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-I admit I wasn't really sold on it until the last gate. From that point on, 150% sold on the whole movie, and looking back I can appreciate the slow build and all the little pieces they feed you as you go along.

-Dammit Chris Evans.

-Really really glad I've already seen The Host. What with the actors and the style of the writing and the direction, it felt like visiting with an old friend. ♥

-One part The Host, one part The Matrix, one part Watchmen, one part Cube.

-Tilda Swinton was magnificent.

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So that reference doesn't actually work but it's funny, shut up.

Ok, that expression "knock on wood", you say something and then you realize maybe you just jinxed yourself so you knock your knuckles against something made of wood to ward yourself. So you know how instead of knocking on actual wood, you habitually knock against your own skull as part of a goofy self-deprecating joke dating back more than a decade?

Yeah no of course you don't, I'm the only person I know who does that.



(It's maybe a dumb thing to get hung up on but he did that this afternoon and we talked about it and I could not stop smiling, I mean what the heck, THAT IS SO RANDOM.)

...SO HEY, COME TALK TO ME ABOUT THOR 2. (Beware of spoilers in the comments, obviously.)
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Real quick, two things I need to flail about with fannish enthusiasm.

One: I've already flailed about this on [livejournal.com profile] we_love_dick, but I really can't enjoy this in enough places, honestly. Some of you may be aware of my ongoing campaign, No Really, Someone Needs To Cast Matt Bomer As Live-Action Nightwing Already? Well, [livejournal.com profile] regonym brought this to my attention today: apparently, MATT BOMER REALLY REALLY AGREES.


...Whyyyyyyyyyy isn't this real life yet? T_T


Okay so I bought this movie for like 49¢, I'd never heard of it, it got really mixed reviews, I wasn't expecting much, but CHRIS EVANS, so I figured it was worth some pocket change. It's based on a true story; Chris Evans plays Mike Weiss, a bearded, tattooed, often-shirtless, drug-addict, fashion-impaired, asshole, train wreck, idiot-savant small-time lawyer. He and his partner take up the case of a nurse who got an infection accidentally poking herself with a needle, and they get embroiled in this whole David-and-Goliath thing with scary powerful lawyers and government and medical supply company conspiracy. The story was excellent.


I fell instantly and madly in love with Mike. That asshole. He is like a Mike Ross who didn't end up under Harvey Specter's protective wing. He is like Tony Stark if he weren't rich and if he were a genius lawyer instead of a genius engineer. In the pantheon of Adorable Fuckheads he is the adorablest fuckhead since Harry Lockhart. HE IS SUCH AN ASSHOLE and he's so smart and so fucked up and sad and UGH I FUCKING LOVE HIM I CAN'T EVEN TELL YOU.

I must warn that the movie features VERY HEAVY DRUG USE, like, pills, smoking, snorting, needles, LOTS AND LOTS OF ALL OF THE ABOVE. But you should see it. Because Mike Weiss IS AMAZING and I just. I need someone to watch this movie so I have someone to love him with me and I have someone to flail at, there is so much flailing I want to do but SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS.

DO RECOMMEND, especially if you are already a Chris Evans fan. If you aren't, you will become one. Here have some incentive.


JUST LOOK AT THIS ASSHOLE. As far as I can tell he really hates wearing shirts. The ones he does wear are VERY BRIGHT and clash with his also VERY BRIGHT ties. Also he is covered in tattoos, my favorite is the one that trails up his spine. ♥

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Okay so today I went to see The Amazing Spiderman and omg it was fabulous, it was so fucking charming, augh I loved it so so much. Mostly AUGH I LOVE ANDREW GARFIELD SO SO MUCH. TT_TT

