she's rounding the corner to the left and disappearing again, and he's still chasing after her. And Kono runs into this blonde girl who is in her house, this blonde girl that Kono slept with last night. (I don't know who she is, I remember recognizing her in my dream, but I can't remember anything about her, and I think it's likely my brain just made that up.) Blonde girl steps up to Kono and kisses her passionately, and Chin rounds the corner and sees this. And he is very upset. And Kono is very upset. And Chin leaves.

...Later there is something about a train through the deserts of Arizona and football and the rest of the team (I distinctly remember Steve, at least) and my dad... I don't remember what that was all about.

And then I am with my extended family and we're celebrating my birthday and Neal Caffrey is there. Or maybe it's Matthew Bomer. (And for this I blame [livejournal.com profile] gyzym and "Certain Things in the Real World".) Anyway, he is celebrating with us because in my dream his birthday is April 10. And there are presents and we are eating dinner, and things are kind of awkward between me and Neal/Matt because I am crushing on him and I think he can tell, but I'm trying to be cool about it. And then later we are having a dance party in my bedroom in Hilo (??? There are better places in the house to dance) and my mom and I are trying to teach Neal/Matt how to swing dance by way of demonstration, but the music is very slow so we end up doing blues dancing. And my mom leads, and then I lead, and I am very pleased with how my skill as a blues lead is improving. Hopefully Neal/Matt is impressed.

...This is all of the dream that I can remember.

In the real world, last night was the Bright Eyes concert. )

Next weekend: San Francisco! [livejournal.com profile] platoapproved! Patrick Stump! My brother and sister-in-law at some point probably! :D
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So, I meant to do this days ago, fffff.

Under the cut: My Chemical Romance, Bad Rabbits, Black Cards, and Travie McCoy are AWESOME, teenaged fans of Gerard Way/Pete Wentz are largely ANNOYING, hanging out with said teenaged fans is AWKWARD AND EMBARRASSING, Tyler Glenn is a DOUCHEBAG, PB&J French Fries are DELICIOUS, my friends are FANTASTIC, and I think my feet may have finally stopped HURTING. )

...So at the end of the weekend I was way way underslept, and my feet hurt like a bitch, and I felt like an 80 year old cripple with a sore throat who had been beaten by sticks, but it was FUN. And I got to see [livejournal.com profile] regonym, which was supremely excellent since I don't know when the next time is that I will see her again (;_;), and I threw comics at her, and I got her into "Hawaii Five-0", we watched five episodes, bwaha~. So that was awesome.

Bright Eyes concert this weekend, whoo!
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So, LJ, there's a lot of news to catch up on. [livejournal.com profile] regonym arrived yesterday with her pet velociraptor Betsy in tow. She's a sweet, friendly thing, although [livejournal.com profile] look_alive may never forgive her after she ate our cat. [livejournal.com profile] regonym, I mean, not Betsy.

Also I'm pregnant. Also I found a million dollars on the sidewalk. Also there's a strange tingly sensation in my extremities (I knew I shouldn't have taunted Happy Fun Ball, that shit is toxic). The superpowers I've developed overnight are a mixed blessing... on the plus side, I can fly! On the minus side, I haven't figured out how to stop flying yet, and there's a huge smoking hole in my ceiling from the energy blast I apparently released from my hands while I was sleeping.

Good thing I found that million dollars. (I also found a Dalek. True story.)

...Okay, seriously, check out Google's usual prank, Gmail Motion (under the search bar on Google's main page), and YouTube 1911 (1911 Viral Videos under Spotlight on YouTube's main page). Lawl.

