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Hmmm, apparently I haven't posted since January, and I haven't done a real non-meme, hey-this-is-what's-up-with-my-life journal entry since, um...November. WOW.

So here's what's up with my life.

Mostly what's up with my life, and the reason I'm so scarce, is grad school. I'm taking three more credits than last semester, and I'm enjoying my classes lots but DAMN there's a lot of work to do. I'm busy all the time just trying to keep up.

I have squeezed in some fun times, sometimes probably more than I should, like, I was SUCH a slacker over Christmas break. But I had an AWESOME camping trip with Forrest on a lonely, remote beach, I had a BRILLIANT family Christmas visit on O‘ahu with dancing and hiking and beaching and Hobbiting and archaeology and being silly with relatives and SO MUCH FOOD. And my darling Melissa came to visit me for New Year's and we watched movies and read Hawkeye comics and went on adventures with Forrest, lava adventures, kayak adventures, hiking-in-a-rainy-valley-and-being-menaced-by-flash-floods adventures. So I didn't get a lot of work done, but vacation was AWESOME.

My darling Maile got married to Fred a couple of weeks ago in Kona, so my darlings Chris and Kate and Garrett came from the mainland and we had more shenanigans. It was a Friday morning beach wedding followed by an awesome fancy brunch, and Maile was GORGEOUS and she and Fred were both sick so Fred had to keep drinking water and they were both sassy at each other and it was all very cute and lovely. I like Fred a lot. Chris and Kate and Forrest and I harassed some sea life and Forrest and I disgusted Chris by eating sea weed off of the rocks when there was AN AWESOME BRUNCH RIGHT OVER THERE, OH MY GOD YOU TWO DESERVE EACH OTHER, etc. We lounged around by the pool and on the beach, and then all of Maile's Whitman Friends Plus Significant Others and all of Maile's La Pietra/O'ahu Friends Plus Significant Others went to Kona Brew Pub together to have amazing food and amazing beer and get to know each other (I had an amazing beer made with lemongrass and ginger, and then an awesome Hefeweizen). Forrest and I gave up our Saturday to hang out with Chris and Kate, and we did the Farmer's Market and a beachside picnic and poked around Lili‘uokalani Gardens and Coconut Island and got smoothies at What's Shakin' and saw Rainbow Falls and ‘Akaka Falls, and then Chris and Kate and I went swing dancing, and it was good. Then I gave them my car and let them have their own shenanigans while I studied my ass off, although we did get together for dinner at Forrest's and a showing of my high school Beowulf movie project, which is always a hilarious time.

Speaking of Forrest, in case you were wondering, yes, that's going well. Extremely well. I'm kind of...um...madly in love? Which is a new and strange thing for me? He's gorgeous and kind and fun and smart and he treats me well and we're massively compatible and have more and more in common all the time, so...that's nice. (Also he lurked around this journal and found and read some of my fanfic and he REALLY LIKED THAT ONE DEPRESSING BATMAN ONE, I feel so fucking validated.) I've solved the constant-struggle-over-who-gets-to-pay-for-things problem by introducing a rock-paper-scissors system, which is hilarious and is working out well. (Incidentally and hilariously, the first time we tried it we tied 5 or 6 times in a row before I figured out how to break the pattern and beat him. Because again, WE ARE ACTUALLY THE SAME PERSON A LOT OF THE TIME.) On Valentine's Day I went all old-school with paper, glue, pens, and scissors and made him a badass card version of my Darwin "I select you, naturally" icon with photos of Darwin and natural selection in action. (There were pigeon skulls. He loved it.) We had dinner and cocktails at the Rim Restaurant on the edge of the volcano, then camped overnight at Kulanaokuaiki Campground and had a lazy campground brunch with eggs and bacon and fruit and POG mimosas. It was awesome. (Can we talk about how this is the first Valentine's Day in my ENTIRE LIFE where I've had a significant other? I missed it by like TWO DAYS last time. ...So that was weird, but nice.)

So that's mostly what's been going on with me. Aaaaaaand I'd better get back to it. Sigh.
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Today we observe Veterans Day.