I mean there's this thing about me and Spidey, okay, we go way back, he has always been and always will be my favorite superhero after Batman, and also I have had a crush on him since like before I even had hormones I think. AND I AM EVEN MORE IN LOVE WITH HIM NOW. I seriously need to see the movie again just so I can gaze at him in adoration. ♥_♥ a;sdklhgalkshdflajkshdfal;s it's just, okay, I have types that I am weak to, one of them being guys that are simultaneously adorkably fail and BADASS, and Garfield's Peter Parker (and Peter Parker in general, I guess) falls squarely into this type. I just– SO AWKWARD, but not in a horribly painful, oh-god-kill-me-now, Tobey McGuire-in-Spiderman 3 kind of awkward, awkward in an OH GOD I WANT TO RUFFLE HIS HAIR AND TAKE HIM HOME WITH ME AND CUDDLE HIM AND FEED HIM COOKIES kind of adorable way. I want to do all of those things and then have HOT HOT SEX with him, because as I said, adorkable and BADASS ohemgeeeeee he's so sexy, Gwen Stacey, girl, I totally feel you, we are both in so much trouble omg. ...Seriously it's like magic, he's awkwardly adorably unbelievably fail one moment and then the next moment BAM, MEGA PIMP, like that scene on the balcony, how does he do it?!

And I kind of loved all of the almost-but-not-quite-kissing that was somehow even sexier than actual kissing, how is that possible??

Other things:

-I was amused by the remix of Uncle Ben's famous line.

-I really should be used to this by now, I mean, it's a comic book movie for Zolac's sake but OH GOD I feel like the fail!science (including computer science) was more painful than usual. T_T


-There were a lot of kids in the theater which I actually kinda liked, because a) they're all so noisy you don't really feel guilty for making noise, and b) they have the most entertaining and honest reactions to things, it's really refreshing. (After subway train scene, Random Kid: "THAT WAS THE BEST SCENE IN THE WHOLE MOVIE." XDDDD)

So yeah anyway the whole movie was serious in all the right places and funny and adorable in all the right places and I heart crane operators and cops and I am in love with Andrew Garfield ohmigod I will need to go see that movie again next weekend maybe.

...In other news Ben Wishaw as Richard II is Sassy Gay King Jesus, I am in love with Ovid, and Teen Wolf is dumb and adorable and totally charming, and kinda like watching Spiderman AGAIN only maybe slightly watered-down.
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Okay maybe you know about this already maybe you don't but I DIDN'T but then I went to see Chimpanzee in the cheap theaters (cute movie btw) and I saw a poster FOR THE NEW BOND MOVIE. WHICH COMES OUT IN NOVEMBER.




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So a bunch of stuff happened in the last couple weeks. Had fun going to the Kamehameha Day Festival and seeing Prometheus. ...The movie was awesome, by the way... definitely very Ridley Scott, if you like Ridley Scott. Creepy Android!Michael Fassbender was, as I fully expected, my favorite. ...Now I feel like I need to marathon the Alien movies. (Tried to watch Blade Runner the other night... BORED ME TO TEARS.)

The last couple of weeks have been pretty nice at work... exploring Kahuku, mist-netting at ‘Ainahou... I like ‘Ainahou, I mean, it's pretty weedy and there's lower bird diversity and I'm pretty biased towards the rainforest (‘Ainahou's a lot drier than Nauhi), but... it's just a really nice place to hang out. It's sunny and warm and the birds come in at just the right pace... and I'm lounging in the grass under a blue sky, writing, and getting up occasionally to go for a walk under the trees and check nets, and play with birds for a few minutes before going back to lounging and writing and just... how awesome is my life?? Other people work in cubicles. (I told my mom this and she pointed out that other people get paid more than $20 a day. THANKS MOM. ...It's still the best job ever, so there. XP)