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In all the travel/holiday kerfluffle I completely missed the premiere episodes of Young Justice. So I watched it this morning. Here are my thoughts:

The animation is very pretty; gorgeous, even. Everything's pretty high-tech, almost futuristic, but they haven't messed with the costumes. I know from the Internet News back in the day that Robin is supposed to be Dick Grayson, never mind that this is YOUNG JUSTICE, okay, and Superboy's in it. That just seems wrong. I'm hoping he'll step up to the important job of SB's bff in Timmy's absence, though. Anyway, Dick dresses like Timmy (in the red, ohnoesmybffSuperboykickedthebucket costume, no less) and he's got Tim's tech savvy, but if anything his personality reminds me of Jay. Less Dick Grayson goofball and more smirking self-satisfaction to the point that I want to ruffle his hair and coo, just to annoy him. ALTERNATE UNIVERSES ARE FUN! But whatev, I can deal. This is nothing new, after all. I was raised on DC animated.

They did this thing twice where Robin laughed, and it was all echoey-in-the-shadows and CREEPY. It was kinda weird. Also, the one time we see Dick in civvies he's wearing these ohyeahI'msocool shades that completely cover his eyes. ...Dorkface. ^_^

Meanwhile, I keep finding myself distracted by how Superboy is SMOKING HOT. And YES, I KNOW, TEENAGER. SHUT UP. ...Actually, it's much worse than that. He's only sixteen months old. DX

Anyway... new show! This should be fun. In other news, I'm going to have 'Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury' stuck in my head for the rest of my life. THANKS A LOT, DAR.

...Passion Pit concert tonight!
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Ohmigod so. Ludo concert. FANTASTIC.

Baby, I thought I'd come along for the ride. (Concert under the cut.) )

So, yeah, the show was awesome, and the small crowd made it a very friendly, intimate affair. I bought myself a Ludo t-shirt:
I immediately bought their oldest and newest albums when I got home, to complete my collection. My life is now complete.

Ludo, in 75 words or less: Music-wise and stage show-wise, Ludo is kinda like OK Go's slightly rough-around-the-edges, weird younger brother who ran away from home and picked up lyrical habits from The Decemberists, Weezer, and Jonathan Coulton. They like to sing about zombies and pirates and dinosaurs and time travel and cyborgs and robots and spaceships and lakes in Louisiana that want to eat you. If that sounds like something you'd be into, check them out.

Here, have the video for "Whipped Cream". It's hilarious.

...So I got about 3 1/2 hours of sleep last night. I had put together the perfect schedule to let me sleep as long as possible and still catch the bus. It would've worked, too, if my computer battery hadn't chosen this morning to reveal that it was failing to charge– AGAIN. I had to shut down my computer and wrap up the cord and shove it all in a bag and haul it with me– AGAIN. I missed the 64 by seconds. Caught the 12 a few minutes later to try and catch the 56 earlier in its route... missed it by seconds also. Was late to work, but sitting at the bus stop on Barbur was okay. Absolutely stunning view of the faintest sliver of moon rising rusty over Mt. Hood's silhouetted shoulder.

Caught a ride with Nicole to the Beaverton Transit Center after work to try to shave some time off of my TriMet travels. She swore she could get me there by 3:30 to catch the 76. She failed. So I waited for the WES and watched a great blue heron preen itself on the roof of a commercial building.

I had to buy a new charger. It was EXPENSIVE.

And now I am exhausted. Brb, passing the hell out now.
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James came over. We're having a sleepover! :D He keeps me company and brings me food, and in return he gets to use our hot shower. Tuesday we're both going to see Ludo; I'm so excited!

Tonight we had a mini-marathon of Jensen Ackles vs. Batman Batman: Under The Red Hood and some of The Dick Grayson Show White Collar Season Two.

I tried to do the dishes that have been sitting around since Friday night. The pile of potato, carrot, and beet peelings was apparently too much for the plumbing to handle; the pipes clogged up and started leaking, and the vibrations from the garbage disposal sprayed beet juice ALL OVER THE INSIDE OF THE CABINET. I turned in a work order; meanwhile our pipes are dripping beets into a tupperware.

