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So yeah, it's been a while. My life has been fucking insane. @_@

But! As of Sunday, I am once more gainfully employed. :D

...At the Epiq System Call Center, same place I was working before. : |

The case I was hired for is really easy and straight-forward so far, it looks like it should keep me in employ for a while. Also, the Call Center seems to be better organized than it was when I left it. :D

I miss my old desk, though. I'm not in a corner this time, and I'm in full view of my supervisor, which means I can't read a book in between calls. D:

...So what I did instead today was scribble Teen Titans fanfiction on my company-supplied notepad. Appropriate use of office supplies y/y? :DD

I am extremely tickled by the idea of writing at work. I think I will do this every day. Knock out some Teen Titans fic and then maybe return to my neglected novel. :DDD

Aphelion has been EPIC recently, what with the Mod Plot, character death, fabulous new characters, and surprise!awesome plot logs. :DDDD

RP + work = Angela does not get much sleep. They had to hire me the week of the Mod Plot, didn't they? DX

Will and I went for a run today. Exercise ftw! :D

He and Lauren and I abruptly decided to go to Walla Walla for RenFaire this weekend. :DD

When Lauren gets back to Portland, she needs to let Penny go. D:

Because Lauren is going away to Saipan for the summer. D: ? :D ?

That is all for now, because it's past my bedtime. T_T

...Don't forget to hug a tree on Earth Day! :D
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My friend Jen found these, they're kind of amazing. In a kind of hilarious, more than just kind of geeky way. This dude has a musical project where he stitches together sound bites of famous scientists (Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, Stephen Hawking) with a voice modulator to make songs about scientific knowledge and philosophy.

Check it out, my geeky homies: The Symphony of Science.

Carl Sagan is kind of amazingly adorkable. And I have a gigantic crush on Neil deGrasse Tyson, but I knew that already.

...This guy needs to use David Attenborough, y/y? Also, Jack Horner? OOH! Jane Goodall! :DD

In other news, going to Madras for the weekend with Dar, Lauren, and Melissa for the Madras falconry meet, again. And we'll be staying at Melissa's mom's new house in Bend. WOOHOO!
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So last Friday Dar, Becca, Ducky, and Jarvis came to pick me up. We stopped off briefly at Burgerville- that place is made of AWESOME by the way- and the other girls ate a quick dinner. I got a lemonade and a salad for later; I was still digesting the massive amount of food from the Epiq BBQ/Call Center Potluck, and allowing my the content of my veins to return to being blood instead of rootbeer. ...Francis brought a keg of rootbeer to the potluck. A KEG. And two gallons of ice cream. I love that man. And also rootbeer floats. I had two of them. ...And then a third cup of just rootbeer. :DD

So anyway after they ate their foods we piled into Jarvis and took off into the wild blue yonder (I-5 South). There was much awesome music and gossiping and Metanoia fiction read-alouds and plotting and giggling and watching of sunsets and spazz-flailing about the gorgeous scenery and trying to identify mountains in the dark and receiving bacon at the rest stop bathrooms. ...It was kind of an interesting experience beginning the drive in daylight and driving ALL NIGHT and reaching our destination in daylight again. Dar drove the whole way like a crazy madman, very very very highly caffeinated. We met some interesting people gas stations, like the farmboys in their barn-turned-Shell who offered free hot drinks with a purchase of gas (code for "free drinks for cute girls"), and the dude in Tiny Nowhereville California at 2 (or was it 4?) in the morning and his adorable friendly dog Malachi (LOL!)

Cut for my usual incessant rambling. )

...I'm really tired now. I'mma watch some Teen Titans (research! :D) while I brush my hair, and then pass the hell out.
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So this past week we've been suffering through one of the worst, if not the worst heat wave in the history of Portland. It got up to 106 degrees F several days in a row. The heat turned us into zombies; we could barely eat or sleep, and it was impossible to make any sort of unnecessary effort to do anything.