And then Friday before last Jackie and I were going to go to Na‘alehu to meet with her friend John from The Nature Conservancy and pore over maps and get his opinions on the best ways to access remote parts of the Ka‘u Forest Reserve, but he absolutely had to go into the field that day... so we went with him! We met up with him and this-younger-guy-whose-name-I-forget in Pahala and drove up to TNC's Kaiholena Preserve, which was AWESOME because I've never ever been up there before. It's way up in the Ninole Hills, which is this really awesome and interesting and (I think) kinda creepy area in Ka‘u, where a massive fault-slip and subsequent erosion created these hills that look completely out of place with the rest of the island's geology (most hills in Hawai‘i are cinder cones), and they're all green and mysterious with their heads in the clouds and I've always wanted to go up there. And the forest in Kaiholena is beautiful, really pristine and full of all my favorite plants, and we took a nice walk along the fence line marking out where the helicopter needed to drop fence-repair materials and I had a lot of trouble keeping up because I kept stopping to geek out at the botany. ^_^;; And we had lunch TNC's little pavilion at the bottom of the preserve with a gorgeous view down to the coast, and on the way down we took a side trip to one of the hills to see this plant called nuku ‘i‘iwi (‘i‘iwi bill) because I'd never seen it/heard of it before and Jackie thought I'd enjoy it, which is... really kind of sweet, actually. It's this really cool vine with beautiful flowers that, yes, do resemble ‘i‘iwi bills in color and shape, and as;hgkalhskfakjshdfls NEW PLANT. *geeks out some more* And all of the lower hills had, mixed in with the native plants, ti and kukui and one of the old Hawaiian varieties of bananas, the name of which I forget, but John told me it was one of the few varieties that women were allowed to eat, and also that it was one of the varieties of bananas that the Hawaiians brought with them in their very first voyage, which makes sense because we're so close to that very first settlement down there. Looking at those ti and kukui and bananas that were probably descendants of plants planted around the very oldest Hawaiian settlements gave me a kind of chicken-skin feeling. ...Anyway, IT WAS A COOL TRIP and it made me very happy. Fuck $20 a day, I CAN'T BELIEVE I GET PAID FOR THIS AT ALL.

On Saturdays I've been doing a bunch of chores for Mom, since her arm's in a cast and she can't do a lot. Father's Day Dad came up to Volcano, and we had a really excellent afternoon: lunch at Lava Rock Cafe, wine tasting at the Volcano Winery, a trip to Jaggar to watch the steam come out of Halema‘uma‘u, and a trip down to ‘Ainahou so I could show him my work site and the historic ranch buildings.

Last week has been more netting at ‘Ainahou mostly, although Thursday and Friday I was on-loan to Mark Kupono trying to catch ‘i‘iwi up Mauna Loa Strip Road. No ‘i‘iwi in the net, just ‘amakihi and ‘apapane and white-eyes, but one of the ‘apapane was this really pretty hatch year bird that was in between fledgling and adult plumage... mostly red with gray and tawny bits and a red racing stripe on the back of its head. SO CUTE. And it was just a really nice day up there, lounging on the rocks and reading. ...Boss Jackie is taking off for Bali for three weeks, so I expect to be doing a lot more of this, along with fun things like data entry and organizing the supply closet. :P

Another major thing is I moved into my boss Dennis' house Thursday before last. He and his family are on vacation for over a month, traveling on the Mainland and in Italy, and I'm house-sitting for them. (Thus the adventure with the can opener the other day.) It's... a bit of an adjustment for me, because they have two dogs and three cats and two bunnies and two turtles and some fish, and it's weird having dependents. And the dogs need to be walked every day, and they have to be walked really early in the morning when no one else is on the street because they get aggressive with other dogs and strange people, so this means I wake up at 6:00 even on the weekends, which is just... not like me at all, heh. But all of the animals are super sweet. It's pretty nice for my ego to come home and EVERYONE IS SO HAPPY TO SEE ME OMG. So I'm really enjoying it, even if there's dog hair EVERYWHERE and Belle is needy and loud and psychotic and has WAY TOO MUCH ENERGY and Splotch has a marked tendency to wake me up at 2:30 in the morning MEOWING LOUDLY FOR NO REASON AT ALL. Can't get too upset with them, THEY'RE ALL SO CUTE.