Today I remember my grandfather, Thomas Gill. Before he was a soldier, he was there when Pearl Harbor was attacked, and he ran down to help out as soon as he could. He joined the Army and served in the Pacific Theater, in Australia and Papua New Guinea. He came back with injuries and medals. He went to school on the G.I. Bill, and kept right on fighting. As a lawyer he fought for the rights of laborers; as a U.S. Congressman he fought for the Civil Rights Act; as Hawai‘i's Lt. Governor he fought to protect our islands from rampant development by greedy, short-sighted men; as the Chairman of Hawai‘i's Commission on Sexual Orientation and the Law in the '90s he fought for same-sex marriage.

I've never known a fiercer, braver, tougher man, and I dare you to find me a better one. I am so fucking proud of him. I miss him so much.

Here's to you, Grandpa. Thank you for your service. I love you.
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So a bunch of stuff happened in the last couple weeks. Had fun going to the Kamehameha Day Festival and seeing Prometheus. ...The movie was awesome, by the way... definitely very Ridley Scott, if you like Ridley Scott. Creepy Android!Michael Fassbender was, as I fully expected, my favorite. ...Now I feel like I need to marathon the Alien movies. (Tried to watch Blade Runner the other night... BORED ME TO TEARS.)

The last couple of weeks have been pretty nice at work... exploring Kahuku, mist-netting at ‘Ainahou... I like ‘Ainahou, I mean, it's pretty weedy and there's lower bird diversity and I'm pretty biased towards the rainforest (‘Ainahou's a lot drier than Nauhi), but... it's just a really nice place to hang out. It's sunny and warm and the birds come in at just the right pace... and I'm lounging in the grass under a blue sky, writing, and getting up occasionally to go for a walk under the trees and check nets, and play with birds for a few minutes before going back to lounging and writing and just... how awesome is my life?? Other people work in cubicles. (I told my mom this and she pointed out that other people get paid more than $20 a day. THANKS MOM. ...It's still the best job ever, so there. XP)

And then Friday before last Jackie and I were going to go to Na‘alehu to meet with her friend John from The Nature Conservancy and pore over maps and get his opinions on the best ways to access remote parts of the Ka‘u Forest Reserve, but he absolutely had to go into the field that day... so we went with him! We met up with him and this-younger-guy-whose-name-I-forget in Pahala and drove up to TNC's Kaiholena Preserve, which was AWESOME because I've never ever been up there before. It's way up in the Ninole Hills, which is this really awesome and interesting and (I think) kinda creepy area in Ka‘u, where a massive fault-slip and subsequent erosion created these hills that look completely out of place with the rest of the island's geology (most hills in Hawai‘i are cinder cones), and they're all green and mysterious with their heads in the clouds and I've always wanted to go up there. And the forest in Kaiholena is beautiful, really pristine and full of all my favorite plants, and we took a nice walk along the fence line marking out where the helicopter needed to drop fence-repair materials and I had a lot of trouble keeping up because I kept stopping to geek out at the botany. ^_^;; And we had lunch TNC's little pavilion at the bottom of the preserve with a gorgeous view down to the coast, and on the way down we took a side trip to one of the hills to see this plant called nuku ‘i‘iwi (‘i‘iwi bill) because I'd never seen it/heard of it before and Jackie thought I'd enjoy it, which is... really kind of sweet, actually. It's this really cool vine with beautiful flowers that, yes, do resemble ‘i‘iwi bills in color and shape, and as;hgkalhskfakjshdfls NEW PLANT. *geeks out some more* And all of the lower hills had, mixed in with the native plants, ti and kukui and one of the old Hawaiian varieties of bananas, the name of which I forget, but John told me it was one of the few varieties that women were allowed to eat, and also that it was one of the varieties of bananas that the Hawaiians brought with them in their very first voyage, which makes sense because we're so close to that very first settlement down there. Looking at those ti and kukui and bananas that were probably descendants of plants planted around the very oldest Hawaiian settlements gave me a kind of chicken-skin feeling. ...Anyway, IT WAS A COOL TRIP and it made me very happy. Fuck $20 a day, I CAN'T BELIEVE I GET PAID FOR THIS AT ALL.

On Saturdays I've been doing a bunch of chores for Mom, since her arm's in a cast and she can't do a lot. Father's Day Dad came up to Volcano, and we had a really excellent afternoon: lunch at Lava Rock Cafe, wine tasting at the Volcano Winery, a trip to Jaggar to watch the steam come out of Halema‘uma‘u, and a trip down to ‘Ainahou so I could show him my work site and the historic ranch buildings.

