May. 24th, 2012 09:53 am
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So I was hungry, my body definitely wanted that ramen and that pocket sandwich and those frozen blueberries, but my stomach wasn't too happy with me for eating. Watched X-Men: First Class and The Wrestler and tried to will my stomach not to explode.

Slept a more normal human amount last night. Perhaps I will do something more productive than lie on the couch and watch movies all day today (maybe). After yesterday evening's digestive adventures, not really sure what to expect when I try to eat today.

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So I should be bushwhacking my way down 'Awehi Stream right now, but I'm not. Why, do you ask?

Everything was going so well last night. It was a gorgeous evening in the Refuge; Jackie was making dinner, I was enjoying what should've been my last shower until June. I stepped out of the shower, got dressed, and promptly threw up. Tried to eat dinner; only had appetite for a few bites. Got up to wash my dish, and threw up again. A lot. Went straight to bed.

Slept through my alarm; Jackie woke me half an hour before go time. My nausea had subsided during the night, but Jackie and Carter decided I shouldn't hike down. They called Dennis to let him know I would need a pick-up and left; I went back to sleep.

Having slept twelve hours I crawled out of bed, feeling weak and heavy and achey. Had no appetite to speak of; six hours later, still don't. Haven't eaten anything all day. Spent the morning curled up on the couch reading Richard Dawkins... there are worse ways to spend time. Passed out and napped for another two hours. Eventually Shawn came to pick me up.

We stopped at KTA so I could buy some juice and soda and crackers. Am currently sipping at a protein zone mango Naked juice... that's kind of like food, right?

Guuuuuuuuys, this sucks! I haven't missed the expedition yet, Shawn and the helicopter leave tomorrow morning, but... I'm really not sure I'll be in good enough shape that I'll feel okay about venturing into the cold, damp wilderness and doing physical labor. This probably won't be my last chance to do a trip like this before this job is over, but. SUCK. SUCK AND FAIL.

...I'll keep you guys posted. :\
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Oh my god you guys what is my life seriously.

So, I love my dad, but he has this annoying persistent habit of only listening to half of what anyone says to him, and then inventing details as necessary to fill in the gaps, like frog DNA in Jurassic Park. And, much like Jurassic Park, the result is REALLY BAD NOT-GOOD THINGS. To whit, my dad was under the impression that I drive to-and-from my worksite everyday (a 3+ hour drive), as opposed to what I told him, which is that I spend four days every week camped out in the woods, entirely removed from modern conveniences such as cell service, internet, electricity, or running water. So when he found out that I needed to apply for a new health insurance policy this month or lose my chance until November and tried to tell me about it, and I didn't respond, he assumed I was dodging his calls and flipped out. So I come back down the mountain and find that he's left me three voicemails of increasing levels of panic and anger, and an email, cc'd to my brother, suggesting I learn how to act like a responsible adult. He apparently also called my mom, at home and at work; luckily she is on Oahu and I have been able to forewarn her of his crazy.


When I finally spoke to him on the phone things were extremely frustrating until I was able to extrapolate his erroneous worldview and properly explain to him the facts of the case. To his credit he actually apologized, and I do feel kind of bad because I know he's stressed out with work, and I know the stress makes him crazy, and even if it wasn't my fault I gave him even more stress that he didn't need. But. OH MY GOD.

...So Jackie gives us Friday mornings off, since we work long hours in the field and always come back completely exhausted. So I went to bed early and got up early in the morning and drove down to Hilo, and Dad and I went in to the HMSA office to ask questions about their insurance policies. And the nice lady informed us that the law requires me to exhaust my COBRA coverage before switching to a cheaper individual plan. So all of the aforementioned ridiculosity was COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY. But we do both feel better educated.

So I sign the COBRA papers and drive Dad back to the office, and he kindly offers to by me gas so we pull in at a Shell station and gas up. And then my truck won't start. The battery has died. So a helpful Samaritan gives us a jump and I drive Purple Truck to our favorite service station, and it's not just the battery, it's the alternator.

So I've been stranded in Hilo all afternoon. I told Jackie what's up; luckily she's super nice and totally understands. I spent a few hours with my Dad at the HELCO booth at the Earth Day fair (Happy Earth Day by the way!), and now I'm killing time at his office, ensconced in an empty cubicle.

Work's been pretty awesome this week, though. We had great weather almost the whole week, which... hasn't happened at all since we started in February, and we caught a ton of birds, and we finally caught some of those Hawaii Creepers that have been taunting us (our first endangereds! :D). So all that's good.