Oh and also I PIMPED MY RIDE. )
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Just came back from seeing Brave, and I'll just say flat-out: I loved it. I guess I can see where the critics are coming from... I'm kind of with them in that it was solid and beautiful and I loved it, but it maybe didn't blow me away the way Up or WALL-E or The Incredibles did, but I almost feel bad trying to criticize it for that, because it really was excellent. And the audience gave it a round of applause!

Basically it was everything I was looking for. Scottish! Feminist! Beautifully animated! Did I mention feminist! Because oh my god fuck yes, this wins my feminist stamp of approval so hard, I'mma maybe not discuss in detail because ~SPOILERS~ but if you've seen the trailers you can probably draw fairly accurate conclusions. When I have daughters I am raising them on this movie. Also The Legend of Korra. Also Mirror, Mirror. But really, this one takes the cake.

There was really nothing I didn't like about the messages of this movie. Also I had to hold back tears a few times. (Although maybe that's just PMS, hard to tell.) ...And I seriously must have some kind of weakness for astonishingly appropriate memorials, because the little dedication to Steve Jobs at the end nearly got tears, too. Not that I feel particularly emotional about the late esteemed Mr. Jobs, but just... in the context of the climax of the film, the way they presented it was just... so deeply appropriate, appropriate and heart-breakingly sweet. Guh.

...So yeah, I heartily endorse this film. Go see it. And stay to the end of the credits, the extra scene is cute.
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Sorry for the radio silence, since my last post I've pretty much done nothing outside of work but lie around and read old OMG logs and threads. This tends to happen from time to time; once I get started it's very hard to stop.

Work's been fun, and the weather's been gorgeous. So weird to be in places that are hot and sunny. Trip to Malama Ki was successful; we caught the four 'amakihi that Carter needed for his immunology study. Two of the birds were infected with the knemidokoptes mites that Boss Jackie discovered on 'amakihi for the first time a few years ago. These skin mites are HORRIBLE; they cause a "scaly-leg" mange that makes it look like the birds' legs have been tempura-fried. It's DISGUSTING. The first bird we caught had one of the most extreme cases that anyone's seen in Hawai'i; the other bird was only in the early stages. I'll post pics sometime so y'all can be disgusted with me. :P

The rest of the week was mostly setting up poles in 'Ainahou (we start netting there on Tuesday), plus driving back down to Malama Ki on Wednesday morning to let our captive birdies go. Tomorrow we go to East Kahuku to scope out mist-netting sites... SO EXCITE. I love East Kahuku, it's gorgeous. And I love Kahuku in general; spent a lot of time there on the last job, I kinda miss it.

This Saturday Shawn and I are going into Hilo for the Kamehameha Day festival, and more importantly to see Prometheus OMG SO FUCKING EXCITED. I'mma see how many other people in housing I can rustle up to come with. Should be fun!

Shawn leaves on Wednesday. Sad day! He has occasionally been aggravating, and things have sometimes been awkward and strange between us, but mostly he's a real chill guy and we get along and I like him. Who the hell else can I nerd out with? It's just nice to have someone around who understands me, you know? He likes SPN and OUaT and GoT and understands why the woodchipper card in Apples To Apples is AWESOME and why I would name my car Oliver and who the Stig is, and today we had awesome conversations about Watchmen (he's read the book!)and Spiderman comics and Batman: The Animated Series and Batman movies. WHO WILL I NERD WITH WHEN HE'S GONE?

...I hope the next to interns are cool. :3
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Been meaning to see this movie for a while; I'd heard a lot of good things. And yeah, I liked it a lot. It was... subtle. I liked that it was authentic Hawai‘i, without being in your face about it. The shirts, the paintings, the carved wooden bowls, the streets and trees and neighborhoods, the authentic locations, the quiet chirp of a gecko. I liked that we got to see glimpses of the neighbor islands. I loved the soundtrack of Hawaiian slack key standards: elegant, understated, beautiful. I recommend seeing it, if you haven't.

That it was a story about affluent white people got my hackles up a bit, because it offers such a distorted view of what Hawai‘i is like to most of the people who live here. I did really like that the movie addresses this head-on; I loved that speech he made to Cousin Hugh at the King family meeting.