Last week has been more netting at ‘Ainahou mostly, although Thursday and Friday I was on-loan to Mark Kupono trying to catch ‘i‘iwi up Mauna Loa Strip Road. No ‘i‘iwi in the net, just ‘amakihi and ‘apapane and white-eyes, but one of the ‘apapane was this really pretty hatch year bird that was in between fledgling and adult plumage... mostly red with gray and tawny bits and a red racing stripe on the back of its head. SO CUTE. And it was just a really nice day up there, lounging on the rocks and reading. ...Boss Jackie is taking off for Bali for three weeks, so I expect to be doing a lot more of this, along with fun things like data entry and organizing the supply closet. :P

Another major thing is I moved into my boss Dennis' house Thursday before last. He and his family are on vacation for over a month, traveling on the Mainland and in Italy, and I'm house-sitting for them. (Thus the adventure with the can opener the other day.) It's... a bit of an adjustment for me, because they have two dogs and three cats and two bunnies and two turtles and some fish, and it's weird having dependents. And the dogs need to be walked every day, and they have to be walked really early in the morning when no one else is on the street because they get aggressive with other dogs and strange people, so this means I wake up at 6:00 even on the weekends, which is just... not like me at all, heh. But all of the animals are super sweet. It's pretty nice for my ego to come home and EVERYONE IS SO HAPPY TO SEE ME OMG. So I'm really enjoying it, even if there's dog hair EVERYWHERE and Belle is needy and loud and psychotic and has WAY TOO MUCH ENERGY and Splotch has a marked tendency to wake me up at 2:30 in the morning MEOWING LOUDLY FOR NO REASON AT ALL. Can't get too upset with them, THEY'RE ALL SO CUTE.

Oh and also I PIMPED MY RIDE. )
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Been meaning to see this movie for a while; I'd heard a lot of good things. And yeah, I liked it a lot. It was... subtle. I liked that it was authentic Hawai‘i, without being in your face about it. The shirts, the paintings, the carved wooden bowls, the streets and trees and neighborhoods, the authentic locations, the quiet chirp of a gecko. I liked that we got to see glimpses of the neighbor islands. I loved the soundtrack of Hawaiian slack key standards: elegant, understated, beautiful. I recommend seeing it, if you haven't.

That it was a story about affluent white people got my hackles up a bit, because it offers such a distorted view of what Hawai‘i is like to most of the people who live here. I did really like that the movie addresses this head-on; I loved that speech he made to Cousin Hugh at the King family meeting.

I had sort of strangely-colored lenses on while watching, because my boss Jackie said that the fictional King family makes her think of the way I talk about my family (large kama‘aina haole family, several generations born in the Islands, owns property). So I couldn't help doing the compare-and-contrast thing. The Kings are a lot richer than the Gills, certainly, and they've been in the islands a lot longer... they're somewhere between my family and the Campbells, and a lot closer to the Campbells at that. Like, they're a less-Hawaiian, less-famous, less-royal, less-influential version of the Campbells. Or maybe they're a bit like a whiter version of the Parkers. (Heck, they're a hell of a lot whiter than the Gills, at least if you take my generation into account. XD) Because it's an older family, it's a much bigger family, and they don't seem quite as close.

It was other parts of the movie that I found myself identifying with, parts relating to Matt and his immediate family. Cut conceals minor movie spoilers but mostly me waxing emotional about family, those departed and those that don't yet and may never exist. )
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Walp, I was hoping to make a status post/picspam for my life/job so far this spring before vanishing into the wilderness until June, but it's not looking like I'm going to have time for that, although I have started sorting through my pictures. But I think I can manage a quick post about my archaeology weekend!

My two days with the dig were a lot of fun! I learned a lot about/actively participated in the materials and methods of a proper archaeological dig. I mostly did a lot of digging, although on Saturday afternoon I helped Pat (Dr. Kirch) with his surveying, and I did a bit of dry sieving at the end. The surveying was interesting... it involves a glorified yardstick (telescoping, extends to... very very high above my head, enough that it catches wind and starts being very difficult to hold upright) and a fancy scope on a plane on a tripod. There's a level on the plane so you can set it up flat, and a built-in compass so you know which way you're pointed. My job was to wander around the site and hold the 'yardstick' still and vertical; by sighting the stick through the crosshairs of his scope, Pat can determine the distance and ground height relative to the scope. In this way he can determine the precise 3-D location of every single stone, and draw a detailed map of the site, including contour lines. It's a really cool tool, but they don't make them anymore; his is from the Forties.