*SIGH* This always happens when there's a huge pile of dishes that needs doing. ALWAYS. The leaking is new. Clearly Murphy couldn't pass up the chance, I mean, beet juice was involved. BEET JUICE.
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So [livejournal.com profile] regonym suggested I post my Rock the Fuck Out/Guitartastic/Anti-PMS playlist FOR THE GREATER GOOD. It's, like, five hours long, but here you go! Keep in mind, it's composed entirely of songs that are currently on my tiny, vastly-in-need-of-an-update iPod, so there are some fairly obvious gaps in the content. For instance, it should definitely have some The Darkness, AC/DC, and more My Chemical Romance, but. It's pretty awesome anyway.

Let's do this alphabetical by artist, why not. )

In other music news, a very important question for you Portland folks (you know, the hordes and hordes of you on my Flist -_-;;): WHO WANTS TO COME TO THESE CONCERTS WITH ME?!

Ludo, Oct 5, Hawthorne Theater, $13

Sufjan Stevens, Oct 29, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall... if anyone's serious about this we need to act fast because the prices start at $35 and go up from there... that's $35 for the very edge of the upper balcony/nosebleed section, next to the wall.

Finally... ATTENTION, BATMAN FANS. I simply cannot recommend this webcomic enough: Batman and Sons, by The Black Cat (The Dark Cat on LJ). It features... well, Batman and his sons, Dick, Jason, Tim, and Terry, with appearances by other DC characters and, of course, Alfred. Dick is 12, Jason is 9, Tim is... I dunno, 6ish? And Terry is a tiny adorable baby. Everyone wears their costumes ALL THE TIME. The comic is full of hijinks and hilarity and OMG ADORABLENESS and lots of sneaky references to the canon, both classic and current. FANTASTIC. The order you read them in doesn't really matter, I don't think. You can poke around in her DA Gallery or her Livejournal. Or you can start where I did with one of her longer stories, "Mr. Bat-Mom", here and here on LJ, or in her DA Gallery. It's hilarious, especially Part 2.
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Whoo, so I really don't have time for this. I haven't even had time to look at my rp. I'm such a bad mod. ...But I feel a life update is necessary at this juncture.

Dar's dad was here twelve days, he left on Monday. He and Dar and I drove down to California last week and spent a couple of nights in a cabin on the edge of Redwood National and State Parks. We discovered that Grant's Pass is the most ridiculous town in existence. We counted six... SIX... Dutch Bros, and the hardware store has hammajang pillars and sells Lady Anti-Monkey Butt powder. We saw many wildlifes including elk, sea lions, seals, and giant trees, and stayed up late reading ghost stories. In the town of Orick Dar and I ventured into the epitome of all biker bars to try some elk chili. We ended up attempting to win free drinks for life by drinking a pint of Stella faster than the barkeep, and joined hundreds of others in loserdom (as evidenced by the two $1 bills stapled to his ceiling, signed by us, stating I AM A LOSER). This guy doesn't even have to swallow. He just stares at you until you're halfway down your own glass, and then he opens his mouth and the beer disappears down his throat. ...I totally out-manned Dar, both in beer-drinking and chili-eating. Ha.

The chili was delicious, btw.

As of Monday, I am hired again. Epiq, again, this time data entry, swing shift (3:30p-11:30p). I wasted no time at all in finding my fellow geeks. Geoff is into Doctor Who, the IT Crowd, Cowboy Bebop, and Fullmetal Alchemist, and I carpool with him (which is good, because at those times it would take me an hour and a half to go by bus, instead of, like, ten minutes by car). Logan is also into Doctor Who, Red vs Blue, The Mighty Boosh, and Batman (including The Animated Series and Batman Beyond), and we spend breaks and lunch geeking out at each other.

Today I went downtown and got my data back, FINALLY. He retrieved the data, but for some reason whatever it is that organizes the data and labels it was irreparably damaged, so I've got a pile of anonymous .jpg's, .avi's, .doc's, .mp3's, etc. He's given it to me on a loaner drive, and he's letting me take a good look at it before we decide how much I should pay him. It won't be any more than $150 though.