I had sort of strangely-colored lenses on while watching, because my boss Jackie said that the fictional King family makes her think of the way I talk about my family (large kama‘aina haole family, several generations born in the Islands, owns property). So I couldn't help doing the compare-and-contrast thing. The Kings are a lot richer than the Gills, certainly, and they've been in the islands a lot longer... they're somewhere between my family and the Campbells, and a lot closer to the Campbells at that. Like, they're a less-Hawaiian, less-famous, less-royal, less-influential version of the Campbells. Or maybe they're a bit like a whiter version of the Parkers. (Heck, they're a hell of a lot whiter than the Gills, at least if you take my generation into account. XD) Because it's an older family, it's a much bigger family, and they don't seem quite as close.

It was other parts of the movie that I found myself identifying with, parts relating to Matt and his immediate family. Cut conceals minor movie spoilers but mostly me waxing emotional about family, those departed and those that don't yet and may never exist. )


May. 13th, 2012 04:45 pm
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So my boss just called me an hour ago to inform me that our twelve day bushwhacking, helicoptering, tent-camping expedition to the deep deep jungle that we were supposed to embark on tomorrow HAS BEEN POSTPONED. FOR AT LEAST A WEEK. ...AUGH.

Not her fault, not anyone's fault, nothing we can do about it. Boss Dennis had already broken the news to us Friday morning that he couldn't come because his doctor wanted him to go see a cardiologist and to not go anywhere remote until he'd done so, so that was a bit of a hiccup. But now apparently Boss Carter has come down with a nasty flu, so he's down for the count, too. Which leaves us very short on manpower and without anyone who's actually been to this site before, and... yeah. It's just not the best idea until Carter's healthier. So everything's up in the air right now... we're hoping for May 21 thru June 2, but it depends on when the helicopter pilot is available.

KIND OF A BUMMER, but... not so bad, really, now I have some more time to get all my gear and food together and packed, so... that takes some stress off of me for tonight. And! I can probably go to O'ahu and do archaeology with my family next weekend after all! :DDDDD

So, anyway, dunno what I'm up to this week; we might go to Nauhi for a few days, who knows.

This weekend was fun, if exhausting. Got caught up on Korra (guys I am so madly in love with Bolin), shmoozed with friends, enjoyed David and Asifa's Mali Peace Corps slideshow, geeked out about Avatar: The Last Airbender with a ten year old girl, ate TONS OF DELICIOUS FOOD, and enjoyed Downtown Hilo and the Farmer's Market on a Saturday morning.

And The Avengers was just as awesome the second time around. OH MY GOD THAT MOVIE IS SO GOOD.

...I have to say, on second viewing I found myself really loving the encounter between Tony and Loki in Stark Tower (by which I mean, even more so than the first time). I feel like on some level Loki must have really really enjoyed having a conversation with Tony Stark... someone else whose skill lies in wit and words, who uses elocution like a weapon and uses it well. I can just imagine him like, "Omg this guy is kind of awesome for a human, he can actually kind of keep up with me, look at him go! :DD" ...SOMEONE PLEASE WRITE ME THE POST-MOVIE FIC WHERE LOKI AND TONY JUST SNARK/TALK AT EACH OTHER FOREVER, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I NEED IT LIKE BURNING. TT_TT
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Kind of late to the party, I know, but for what it's worth....



Can I also mention, the previews: new trailers for The Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus, and Brave, all movies I am SUPER FUCKING EXCITED ABOUT, and also The Amazing Spider-Man, which I am... tentatively excited about? They're doing a really unusual and interesting interpretation of the canon with this one... but I have to say, the scene where the guy pulls a knife on Spidey, AA;SLHGKALSFAKJSKAHFJSFLS REASON ENOUGH TO SEE THE MOVIE, THAT RIGHT THERE IS THE SPIDEY I KNOW AND LOVE. ♥
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Let's make a list again, I like lists.