The digging was tough; the soil up there is dense, hard-packed clay, in places almost as hard as rock. We only made it fifteen or twenty centimeters in Units 1 and 2 in a day and a half of digging (each Unit is a meter squared). We've already found some interesting stuff, though: a piece of seashell with a hole drilled through it, a chunk of coral (bear in mind, the site is at almost 2000 ft), and lots of little pieces of charcoal. At Unit 2, the unit I was digging, we've determined that the wall of the pā doesn't extend further down than what's visible on the surface; no sign of paving, either, at least not in that spot. On the one hand, vaguely disappointing; on the other hand, this means the charcoal we've already found can probably be used to date the pā! :DD

Our ranger, community liaison, cultural adviser, and friend, Thomas Anuheali‘i has been on-hand throughout the dig to keep an eye on the spiritual aspect of things, as well as to help with the digging. We are so lucky to have a friend and ally in Anu; he is so knowledgeable and does so much for us. Before we started digging on Friday, he and his wife Maka and his kumu (teacher and mentor) Auntie Kehau blessed the site, and then blessed us, with water from Pālehua and Mauna Kea. He blessed us again yesterday, and each day at pau hana (finished work), and provides shorter blessings every time anyone leaves or enters the site (i.e. to eat lunch up at the house). He chants occasionally during the dig, when he feels the need, although most of the time he's helping out with the hard labor. By his instruction, we were also under a sugar kapu during work hours: no man-made sugars from eight in the morning to pau hana; this is a Lent type thing, a sacrifice, and a way to keep our minds focused on the seriousness of the work.

I am really really happy that we have Anu to help us observe the culturally correct and respectful way of doing things. It feels... pono. It makes the dig not about taking data from the site, and more of a community partnership, a cultural conversation, an equivalent exchange of mana. And I'm happy and proud to be a part of a family that had no interest in doing things any other way.

...Anyway, pictures from the dig will have to wait until I come back in June, along with my old pictures and my new pictures from the Lower Hakalau Vigilante Bushwhack Expedition and the bog in the middle of nowhere that will be my home for ten days. By then the dig will be over; hopefully when I get back I'll have exciting (or at least interesting) news about the results from Uncle Tim!

Oh god how is it this late in the day already, okay, BUYING/PACKING ALL OF THE THINGS NOW. T_T
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Oh my god you guys what is my life seriously.

So, I love my dad, but he has this annoying persistent habit of only listening to half of what anyone says to him, and then inventing details as necessary to fill in the gaps, like frog DNA in Jurassic Park. And, much like Jurassic Park, the result is REALLY BAD NOT-GOOD THINGS. To whit, my dad was under the impression that I drive to-and-from my worksite everyday (a 3+ hour drive), as opposed to what I told him, which is that I spend four days every week camped out in the woods, entirely removed from modern conveniences such as cell service, internet, electricity, or running water. So when he found out that I needed to apply for a new health insurance policy this month or lose my chance until November and tried to tell me about it, and I didn't respond, he assumed I was dodging his calls and flipped out. So I come back down the mountain and find that he's left me three voicemails of increasing levels of panic and anger, and an email, cc'd to my brother, suggesting I learn how to act like a responsible adult. He apparently also called my mom, at home and at work; luckily she is on Oahu and I have been able to forewarn her of his crazy.


When I finally spoke to him on the phone things were extremely frustrating until I was able to extrapolate his erroneous worldview and properly explain to him the facts of the case. To his credit he actually apologized, and I do feel kind of bad because I know he's stressed out with work, and I know the stress makes him crazy, and even if it wasn't my fault I gave him even more stress that he didn't need. But. OH MY GOD.

...So Jackie gives us Friday mornings off, since we work long hours in the field and always come back completely exhausted. So I went to bed early and got up early in the morning and drove down to Hilo, and Dad and I went in to the HMSA office to ask questions about their insurance policies. And the nice lady informed us that the law requires me to exhaust my COBRA coverage before switching to a cheaper individual plan. So all of the aforementioned ridiculosity was COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY. But we do both feel better educated.

So I sign the COBRA papers and drive Dad back to the office, and he kindly offers to by me gas so we pull in at a Shell station and gas up. And then my truck won't start. The battery has died. So a helpful Samaritan gives us a jump and I drive Purple Truck to our favorite service station, and it's not just the battery, it's the alternator.