I managed to get my shift changed on Friday, so James and I are going to the Ok Go concert. HELLS TO THE MOTHERFUCKING YEAH. Finally. I've been dying to see this band live. T_T

And, finally, I made a last minute decision to go to Seattle for the Northwest Folklife Festival this weekend, and I'm dragging Will and Richard along with me. We're still working out the details... like, where we're going to sleep. -_-;; I think I have it taken care of, though... I'm like 90% sure we can crash at Isaac and Eli's place. I'm just waiting for Eli to check with his brother and call me back. ...One way or the other, though, it will be an awesome weekend. I expect to come back having worn my feet entirely off dancing. :DD

Fffff 45 minutes before I have to leave for work. I'd better grab some lunch. Stay awesome, LJ.
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So. Stuff that's gone on since my last post.

The weekend before last, Dar, James, and I went to CC Slaughters, a nightclub in downtown Portland. A gay nightclub. So I can cross that off of my Lifetime To-Do list.

...It was a very gay nightclub. And it was AMAZING. This is my new favorite place in Portland. We got there at 10 to discover that they had $1 drink specials from 10-11, so we ordered as many as we could. Even better, there were free lollipops. It didn't take us long to befriend some gay boys... first an awkward but cute guy named Andrew, then the more flamboyant and outgoing guy who was flirting with him. I was amused to see that the dance floor was empty for the longest time, but as soon as they put Lady Gaga on it was packed. We danced with some guys, we danced with some girls, we met a lot of people but by now I've forgotten their names. I got a lot of compliments on my hair, my outfit, and my dancing, so that felt good. The group we ended up hanging with (a couple of the guys were kind enough to watch our stuff) seemed to be of the general opinion that I was adorable. ^_^ One of the two girls we were dancing with initially that adopted us into the group had the hots for me, and was very disappointed when she discovered in a whispered conference with James that I was, in fact, straight. But just to be sure she double-checked with me. XD; ...I felt kind of bad, actually. The story of my life: Angela, Breaker of Hearts.

I dirty-danced with Dar, and James, and handful of strangers of both genders. ...And then there was that one guy, The Slut. We spent the whole night watching him have sex-with-clothes-on with half the people on the dance floor, both genders. Then he got his hands on Dar. Then he got his hands on ME. I... I'm not sure I can articulate what that was like. That was definitely the dirtiest I've gotten with anyone, ever. I was completely dominated. ...I-I don't think I'm technically a virgin anymore. @_@

So anyway, that was a lot of fun. This past weekend involved a tsunami scare in Hawaii (nothing happened, the waves were tiny) and a trip to the Japanese Garden on Free-Admissions Day. We thought this was a fabulous idea since it had been such a mild winter, and all the flowers were blooming, and it was such a gorgeous day. ...Unfortunately, half of Portland had the same idea. The calming, peaceful affect of the garden was somewhat ruined by the noise and mobs of people EVERYWHERE. ...Oh well. And then Lauren and I went to the Jonathan Coulton concert, which was freaking EXCELLENT. Paul and Storm were the best opening act I've ever had the pleasure of seeing, and were worth half the ticket price by themselves. Seriously, I busted a gut laughing. And JoCo was, of course, amazing. And the lady who was doing the lights wins my eternal affection, because she was a snarky little firecracker. She'd do all these clever little visual puns with the lights, and when JoCo and Paul and Storm started joshing with her, she showed them who was boss by turning the lights out on them and threatening to crush them with the projection screen. Also the audience was amazing and outgoing and witty and fun.

...Also how did I not know that "I'm Your Moon" was about Charon and Pluto? IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE NOW!! I loved the song before and now it's even better. And Lauren still wins for independently making the astronomy connection a few hours earlier when she suggested it was a good Aphelion theme song.