-It's a beautiful day in Volcano. ^_^


-First I have to, you know, make a contribution to my community or something silly like that. Told my Dad I'd help out with timekeeping etc. at the Big Island Interscholastic Federation Track and Field Championships at Kea‘au High School. ...Kinda looking forward to it, actually. Them high school varsity track days, thems were good days. I expect a lot of nostalgia. ...Just so y'all know, we're cheering for Waiākea High School; after all these years, I still bleed blue and white. GO WARRIORS GO!! :DD

-OMG YOU GUYS LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MY JOB AS;ALGHSKFJALS;FSFS. So, it's getting to that time, the time where we make our expeditions down to lower Hakalau. So, next week we're not going up to Nauhi (the cabin at mid-elevation Hakalau); we're running a bunch of errands and doing office stuff and prepping for our trip. Then, on the 14th, a bunch of us drive up to the UH Field Station up at Hakalau Forest NWR. Early the next morning, we take backpacks and machetes and bushwhack our way down to the site, and we clear a landing site if necessary. The next day (weather permitting), a helicopter drops our gear and the rest of our crew off at the site. Then, on the 26th, the helicopter comes and picks us all back up and flies us out. That's TWELVE DAYS IN THE FIELD, HOLY CRAP, and all tent-camping except for that first night in the super-plush UH Field Station. A;LSGHKFASJFAKLHSGLSKJF SO EXCITED!! You guys, I am a badass outdoorswoman, but this is going to be my longest uninterrupted stay in the backcountry, and my longest stay in a tent by a lot, and it's in an area that very few people on the planet have ever been to or ever will and it's going to be very very wet and if the weather is bad we will probably all drown and it's going to be the coolest thing ever and oh my god HAVE I MENTIONED I HAVE THE BEST JOB, BY THE WAY, I HAVE THE BEST JOB. TT_TT

-As awesome as this is I am super bummed by the timing; I'd been hoping to make it over to O‘ahu and help out with my family's archaeological excavation of the pā at Pālehua; I was going to be Pat Kirch's surveying assistant! (This guy, he's like the top expert of Polynesian archaeology IN THE WORLD, I was really looking forward to meeting him!) I've been looking forward to it for months and months! But my trip to lower Hakalau pretty much exactly coincides with the dig, b'aaaaawwww. *heartbroken* WHY NOT A TIME-TURNER, I COULD BE IN TWO PLACES AT ONCE, IT WOULD BE SO AWESOME. TT_TT

-Otherwise, things at work are going pretty well. Week before last was, as I expected, EXCEEDINGLY AWKWARD. But we caught an akepa! :DDDD This is a big deal; akepa are very very endangered. They are also tiny and adorable and day-glo orange. This was the first akepa for all three of us, so we were super excited and happy. (I was the one who found it; oh for a recording of me flipping out on the radio when I called Jackie to come extract it. XD;)

-Now that I'm done with Pō Pouli, I hope to have time very soon for a super über mega picture dump of my various adventures these past few months, including my work up at Nauhi. IT WILL BE AWESOME. It's not gonna happen today though, haha. Probably not tomorrow either. Maybe next week before I leave to die in the woods on my trip?

-Speaking of Pō Pouli, I have just been in this glow of happiness all week. Now that the exhaustion has worn off and I am able to think properly... I think... I think it might be my best work to date? T_T I'm really really happy with it. And everyone has been leaving such lovely feedback, and I've even made a few awesome new friends. HI NEW FRIENDS, HI~!! :DD *waves*

TL,DR; my life is awesome and I am happy. Expect a lot of incoherent flailing in capslock re: Avengers later tonight. (Omgomgomg~!!)
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There. I just feel like that's always a good way to start, just to get people's attention.

Gaaaahhhh, omg how freaking excited am I about Prometheus? IT IS GOING TO BE SO AMAZING.

Speaking of amazing, watch this awesome promotional video featuring android!Fassbender. I can already tell he is going to be my favorite. (Playlist continues with other cool promotional vids and trailers that are also worth watching, but. FASSBENDER.)