So I've been stranded in Hilo all afternoon. I told Jackie what's up; luckily she's super nice and totally understands. I spent a few hours with my Dad at the HELCO booth at the Earth Day fair (Happy Earth Day by the way!), and now I'm killing time at his office, ensconced in an empty cubicle.

Work's been pretty awesome this week, though. We had great weather almost the whole week, which... hasn't happened at all since we started in February, and we caught a ton of birds, and we finally caught some of those Hawaii Creepers that have been taunting us (our first endangereds! :D). So all that's good.

Stay awesome, Flist. ♥
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I hope you appreciate how long it took me to put this post together. Literally days. There are A LOT of pictures. I swear I was trying to be frugal in my selection.

...So, that backpacking trip I went on last week....

(Click on the pictures for larger versions. Also, turn your heads for sideways pictures. I really can't be arsed to fix that.)

Haleakalā is one of my very favorite places in the entire motherfucking world. )
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So, I'm off again, to Maui this time. Gill Clan backpacking trip on Haleakala, three nights in the crater. I AM SO VERY VERY EXCITE.

...And now, instead of sleeping, I am going rewatch "A Scandal In Belgravia" and watch the new H50 ep. I haven't yet decided in which order.


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I'm back! Sort of. It's definitely going to be a busy few days of holiday shenanigans with friends and family, but I'll at least occasionally be checking in.

O'ahu was awesome, as usual. I actually got to hang out with Maile, which, oh my god, it's been a few years. And I got to spend some time with Jen and Adam and Tommy, too, and stay up to 3 a.m. drinking Scotch and losing all my money at poker. So that was fun.

Mostly I hung out with family a lot and ate alarming amounts of food and set some stuff on fire (okay, mostly just wood, in a fireplace...and candles) and opened presents, and I bonded with an adorable teenager over Doctor Who and other nerdy things. And there was, of course, the requisite afternoon of hanging out in Pauoa with the Nerf arsenal shooting range and ping pong tournament (I think I've established myself fairly securely as the worst ping pong player in the family, although I didn't get a chance to prove myself against Nova). Aside from all of that it was a lot of quietly lounging around Granny's house, reading National Geographic and writing.


Last night Mom and I got home in time to have a light dinner and open presents with Alex (the bro, not the bf... this is just always going to be awkward) and Nova. I ended up with SO MUCH FOOD I can't even (mostly candy), and Alex and Nova got me a new camera, because they love me. I also opened the packages from [livejournal.com profile] look_alive and [livejournal.com profile] platoapproved... [livejournal.com profile] platoapproved sent me lollipops and Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro and a mix CD I haven't had time to listen to yet and a whole pile of Batman swag– tiny notepads! Bat symbol bracelets! foam Batarangs!– because she loves me, and [livejournal.com profile] look_alive sent me OMG AMAZING DELICIOUS homemade caramel and toffee and a whole pile of Trader Joe's swag (LEMUR TEEEEEEEAAAA~!! :D) and a Patrick Stump tuxedo shirt, because omg she loves me.


Oh and I watched the Doctor Who Christmas episode last night. I was going to flail about it immediately, but there was a random blackout at, like, one in the morning that cut off my wireless signal, so I was forced to go to sleep, woe. Squee and spoilers under the cut.

Spaceman angel with his head on backwards! )


Jul. 15th, 2011 10:35 pm
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Woke up today to the sound of wind in ironwood trees and a breakfast of spam fried rice, fresh papaya, and orange juice.

Took a walk around with Tim, Mom, and Erin; bigger party arriving over the weekend, something like fifteen? Checked out sites located in the old survey, then took in the view of Nanakuli from the edge of our property. On the way back I proved my worth by discovering a system of agricultural terraces and adjacent rock pile, now officially known as Angela's Field. :D After that we just kept tripping over more terraced areas until eventually we gave up on marking them and decided to return at a later date so we could just get home to our poke and beer already dammit.

Being me, I was busy identifying all the plants. The climate and plant communities are very similar to Kealakomo Waena, where I spend half my work days, which is convenient; I guess I've become something of an expert in disturbed Hawaiian dryland ecosystems. We've got partridge pea, rattlepod, indigo, molasses grass, natal redtop, lantana, Cristmas berry, guava, etc. On the native side we have a'ali'i, ilima, uhaloa, and akia; on a previous trip I found ala'ala wai nui. (I used the common names instead of the Latin. You're welcome.) It got me thinking all day about what could have been there before, what we could reintroduce, based on what I know of other dryland communities. Imagining what this place could look like fifty years from now.... <3

That's about all I'm feeling up to typing out on my phone. Ought to go to bed anyway, long day tomorrow; I'mma wear my Indiana Jones hat for increased archeology mojo. Goodnight all!