Stay awesome, Flist. ♥


Mar. 17th, 2011 02:33 pm
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Well, the Claims assignment fell through. Or got "delayed" or whatever. Not terribly surprised. So I won't be going back to work on Friday... maybe next week? Maybe in the weeks following? ...It's getting to be that awkward time period when it's not really worth it to look for jobs, seeing as I'm going to be leaving Portland at the end of April. (I actually went and made my flights, finally.)

I sent Ivan an email and told him to pass the word on to the others. ...I have to say, it was totally gratifying how upset all my coworkers were when I got laid off. Outraged, even.

...Dar and I are going to go get Voodoo Donuts and watch some Jurassic Park: The Lost World. I'm thinking we should also drink some Irish Stout. Happy St. Patrick's Day, guys.
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Okay, so, Epic Adventuring Mega Post, I haven't done one of these in a while. GUYS, THIS ONE IS REALLY QUITE EPIC.

For the sake of recording the events of my life in chronological order, I should probably mention that on Thursday Kat Fischer PM'd me out of the blue. I didn't even know she had an LJ! And vice versa, apparently; she found me via my Faceblargh profile. Take note, people, this is the only acceptable use of Facebook: putting your contact info on your profile so your friends can find you in the places you actually hang out. ...If I understood her correctly, she's just finished one job and is getting ready to move on to another, and in the meantime she's roadtripping around the country. SO JEALOUS. I think she's in Walla Walla right now, unless she's moved on already. ...Anyway, she drove into Portland on Thursday night and Dar and I met her for dinner at a sushi train place and then the three of us poked around Powell's. So that was nice. Whitties on my Flist, Kat says hi.

Under the cut: Drinking With Strangers on Trains, Dustin Nguyen is the Definition of Sweet, I Will Be Forced to Commit Seppuku After My Humiliation Before His Shinyness Bruce Timm, Mike Mignola Tells Funny Stories, DC is the Very Best and Also They Have Donuts, and Guys I Bought All of the Comics, Yes All of Them, Sorry There's None Left for You. )

...Guys, this past weekend was just the beginning. This is the start of my two month long non-stop party. Coming soon: Cory in Portland, Carrie in Portland, My Chemical Romance in Portland, Travie McCoy and Black Cards in Portland, Bright Eyes in Portland, Patrick Stump/Becca/assorted friends and family in the Bay Area, Jen and Adam in Honolulu, Angela's Triumphant Return to Hilo. Among other adventures. And somewhere in there I'll need to pack or sell all of my shit. Guys, I may never sleep again. :DDDD
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This morning while sprinting through the icy blackness to the Transit Center I saw THE COOLEST METEOR OMG. It fell slow toward the south, leaving a long trail behind it. It was green. It looked like an alien spaceship. Or maybe an alien missile on course to destroy Salem. No big loss oh snap I went there. My precise reaction was this: "Whoooaaaahh, Jesus Christ!! 8O"

...It was pretty.

In other news, I have become mildly addicted, entirely against my will, to the Hawaii Five-0 remake. FML. I BLAME YOU, [ profile] sirona_gs!! And a few other people on my Flist. BUT MOSTLY YOU.

It's such crap, it really is guys, but it's so god-damned entertaining. It's like, 50% facepalm, 50% gleefully hysterical giggling. I think probably the majority of my enjoyment stems from a Pavlovian response to the theme music; viewing of the show inevitably results in my playing the music on endless repeat while boogieing around my kitchen/desk/mother's carport. Regardless, I like watching it, and I kind of hate myself.
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Livejournal has games now. DDDDD:<

The Mayan calendar predicts that Livejournal will DIE in 2012. This is the first sign of the Apocalypse to come.
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So, this morning I was late to work, but, in an ironic twist, not as late as I could've been if I'd been less stupid. See, I woke up, looked at the clock, and went, "Oh noes, I have to leave in twenty-five minutes, ohmigod HURRY!" and rushed about like a crazy person and had to put 'breakfast' in a bag to go. So I RUN to the transit center and just as I'm arriving all out of breath... the 94 pulls up. And I'm like, ".............Bwuh? The 94? THERE'S NO 94 AT SIX O'CLOCK!" and I look at my watch... and it's almost 7 a.m., not almost 6. BECAUSE APPARENTLY I CAN'T TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE NUMBERS 5 AND 6. *facepalm* To be fair, it doesn't help that it's just as pitch-dark at 7 as it is at 6, fml. ...But anyway, if I wasn't such a moron I would've been even later, because I probably would've said, "Fuck it, I've already missed the bus," and had a more leisurely morning. So... being stupid is occasionally a good thing?