Omg, and just– the cast list, wow. ...Idris Elba with that accent is really weird.

So excited so excited CAN'T WAIT.
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...Yeah, I'm just going to copypaste word-for-word how I found this in [livejournal.com profile] sirona_gs' journal. I'll just... let it speak for itself.

"What kind of adult does a kid become after surviving a trip to a cannibalistic witch’s gingerbread house?

That’s the premise of Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (out March 2), which uses the centuries-old German folktale as a preamble to a larger story of vengeance and the bonds between siblings — particularly abused ones.

Next Thursday, look for a trailer from the Paramount film. But for now, we see a first look at Jeremy Renner’s Hansel and Gemma Arterton’s Gretel, all grown up."

(Full article including interview with Arterton.)

SO VERY FUCKING MANY KINDS OF YES. Also omg omg omg ZOE BELL is in it!! As an actress! (Rather than as a stunt double, I mean.)

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Fml, LJ still doesn't want to let me embed YouTubes, what is the deal. ...ANYWAY, WATCH IT. :DDDD

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Okay so it's past my bedtime already and as usual I am underslept (there is really not enough time in a day to work eight hours and commute and do all of the things I want/need to do), but I'm going to do a drive-by post of THINGS, because if anything I am about to get busier. When the fuck am I going to do my Christmas shopping oh my gaaaaaaaaaaawd!! T_T

First off, Ted Maddry is here with his girlfriend Lea... he's here to teach a Blues workshop this weekend. Mom's on O‘ahu for work, so I picked them up from the airport and fed them and showed them the ropes. It was instantly clear that they are both fabulous people, as I have come to expect from the traveling Swing/Blues instructor crowd; I'm really looking forward to learning from Ted and to hanging out with them and showing them around the island for the next week. Ted bought us beer (Maui Brewing Company Coconut Porter oh my gaaaaaaawwwwd~!) and said some really complimentary things about my mother (that he's been hearing her name from everyone on the circuit as a workshop coordinator who is supremely excellent to work with, and having corresponded with her for this workshop he can now see why) that I hope he will repeat in her presence, because awww~.

So, yeah, I'mma be busy playing tour guide and Blues dancing and having fun, and then next week I'm going on a Waipi‘o-Waimanu backpacking trip with some people, which I am super excited about; with this trip and the Labor Day Mauna Loa summit adventure that's two out of three crossed off of my Big Island Backpacking Bucket List... now if I can only get Pele to cooperate so I can camp at Nāpau-! ...Oh man, and then I've got the Haleakala backpacking trip coming up in January... SO MUCH AWESOME HIKING YAY.

And now a list of Things To Flail About:

- For those of you who enjoy Red vs. Blue, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog, the sillier bits of Doctor Who, and/or THINGS THAT ARE AWESOME, I highly recommend The Visitor from the Future (Le Visiteur du Futur), a French science fiction/comedy web series (don't worry, it comes with subtitles). The show is, in general, much like its title character: adorable, frenetic, and slightly insane (oh my god I have such a crush on the Visitor and his crazyface, for serious, SO IN LOVE), and it's full of time-travel shenanigans and robots and zombies and silliness. So. WATCH IT.

Continued under the cut: rock and roll, naked Fassbender, jet packs, lava, SPACE, and that guy I like. And Batman eats a pony. )

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Movie trailer for "The Raven".

...Wat. Wat. ...WAT.

I really don't know how to feel about this. So many feelings. SO MANY.
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So, Super 8? Super GREAT! *rimshot!*

No seriously this movie was awesome. Speaking of fucking charming. The scary parts were the right kind of scary, and the funny parts had the whole audience laughing helplessly. Good script, good directing, good acting, ADORABLE KIDS. No seriously where did they get these kids, they should give them all Oscars. Did I mention the good acting?