P.S. Guinea grass is the devil.
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I have returned alive and well from the wilds of Kahuku (I didn't even get mauled by a pack of feral dogs! :D) and am back home, albeit briefly. I desperately want to go into paragraphs and paragraphs of endless detail about things that most of you won't understand at all and the rest of you very little, but it's ass-crack o'clock and I am exhausted, so I am afraid I must resist. Suffice it to say, I had LOADS of fun wandering around in the absolutely gorgeous and almost-pristine forests of Mauka and East Kahuku, and I saw some incredibly rare and endangered plants (Clermontia! Cyanea! Renunculus! Ka‘u silversword!), and I explored unexplored areas and discovered undiscovered hoawa and alani and mints, and I had some nice i‘o and i‘iwi and nene sightings and I ate about twice my weight in delicious delicious ‘ohelo and white strawberries.

So anyway, tomorrow evening after work I'm off again. I'll be at Palehua on O‘ahu through Tuesday, helping my family survey the archaeological sites on our property. After that it's off to Kaua‘i until Sunday for hiking and other fun and shenanigans. Neither Palehua nor my grandmother's house on Tantalus has internet, and our cabin in Koke‘e on Kaua‘i doesn't even have electricity, so. I may be out of touch most of the time. I may occasionally be on the internet via the magic of Droid, but this will depend on cell signal and the ability to charge my phone. And the prerequisite that I am not doing something hella more fun than staring at a tiny, glowing screen. So don't expect much.

Sooooo... yeah. Be good, kids, don't burn down the internet while I'm gone.
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So I'm in one of those periods where I'm busy having too much fun to stop and tell you all how much fun I'm having. For now, suffice it to say that the wedding was AWESOME but I am le tired, vraiment, trés tired omg.

I will be entirely off the radar (as opposed to mostly off the radar, as I have been this last week or so) until Wednesday afternoon, as I am being paid to go camping in the woods for two nights. I love my life. After Wednesday, I will be off the radar again for even longer; more on that later. July, what even are you this year.

I AM LE TIRED. Love you all! ♥


Jul. 9th, 2011 10:34 am
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Fantastic live music three nights in a row, what a treat! ^_^ And my uncle Gary and cousin Darian are here, yaaaaaaay! They're off for two nights camping at Napau Crater tomorrow. *jealous*

Okay so mostly I wanted to share this with you, the most amazing spam comment I have ever seen. This popped up today on that H50 drabble I did some weeks back:

Subject: Have to recant total capacity
Acquired significantly happy to reveal this one web-site.Need be in thanks a ton at behalf of energy in your attraction with the pleasant impute to positively!! I positively savouring virtually [URL REDACTED] next to nothing trace from it so i partake individuals added so that you can involved with noticeable bushy-tailed possessions individuals blog post.



Jul. 4th, 2011 09:51 am
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Today involves wedding set-up and then a barbecue/potluck/dance party/fireworks viewing at the Hockers' farm in Pu‘ueo.

That's all I have to say for the moment, because my brother is downstairs in the kitchen making CRÈPES and I need to be eating some of them RIGHT NOW. *best brother EVER*

Hope y'all have an excellent day, even if your country didn't give you the day off to blow shit up and grill things. ♥
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Today was PERFECT. The weather was glorious even in Hilo, and the whole drive up the Hamakua coast was stunning, sun shining and ocean the deepest, bluest blue. Hapuna was, predictably, hella crowded, but not to a bothersome degree aside from the parking. I ate a gigantic motherfucking plate of food, poke and bbq chicken and vegetable shishkabob and coleslaw and green papaya salad and sushi and watermelon and lychee and banana, and then I was full to bursting with food and then I ate a steak. And then I got in the water that was glass-clear and as warm as my skin, and I horsed around with family and friends and played keepaway and bodysurfed even though the surf was pathetic and I didn't come out again for two and a half hours and ohmigod I was so relaaaaaaaxed~!