In other news... someone's magic timeliness is magical and timely, because I was just yesterday complaining at [ profile] realpestilence about the sad lack of a proper venue for my Teen Titans fic on LJ/the sad lack of TT and DC Animated love in LJ's DC/Batfandom in general... and then a few hours later [ profile] titanfanfics became an affiliate of [ profile] robin_fans. It's BRAND NEW and, like, no one's in it yet, but it's very shiny and it makes me happy and the mod's nice!

So, uh, I guess this is me pimping [ profile] titanfanfics. Teen Titans fans, get with the joining! You will make the world a better place. And improve your lives. And stuff.
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So this morning on the bus I became so enthralled reading a [ profile] gyzym Inception fic that I completely missed my stop, like, by A LOT, and ended up being half an hour late for work. Fml.

...Good fic, though.

Also, I would like to take this moment to do you all a favor and give you some helpful advice. I was going to save this for a general meme/spazzflail/spam post, but seeing as I haven't had time to do a proper O HAI THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN UP TO THESE LAST WEEKS post, I think it might be a while. And I really just can't help myself.

My helpful, friendly advice is this: watch Luther.

This BBC mini-series is, imo, the best-written show to come out in 2010. And I'm inncluding Sherlock in my estimation, here. Somehow, though, Luther has managed to fly completely under the radar. Which is a TRAGEDY.

So here's the haps. It's a cop show that sort of defies the cop show formula, in a way that is hard to describe without giving you spoilers that you really don't want. But I think that, aside from the sheer sparkling quality of the writing, the show benefits from being a mini-series in the traditional style of the BBC: full hour length episodes, and only six of them. This allows the show to go from awesome to CRAZY ohmigod idek SHIT GOT REAL in only five episodes.

But don't take my word for it. [ profile] platoapproved, [ profile] deathscytheheck,
[ profile] regonym, and my friend Chris love it, too. Basically, everyone I know who's
seen it fell madly and instantly in love with it... except for [ profile] shichahn. I'm not judging you bb, but to be perfectly honest I'm baffled. The only thing I can think of
is it's not science-fiction, and it doesn't have David Tennant in it. Both of which are valid reasons.

It's true Luther contains no science-fiction whatsoever, but it does use black holes and dark matter as metaphors for psychosis. And it may not have David Tennant, but it does have Paul McGann for your Doctory pleasure. And John Luther is kinda like Batman if he was a cop, and also a tall black man with a South London accent (actual Britons on my Flist, correct me if I'm wrong here) who is less successful in controlling his anger issues. And Alice Morgan is SO FREAKING AWESOME she is awesome enough to be my only female LJ icon (unless you count the TARDIS). And really all the characters are brilliant, and the acting is brilliant, and the soundtrack is brilliant, and the writing is so brilliant I could really just sit around and watch the characters talk to each other all day and nevermind the plot, but the plot happens and it's like HOLY SHIT AHHHHHHHHHHH and basically it's just all-around amazing. So watch Luther.

You're welcome.
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So, putting aside for now my utter and complete failure to get anything at all remotely resembling a reasonable amount of sleep (and we can totally pretend that's irrelevent because I don't feel tired AT ALL yet)... even with that aside, I completely and utterly FAIL AT LIFE.

Reasons being: I'm still figuring out how Boomer's Cylon brain works, so while I succeeded in setting an alarm for the correct time with the desired sound effect and snooze interval, I also somehow managed to set my alarm for silent with no vibrate. So I overslept and missed my bus. I was already going to be extravagantly late, but then I somehow managed to GET ON THE WRONG BUS. The 94 arrives at close enough to the same time as the 12 that it's within the margin of error, and they both go to Portland, so I guess I didn't even look at the sign, just queued up with the rest of the crowd and got on. Problem is, it's an express, so it just doesn't stop at all until it gets downtown. So I missed my transfer by about ten million miles. *facepalm*

The good news is, with my fancy Cylon phone I can keep you updated on how much of a moron I am in real time! :D. Then again, if Boomer wasn't so damned inscrutable I wouldn't be in this fix in the first place.

...On the gripping hand, this is the first time I've seen the morning sunlight on a Monday in months. (Not sure what point I'm trying to make here, I just like making obscure SF references.)