The movie was a fun mystery; I had a great time trying to piece things together as it went along. As a period piece it was charming; there were all of these little nods to the time period that were like, "LOL GUYS CHECK IT OUT IT'S 1979, ISN'T IT HILARIOUS?!" Although I am seriously starting to think "My Sharona" is stalking me today. Can we make "My Sharona" today's official theme song? Okay? Yes. It's official.

Favorite moment:
"He's too stoned!"

Do stay for the credits, oh my god.

...You know, this movie is kind of exactly what I should have expected, considering SPOILERS. Mild and very brief spoilers, but stay out if you'd rather go into the movie with nothing more than the trailer gave you. )

Tell you what, though, if I see people slashing Charles and Martin I am going to stab my eyes out.

...So anyway. That happened. And then I got home and put on a pair of pink polka-dot pants and ate an organic vegetable-pie pocket sandwich and blue jello, and watched Doctor Who. So that was fabulous. And I mean, like, really fabulous. THAT EPISODE. SO AMAZING. And I was starting to worry, too, with the second half of the season starting off with two thoroughly mediocre episodes. And next week: "The God Complex"! I am excite! (Everyone saw the trailer for "The God Complex" back in July, right?) I hope it's as good as I want it to be. I can't stop thinking of it as the House. I mean– minotaur! Dude raving in decidedly Johnny Truant manner! As I have commented before, I will be disappointed if the episode doesn't start playing upside-down or sideways or backwards or in Braïlle, even if I have no idea how that would work.
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That UK thing has totally harshed my mellow, but... life goes on, I guess.

Finally succumbed to morbid curiosity and rented "The Night Marchers" on YouTube. Oh my god that movie is so fucking stupid I can't even. *facepalm* I would say something about the quality of the acting, but really everything pales in comparison to the abysmal script. Like... not so much poor writing as MOST OF THE SENTENCES THAT COME OUT OF YOUR MOUTHS DON'T MAKE ANY SENSE. They badly need an editor, but this is me not volunteering; if I had to edit that script I would probably cry. And then there's the extreme shaky-cam and poor lighting and poor audio and special effects, and... okay, I get that this is a low-budget local production, but fucking-a, man, my friends and I made a better horror movie in 9th grade. ([livejournal.com profile] look_alive and anyone else who knows what I'm talking about, this should give you an idea of exactly how bad this movie was.)

...In other news, first breadfruit of the season! ^_^ ...Well, technically this is the second breadfruit of the season, I found the first breadfruit flattened like a pancake in amongst the banana grove, but.

Breadfruit! ♥
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Tonight was a Big Island Jazz & Blues Association event, at which there was great dancing, excellent music, and fabulous spoken-word poetry. And then I went to see the X-Men period piece X-Men: First Class. I'd had two glasses of wine at the jazz thing so I was maybe a tiny bit drunk at the start of the movie, haha.

The movie, by the way, was AMAZING~!! And I swear that's not just the alcohol talking. The film did a great job at connecting with the audience; there were a lot of moments where we all laughed or groaned or cheered or clapped together (probably helped that there were clearly so many nerds in the audience, but even so). Lots of great references to the greater X-Men continuity. Fassbender (sexy, sexy Fassbender) did a brilliant job with Magneto, and when he had the helmet on he even looked like a younger Sir Ian McKellan. And let me just say, there was a lot of sexy in this movie. I mean, James McAvoy is hardly rough on the eyes, and that delicious accent ain't hard on the ears either. Lucas Till? Pretty. Nicholas Hoult? ADORBS. Álex González? So sexy. Caleb Landry Jones? OMG YES PLEASE I WANT ONE PLEASE CAN I CAN I?

Baconface Kevin Bacon did a good job of being evil. Logan cameo was awesome and hilarious. The end credits were full of SCIENCE and awesome music. And how funny is it that Emma Frost was played by a chick named January?

In other news, I can smell the slashers coming. Like, holy crap, don't even make them work for it, Mr. Vaughn. XD; Xavier/Magneto, obviously, although I can totally see there being a tiny but diehard group of Havoc/Darwin slashers.



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