And then, since we were already in South Kohala and it was a first Sunday, we abducted half the party and went to the Blue Dragon to hear The Olliephonics and dance. I had myself a drink called the Tequila Dragon which had tequila and Grand Marnier and lime juice and mango puree in it; it was basically a mango smoothie with tequila in and it was DELICIOUS. Since I still felt full from the gigantic motherfucking plate of food + steak from three and a half hours earlier I avoided the entrees and ordered the seared ahi and spinach salad, which was also delicious; these little batter-fried slices of eggplant were especially amazing. And as usual The Olliephonics were motherfucking spectacular, and as usual we had a freaking amazing good time dancing, and as usual members of the band and random other patrons came up to our table to tell us how amazing we look on the dance floor, and I think we hooked someone for the blues dance workshop in August, so that's cool. And I danced with my brother to "A-Train", which is his favorite ever swing song (he used to play it when he played alto saxophone for a couple of big band/swing/jazz bands back in high school), and I led sister-to-be Nova more-or-less successfully in a cha-cha to "Oye Como Va", which was hilarious but hella fun, and they played "Mack the Knife" and "Jump Jive and Wail" and "In The Mood" and ALL OF THE GOOD SONGS, ALL OF THEM, and it was sooooooooo fun. ^_^

And my friend Eric (from high school... and middle school... and elementary school) somehow discovered that I was on the island and texted me, so I'm going to have to find time to hang out with him, yaaaaaaaaay Eric! I don't know WHEN, because my schedule for the next MONTH looks like this: wedding prep, partying, working full-time, folk dance, partying, working full-time, wedding prep, WEDDING, wedding clean-up, working full-time, traveling to O‘ahu, traveling to Kaua‘i, working full-time, blues workshop. @_@ But I dunno, fuck it, maybe sometime next week after the WEDDING is over with we can meet up after work for dinner and/or a movie or something.

What is my liiiiiiiiife. ...It is wonderful, that's what.
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Back in Portland now. Have some numbers: I was awake for over thirty hours (after very minimal amounts of sleep for the three nights previous), we drove for about twelve hours (hard to tell, we stopped a few times for food and bathrooms and running around in the dark like lunatics and napping at rest stops), after which I slept for EIGHTEEN HOURS (I told [livejournal.com profile] look_alive that I fully expected to wake up and be surprised and confused by the time on the clock and the presence or absence of light outside of my window; I was), and I had great difficulty taking off my new Patrick shirt and even greater difficulty not putting it back on after my shower, as I had become emotionally bonded to it over the thirty-six hours during which I had been wearing it.

So anyway, hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] platoapproved is yay, and on Friday [livejournal.com profile] look_alive and I successfully navigated Bay Area public transportation (it was mostly her, she's badass) and spent a chunk of the afternoon wandering at random around Golden Gate Park, which was supremely excellent. Saturday I woke my ass up without nearly enough sleep and successfully navigated Bay Area highways and the actual streets of San Francisco to meet up with Alex and Nova and Nova's bridesmaids for brunch and wedding dress fitting and going to REI with my brother so he could buy me those five-toed hiking shoes for my birthday, after which was more hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] platoapproved and sushi and Hawaii Five-0 before getting in the car and DRIVING FOREVER.

In between all that was PATRICK.

...I can tell you already, guys, this post is going to be really long. You've been warned.

Okay, so, let me preface this by saying that this Patrick Stump concert experience that I just had is the best concert experience I have ever had in my life. And I have had a fair number of supremely freaking excellent, life-changing amazing concert experiences. )
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So I'm in San Jose, California this weekend. Hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] platoapproved and [livejournal.com profile] suzume_tori, yay! Going to the Patrick Stump concert, yay! Hanging out with my brother and his fiàncée/wife Nova (it's complicated) and meeting Nova's bridesmaids and going to her wedding dress fitting and going to REI with my brother to get my feet fitted for my birthday present, yay!

So [livejournal.com profile] look_alive and I drove all day and got in last night, and we went to Mini Gourmet, the 24-hour diner of fantabulousness with [livejournal.com profile] platoapproved and [livejournal.com profile] suzume_tori, and I did some dramatic read-alouds and then we went to bed on [livejournal.com profile] platoapproved's floor.

I dreamed about trying to go to the concert and there was some fuck up with the tickets, the name on the front of the ticket was not mine and the name on the back of the ticket was not only not mine but not the same as the name on the front of the ticket, and I was not the only person having this problem, and the ticket person was looking at me all dubious-like, and I was like, "Look, I bought my tickets months ago, clearly it is not my fault, clearly this is a problem everyone is having, something got fucked up with the tickets, can you just LET US IN?!"