Speaking of Aphelion, if the addition of Carrie's Master didn't make me happy enough (you and he are brilliant, btw! <3 <3), my exploits on [livejournal.com profile] dear_mun have finally paid off, because I-pin's mun succumbed to temptation and joined the game! (Unfortunately, I immediately lost the game right after.) This is brilliant because I-pin is adorable, and with both her and the Master there will be lots of fun time-travel shenanigans. And I'm pleased for Robin, because now he has someone his own age to talk to, and we already know the two of them make good friends, and he has someone to spar with, and he has someone to be all impressed by his egotistical awesome self, and she's a girl, and she's cute, and once he's gotten over Starfire things are going to be HILARIOUS. ...Seriously, it's hard enough already to keep him from unintentionally flirting. ...NAUGHTY DICK GRAYSON. *swats him with a rolled-up newspaper* DOWN BOY.

...Speaking of segues [livejournal.com profile] dear_mun, Robin's been talking to a Sophie Hatter, an Aziraphale, and an AMAZING Marvin. Robin also felt the need to complain about his weird-ass mun. ...What? Is planning out the progression of my character's puberty really that strange? ...Okay, yeah, it kind of is. ^_^;; But he finally got to talk to a Tim (animated! :DD) and a truly excellent Joker, and there was a little Aphelion get-together with Richard and the Master as well.

......I have an interview at Parry Center on Wednesday. OH MY GOD WISH ME LUCK. I want/need this job like burning. T_T
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So the A.F.I. concert was great. The opening band, Ceremony, had kinda boring music, but I found their personalities enjoyable, and I had a front-row seat for the ridiculousness that was the mosh pit. Dar and I had fun hanging out with Grant, and chatting with the awesome people around us about Portland and A.F.I. and how sweet it is to have a Hellboy tattoo. Like, seriously, pretty much the whole crowd was great.

Then A.F.I. came on the stage, and a bunch of douchebags mowed me and Grant over on the way to the stage. Like, seriously, I thought I was going to be trampled to death. I have a bruise on one knee, and a big strawberry on the other.

A.F.I. was AWESOME. They played a really excellent set with most of our favorite songs, and they were lots of fun to watch. Especially Davey. Omg Davey, ilu. I had tons of fun jumping up and down and beating my fists in the air and screaming along to the songs with the rest of the crowd. Towards the end of the set the crowd shuffled this guy next to me, and he was loud and exuberant and happy, and he apparently thought I was hot shit because he started putting his arm around my shoulders. In a happy, companionable way. But totally also in a "hitting on hot rocker chick" way. I didn't mind... he was so happy! So I put my arm around his shoulders, and we jumped up and down like lunatics and danced and were happy. Dar kept being all, *elbowelbow* "HE'S CUTE!" *elbowelbow*

The very last song they played, at the end of the encore, was Silver and Cold. OHMIGOD YAY. I had been waiting and hoping all night, so when I heard the opening chords I screamed like a maniac. Happy Dude turns to me and is like, "THIS IS THE SONG THAT GOT ME INTO THIS BAND! :D" and I'm like, "OHMIGOD ME TOO! :D" ...So I rocked the hell out and screamed every line of that song with great enjoyment.

The music stopped and the lights came on, and Dar's like, "Get his number OR ELSE." So I hung about awkwardly for a few seconds, and sure enough he asks my name, and gives me his (Dan), and asks if I'd like his number, since we have the same taste in music and all. ...Which was classy of him, we thought. So I said sure, and now I have his number. ...And now I'm going to have to call him. OR ELSE. And I think I totally will. Like, I dunno, why not? How else am I going to meet guys in Portland?

Dar and Grant and I dropped by Dante's to grab some pizza and sodas. We sat outside and listened to the Karaoke From Hell inside... karaoke with a live band, which sounds pretty sweet, actually. ...Some of it was pretty atrocious, but this one chick did a good cover of Come Together, by The Beatles. We watched as some bums across the street had a fight, and a whole pile of cop cars showed up. But then we were done with our pizza and getting cold, so we left. And that is all.