P.S. Unrelated, everyone on the planet should watch Luther. It's BRILLIANT.
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Ohmigod so. Ludo concert. FANTASTIC.

Baby, I thought I'd come along for the ride. (Concert under the cut.) )

So, yeah, the show was awesome, and the small crowd made it a very friendly, intimate affair. I bought myself a Ludo t-shirt:
I immediately bought their oldest and newest albums when I got home, to complete my collection. My life is now complete.

Ludo, in 75 words or less: Music-wise and stage show-wise, Ludo is kinda like OK Go's slightly rough-around-the-edges, weird younger brother who ran away from home and picked up lyrical habits from The Decemberists, Weezer, and Jonathan Coulton. They like to sing about zombies and pirates and dinosaurs and time travel and cyborgs and robots and spaceships and lakes in Louisiana that want to eat you. If that sounds like something you'd be into, check them out.

Here, have the video for "Whipped Cream". It's hilarious.

...So I got about 3 1/2 hours of sleep last night. I had put together the perfect schedule to let me sleep as long as possible and still catch the bus. It would've worked, too, if my computer battery hadn't chosen this morning to reveal that it was failing to charge– AGAIN. I had to shut down my computer and wrap up the cord and shove it all in a bag and haul it with me– AGAIN. I missed the 64 by seconds. Caught the 12 a few minutes later to try and catch the 56 earlier in its route... missed it by seconds also. Was late to work, but sitting at the bus stop on Barbur was okay. Absolutely stunning view of the faintest sliver of moon rising rusty over Mt. Hood's silhouetted shoulder.

Caught a ride with Nicole to the Beaverton Transit Center after work to try to shave some time off of my TriMet travels. She swore she could get me there by 3:30 to catch the 76. She failed. So I waited for the WES and watched a great blue heron preen itself on the roof of a commercial building.

I had to buy a new charger. It was EXPENSIVE.

And now I am exhausted. Brb, passing the hell out now.
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James came over. We're having a sleepover! :D He keeps me company and brings me food, and in return he gets to use our hot shower. Tuesday we're both going to see Ludo; I'm so excited!

Tonight we had a mini-marathon of Jensen Ackles vs. Batman Batman: Under The Red Hood and some of The Dick Grayson Show White Collar Season Two.

I tried to do the dishes that have been sitting around since Friday night. The pile of potato, carrot, and beet peelings was apparently too much for the plumbing to handle; the pipes clogged up and started leaking, and the vibrations from the garbage disposal sprayed beet juice ALL OVER THE INSIDE OF THE CABINET. I turned in a work order; meanwhile our pipes are dripping beets into a tupperware.

*SIGH* This always happens when there's a huge pile of dishes that needs doing. ALWAYS. The leaking is new. Clearly Murphy couldn't pass up the chance, I mean, beet juice was involved. BEET JUICE.
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So this morning was TERRIBLE, for absolutely no good reason other than I'm PMSing and my hormones have made me temporarily insane. I overslept by twenty minutes. When I turned the light on there was a GIANT MOTHERFUCKING SPIDER chilling on my carpet. With no easy methods of capture within arm's reach, I decided to kill it, and dropped my Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe on it, and went to get a paper towel. When I picked up the book, the spider was still VERY MUCH ALIVE. I dropped the book on it again, smooshed it around some, and went off to find a cup to catch the spider with. This time, however, it was quite dead, but I squished it (ecchhh...) with the paper towel just in case. By this point I was running quite late, and had to skip breakfast, or rather postpone it and chuck a banana and a plain bagel in my bag for the road. While in the kitchen I noticed that one of the measuring cups was MISSING, and despite the fact that I had absolutely no use for it at the time, I decided it was VERY IMPORTANT to try and find it. I couldn't find it. THIS WAS VERY FRUSTRATING. Back in my room, I opened my computer and saw that I had an email from my mother. It was completely innocuous, simply asking if everything is fine, as she hasn't heard from me for a while. But for some reason this was HORRIBLE... probably because it caused my guilt and anxiety about not calling my parents/looking at all 29 of those unopened emails in my inbox to resurface violently. And then I noticed my computer battery was not charging, which meant I had to take it with me to work and spend ALL AFTERNOON AND EVENING navigating TriMet to get to an Apple Store and replace the damn thing.