The dream moved on, some unrelated things happened that I can't remember properly/can't make sense of, and then it was a weird Hawaii Five-0 dream. It was someone's birthday, whose kept changing, it started out Danny's and then at some point it was Grace's. (Maybe it was both? Maybe they have the same birthday, or their birthdays are close together?) Danny went to pick Grace up from somewhere where she was hanging out with a bunch of other kids and this family friend of theirs who owned a restaurant, and they sang happy birthday to Danny, and he was all distracted because A CRISIS WAS HAPPENING. Before Danny went to deal with the CRISIS he talked to the restaurant owner about whether his restaurant was free to have a birthday party for Grace, and the dude said something about how he'd check on his supplies and let Danny know, but this was a lie... I can't remember if something shady was going on, or if someone had already made plans for a birthday party for Danny there.

Back home (my house in Hilo) it was raining and the roof was leaking and this was somehow sinister, and Danny was trying to handle this and handle the fact that he had to run off and handle a CRISIS and handle the fact that he needed to plan Grace's birthday party and handle the fact that he needed to make sure she finished her math homework first (Rachel was standing by, reminding him of all of this) and the kid next door called up and was like, "Hey, I've finished the problem sets, we could both go over to Maile's house and quiz each other," and I (apparently for a brief time I was Grace) was like, "I haven't even done the problem sets yet!"

Danny eventually had to drop everything and go handle the CRISIS with the rest of the team... which turned out to be investigating these ruins of an ancient city, trying to figure out how the city had been destroyed. They found these vents with a whole bunch of dead mosquitoes littered about, and they were like, "Someone pumped a plague of mosquitoes into the city and everyone died!" and then they found a whole bunch of cloves scattered about another vent and they were like, "But wait, cloves can be used as mosquito repellent!" which disproved the mosquito theory... somehow. And then Chin started having a horrible asthma attack (as he does) and he couldn't breathe and blood was coming out of his nose and someone was like, "Wait! Mosquito bites are an ancient treatment for asthma!" (as it is) so we (I don't know whose POV I was in at this point, maybe Kono's) lowered Chin into this trough of water and he tried not to drown in blood and dirty water and the mosquitoes came and swarmed all over him and then I woke up.

...Even in my dream I noticed that Grace's child actress was very much lacking in acting skills, and as usual it made me sad.
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WALP, my brother got married yesterday. SURPRISE! :DD

...As usual, I'm much too busy getting up to things to go into detail about what I've been up to. I'll get on that sometime. I promise. When I'm taking a break from nonstop partying.

Happy New Year, guys!
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Halloween weekend was nice, it involved Hell's Belles and corn mazes and Vampire Diaries and Grey's Anatomy and Harper's Island and Lauren and a kestrel and carving pumpkins and Halloween candy and trick-or-treaters and delicious roommate food. I'll provide pics of my costume and our jack o'lanterns when I have time... which will probably be next week, at this rate.

My mom's visiting, so shit is bananas. But we got my bike all fixed up and she took us to dinner at Jake's Famous Crawfish, and tonight we had dinner with Harry Lee Kwai (one of Kink's hanai sons) and his wife, who live in Canby. Mom and I will be spending the weekend with them, going up to Timberline and other things.

...So. Last night just before sleep I read Satin and Split Lips, a Dick/Jay fic involving Dick having to dress in drag. In a blue satin dress. For a mission, of course. Clearly it infected my subconscious, because this morning I was dreaming and my dreams went in the direction of crossdressing, and my brain helpfully supplied Dick Grayson in a blue satin dress, hurriedly fixing his makeup. For some reason one of the other people around (there was no Jason, woe) was trying to get him to put on a different blue satin dress underneath, "for dancing", and Dick starting throwing a hissy about, "Do you want this dress to make me look fat?!" and I started laughing and then I woke up and I laughed some more. ...And a good thing, too, because I'd overslept by twenty-five minutes and if I hadn't had this dream and laughed myself awake I would've been late to work, probably. So... thanks, Subconscious, and thanks, [livejournal.com profile] merelymine!

And, in case you haven't had enough Batfamily-related ridiculousness, watch this amazing clip from Batman: The Brave and The Bold (a show I need to actually watch sometime, gdammit).

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Surprisingly, pink kryptonite was not involved. ...[livejournal.com profile] icon_uk, you find all the best stuff.


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