Robin is talking to Rose Wilson. This should be interesting. Also, I posted with him at [livejournal.com profile] sixwordstories, for a change of scene and more [livejournal.com profile] aphelion_rpg advertising.

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So, this weekend was pretty sweet. Friday night kicked off with a party at James'. Originally it was supposed to be a redneck-themed grill and barbecue on the roof, but then half the people ditched. So it was just James and Angel and Will and me. But I wore my redneck-chic outfit (though I left my cowboy hat at home), and I brought my Jello Jigglers on a paper plate, and Will brought a bottle of wine, and we picked up a pizza. So we had pizza and Jello and wine, which is still pretty damn redneck, and we watched Zombieland and played Zombies!!!. So it turned into a redneck-zombie party, or as I like to call it, the Tallahassee Party a.k.a. Thank God for Rednecks! ...It was fun.

The rest of the weekend was getting drunk and watching slasher flicks, here in the apartment and over at Cinema 21 downtown. Which is more fun than I would've given it credit for, several years ago. And, educational. Know this, Otto: you have to fuck the life into the gallbladder.

For my continued reference: Robin spoke to Chizu from Usagi Yojimbo, another Deadpool, and Sherlock Holmes. Which was hilarious, btw. Robin is such a fanboy. ...Also, Faye briefly spoke with a Time Lord Sean Connery!James Bond. It was necessary.

Robin is currently sparring I-pin (AWESOME~!) and being an unreasonable teenager with his double.

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So. Will came over and we hung out, and then we were bored and it was only 9-something, so we're like, "Uhhhh we could watch something, or play video games, or HAY WE COULD GO OUT SOMEWHERE ON A SATURDAY NIGHT. So we looked at Dante's schedule to see if the band looked like it might be good, and there's a banner for The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band. Will takes one look at the banner and goes, "Is he holding a banjo? That's a good sign!" ...This is why Will is awesome.

So out to Dante's we went. We got there just as the opening band was finishing their set, bought a couple of beers, and went to stand up front. And then the Big Damn Band came on, and they were indeed a Big Damn Band. Emphasis on the DAMN.

They're not Big in numbers; there's only three of them: the Rev on guitar and lead vocals, his wife Breezy on the washboard, and Rev's cousin Aaron on drums. The Rev's got an epic beard, Breezy's got hot black and red biking or driving gloves modified with thimbles on the fingertips, and Aaron's got... a five-gallon plastic bucket.

...Which he uses to great effect. Because what the Big Damn Band is Big on is Sound. GOD DAMN. They play sort of Roots mixed with Country Blues, and man I have never heard Country rock so hard. Or Blues. Or When The Saints Go Marching In. Rev's a GOD on the Resonator and acoustic guitar, DAMN that man can finger-pick! And meanwhile Breezy's rocking the washboard like it's a fucking electric guitar. ...Seriously, these guys were just a little bit metal. Rev's sticking his tongue out as he riffs, and kicking the cymbals, even kicking the cymbal stand over at the very end, and Breezy's shredding the washboard over her head, and swinging it out over the crowd, and SETTING FIRE TO IT in the last song. ...And then Rev's on the harmonica, and then they bring out Flogging Molly's banjo player for a couple of songs, and fdjkhlbergradhzjklfs CAN I GET A HELL YEAH?! HELL YEAH!!

So we all spent the whole time jumping up and down and dancing like maniacs and screaming at the top of our lungs about two bottles of wine and mama's fried potatoes and how it sure feels like rain. It was EPIC FUN. Also, their van has steer horns on the hood.

...I bought three of their albums.

So far the albums are awesome, but they don't have the same kick-ass effect of the live show. Which I expected. I just really felt they deserved my money. ...Although, there is a pretty nifty Peyton family recipe for Persimmon Pudding in The Whole Fam Damnily.

...And now I am covered in sweat, and desperately need a shower and BED.
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Soooooooo, I'm out of a job again. As predicted.