Despite skipping breakfast, I was late going out the door and had to run all the way to the bus, barely making it, what with, in between running, having to suppress tears/a panic attack resulting from my hormones making me completely incapable with dealing with all of the above. I spent the whole bus ride to work quietly flipping out and texting Dar, and the whole morning at the office in a terribly irritable mood. ...Stfu New Agers, my "Moon" is NOT IN ANY WAY my time of power. Powerful is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what I feel when my boobs hurt, my face is ugly, and stupid innocuous shit results in emotional meltdown.

Luckily, I discovered the cure for PMS. Better than chocolate, even. ROCK AND ROLL. I've been compiling a playlist on my iPod of Rock the Fuck Out, Guitartastic songs, and I listened to it all day with the volume up and rocked out at my desk and felt MUCH BETTER. Yay endorphins! So by the time Dar so kindly came to pick me up to save me the bus angst, I was pretty cheerful. And, she brought me a chocolate donut covered with chocolate frosting, and a giant chocolate brownie with chocolate chips, because she loves me. I inhaled them. I got my battery replaced, and we went to Burgerville, and I got a burger and a pumpkin milkshake. Having inhaled the giant pile of chocolate and milkshake, I am not even remotely hungry... so I'm gonna go to bed early, and have the burger for lunch. Chocolate and milkshake is a totally valid dinner option, right?

...Dar's taken off for California. She won't be back until the 18th, assuming she doesn't get eaten by a cougar, or starving New Age hippie females. What the hell am I going to do with myself for 18 days?
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I will never- NEVER- see Vienna Teng live, FML. Apparently she was playing in Seattle over Labor Day weekend. You know, THAT WEEKEND I WAS TOTALLY IN SEATTLE. AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!

...The light in the darkness is that SHE GOES TO SCHOOL WITH CHRIS. Like, not in the, "Ha ha, isn't it cool that Vienna Teng goes to the same university as me?" way. Actually in the, "We have classes together and study together and she's really cool and maybe we're sort of friends and her name is Cynthia," way. SURREAL, Y/N?

I have informed Chris that her mission is to become BEST FRIENDS with Vienna Teng and get her to do a concert for my birthday or something. Chris laughed and told me, no, she will not stalk Vienna Teng for me, but she will tell her that I asked her to stalk her, and she will probably think it's funny. *headdesk*

Goddammit I really need to figure out a way to go visit Chris now. Argh.

In other news... [ profile] deathscytheheck and [ profile] bluerose16, thanks for last night, bb's~! It was AMAZING~!! xoxo <3 <3 <3

Oh good

Sep. 1st, 2010 05:37 am
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Dropping your bra in the toilet is a good way to start your day, don't you think?
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Dar's asleep, and I'm waiting while her MS Office copies onto my flash drive so I am physically capable of re-typing my resume so I can re-apply to Netflix, who's hiring call center agents in theory but never got back to me after I applied the first time. There's nothing else useful I can do while it's copying, so here I am, updating that Livejournal of mine.

So that external hard drive thing. It is covered under warranty which means I can have it repaired or replaced for free. What they can't do for me is recover my data. So I dropped it off with this guy downtown, and he's working on it. Last I heard from him, he's optimistic, but doesn't want to make any promises. So we'll see how that goes. I'm praying to all the gods he can help me... of course, if he can, that's another two hundred, three hundred bucks in the can.

My cold is finally 99% done. I haven't used a kleenex in days and it doesn't feel like I'm being stabbed in the throat with a red-hot knife every time I swallow. Thank the gods.

I think I may be convincing myself to get out of this sulk or whatever I'm in and try to get back to normalish life. You know. Answer phone calls, look at my email inbox, stop avoiding my friends. Look at that RP I'm supposed to be running. Anything not lying in bed watching television all the time. ...Maybe.

The television's been good, though. )

Saw Iron Man 2 last night. I found it exceedingly enjoyable, and look forward to seeing it again. If only because I was laughing too hard after some of the lines to hear what was said next. RDJ, Ilu.

Finally, my Quote of the Week: "I'm not a couple of black men, there's just really nothing I can do about that."

...That is all.
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So it just about figures that the one night I actually have somewhere to be in the morning, and have my alarm set for 10 a.m. (I know, early, right?), is the one night I cannot fucking fall asleep. I tossed and turned for hours. I think I must've passed out around 6 a.m..

Predictably, the cat, who spent the entire night curled comfortably and peacefully on my legs, decides that 7:40 is a good time to start poking her nose in my ear/claw at my face/generally fuck around with things. So then I had to throw her out, and try to catch, like, three more z's before my alarm went off.


...At least maybe I'll go to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight? : \


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