In the interest of time, I will recount this week's adventures in list format, with as little embellishment as possible (hah!).

-Last weekend we (me, Dar, and Becca) drove to Walla Walla to drop off Becca's stuff, to a soundtrack of AWESOME. We stopped at Multnomah Falls on the way and admired the pretty, and ate delicious french fries with mustard, and had silly conversations about the details of fudge (if you take cream, and you fuck it up, you get butter). Between leaving late and stopping for a bit and a little bit of navigational fail, we didn't get in to Walla Walla until after midnight. After a little more navigational fail we managed to retrieve Becca's keys and get into her apartment, which is about the most ghetto thing I've ever seen. The toilet doesn't work, there are holes in the walls and wallpaper, her carpet looks like pixelated camo threw up everywhere, and I found a rusty nail in the carpet. It's so fabulous, you have no idea. We stayed up until about 4 watching Sleeping Beauty. When we woke up we met Melissa and Clarette's and had gigantic piles of food. From thence we went to the music building for more of Becca's stuff (after a brief, hilariously embarrassing interlude where a random dude on a motorcycle pointed out that we were driving around with my milkshake on the roof of the car), then to a cemetery on a mission from her mother to find a relative's gravestone. Finally, we retired to Melissa's apartment for lemonade and YouTube, before heading back home.

-Lauren came home for her visit a little early, and we spent the rest of the weekend hanging with her. It was blazing hot, so we spent a lot of time sitting under a tree in the courtyard, marathoning the hell out of Red vs. Blue. ...I DID NOT KNOW THAT SHOW WAS SO AWESOME. OH MY GOD.

-At work, the heat prompted my supervisor, Doug, to hand out ice cream to all of us one afternoon. So that was awesome. I've been getting some awesome calls, too. I got a call from some dude with the porntastic name Rodney Lovin, I shit you not. Also, it's finally happened: I got a call from Hilo, and it turned out to be someone calling from Dr. Peter Matsuura's office, and I'm like, "Lol, I totally know you, I know where your office is, and your mother was my pediatrician." God damn surreal.

-Meanwhile, at home, everything of questionable solidity has been melting. Butter, if left out for a few minutes. Chocolate. Candles. ...A bag of gummi worms. Seriously. The worms are now a parti-colored brick of goo. A delicious parti-colored brick of goo. :DD

-While looking for some ziplocks, I realized they had been falling behind our bottom kitchen drawer. So I pulled it out. I found a shit-ton of ziplocks, our whisk, a Mystery Ladle (Becca's seriously convinced it's cursed), and packet of honey from McDonald's... dated 1983. ...THAT'S OLDER THAN I AM.

-We (me, Dar, Ducky, and Becca) successfully completed Operation Meet Rah. We were a little bit late to Tiny's, due to navigational fail (btw I would like to state from the record that I knew we were going to be late 50 minutes before they even picked me up from work), but Rah hadn't been there long. She brought her friends, Cas (Kas?) and Dean (LOL). ...It was INSTANT WIN. SO MUCH WIN. We started talking our heads off and didn't stop jabbering for several hours. The conversation was loud and inappropriate and full of lots of giggling. ^_^ Rah's a lot... bouncier and gigglier than she seems on the internet. Which makes her, like, TEN TIMES MORE AWESOME. And, she says she likes my work! T_T ...The only down point was when Schizo Drunk McCrazypants started talking to us and wouldn't go away, but we eventually got rid of him and went back to being awesome. Rah, Cas, and Dean are all totally totally totally cool, and we weren't able to leave without having multiple rounds of hugs and trying to leave multiple times and failing. Everyone traded contact info; there are plans in the air for future outings. So... Operation Meet Rah - Success!!

-Oh, and Dar talked to Jesse and now she's going to be doing art for Studio Whipping Boy. And getting paid for it. EPIC WIN.

...If there's more, it will have to wait. Have to go to work in mere minutes. Next post: Epic California Road Trip!


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