...Which means I can sleep as long as I want to tomorrow morning! Which will hopefully still be a reasonable hour. I'm going to sleep early by my standards. SO TIRED. But still no regrets. Metric concert is totally worth going to work on only four hours' rest.

EDIT: I just slept for 11 hours, plus dozed for an extra hour after that. Holy crap!
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Work today was full of complainers. So that sucked. I spent some time in document control, opening envelopes and sorting the contents for processing. So that was a nice change of pace. Suspect joblessness is imminent... a few people in my group were dismissed today. Laaaaame.

Caught a bus and a train downtown, met James in Powell's, went to P.F. Chang's for lunch. Ordered too much in the way of spring rolls and hot and sour soup. Gave leftovers to homeless girl in front of Powell's; James' idea. Feel good about self. Went to the Crystal Ballroom. Pat downs and bag searches going in. Managed to get in with a bag full of prescription pills, lol.

Opening group was Band of Skulls. A guitar, bass, and drums trio, some flavor of British. Female bassist/singer androgynous and hot. Guitarist/singer dude had epic beard, could not see his face past blond locks; shredded so hard he kept breaking strings, went through something like three guitars. Drummer with happy goofy smile on his face when he was beating the shit out of his drums. THEY. WERE. BAD. ASS. Highly recommend. (Left the venue before we could purchase albums, boo hiss. Must acquire music by some other method.) Anya Marina second act. Fabulous trumpeter from Blind Pilot accompanied her for first song.

METRIC FUCKING AWESOME. But we knew that. Emily has amazing energy on stage, and looks fabulous in a sparkly dress with no back. Played many awesome songs, including Twilight Galaxy, Help I'm Alive, Satellite Mind, Poster Of A Girl, Gold Guns Girls, Dead Disco, Handshakes, Sick Muse, and Monster Hospital. The crowd was packed but largely very polite. Some unavoidable jostling, but in good spirits. Jostling mostly shuffled me closer to the stage and into spots with better views, so I didn't mind. Floor in Crystal Ballroom extremely bouncy, it was like living going to a concert in a bouncy castle. Final song was Stadium Love; the crowd energy was immense, everyone jumping up and down and turning the floor into a trampoline. I caught some awesome air. Encore was Combat Baby accompanied only by an acoustic guitar and the clapping and singing of the crowd.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. James and I had an awesome good time. So glad I went. Even though I turned into a popsicle coming home, and my hair's going to be awful to brush out, and it's REALLY REALLY LATE. ...I think I will catch a cab tomorrow, in the interests of sleep-getting.

...But first I'm going to do this meme. Because. All the cool kids are doing it.

In 2010, zolac_no_miko resolves to...
Give up swing.
Cut down to ten peter adams a day.
Give up movies.
Admit my true feelings to pumpkinmuffins.
Start a metanoia fund.
Stop camping with pewpewlazrz.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Give up movies and swing? NEVER! Think I'm ok with the other stuff though.

Someone needs to update the year so we don't have to fix the code to make resolutions for 2010. ...HOW IS IT ALMOST 2010 ALREADY?! O.O ...Anyway. I don't think mine's as funny as some others. How did the thing manage to select two writing journals, instead of actual-people journals?
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O HAI, I am the weather in Portland. I am VERY FUCKING COLD.

Midwest Cities say stfu, weaksauce, stop whining.

Here, watch the first three minutes of this Batman Beyond episode. If you have even heard of Batman, you will think this is funny. I nearly choked on my instant ramen. THIGH-HIGH BOOTS!

...Metric concert tomorrow! :D

EDIT: LAUREN! The band you were trying to remember was playing at the Crystal Ballroom tonight was PASSION PIT!! ...ARGH!!!

EDIT EDIT: The reason it's so cold (besides the weather) is our main heating vent is bust. MORE ARGH. The cat and I are hunkered down in the trenches (my room, where the heater does work, thank Zolac).
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On Friday Vienna Teng did a free performance in HILO of all places.




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