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So yeah, it's been a while. My life has been fucking insane. @_@

But! As of Sunday, I am once more gainfully employed. :D

...At the Epiq System Call Center, same place I was working before. : |

The case I was hired for is really easy and straight-forward so far, it looks like it should keep me in employ for a while. Also, the Call Center seems to be better organized than it was when I left it. :D

I miss my old desk, though. I'm not in a corner this time, and I'm in full view of my supervisor, which means I can't read a book in between calls. D:

...So what I did instead today was scribble Teen Titans fanfiction on my company-supplied notepad. Appropriate use of office supplies y/y? :DD

I am extremely tickled by the idea of writing at work. I think I will do this every day. Knock out some Teen Titans fic and then maybe return to my neglected novel. :DDD

Aphelion has been EPIC recently, what with the Mod Plot, character death, fabulous new characters, and surprise!awesome plot logs. :DDDD

RP + work = Angela does not get much sleep. They had to hire me the week of the Mod Plot, didn't they? DX

Will and I went for a run today. Exercise ftw! :D

He and Lauren and I abruptly decided to go to Walla Walla for RenFaire this weekend. :DD

When Lauren gets back to Portland, she needs to let Penny go. D:

Because Lauren is going away to Saipan for the summer. D: ? :D ?

That is all for now, because it's past my bedtime. T_T

...Don't forget to hug a tree on Earth Day! :D
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…So I’ve been pretty much MIA from the internets for the last week or so, except for a handful of rp tags. Still talking to Batman!Dick Grayson (the best gay older-brother/alternate-self a Robin could have), and have been enjoying talking to Batgirl!Steph and a very pleasant chap named Jonas from Phoenix Requiem, a web comic I’ve never heard of but anticipate enjoying. My emails and LJ tags are backed up, I haven’t posted, I haven’t applied to jobs, I haven’t written the terrifying Christmas fanfic I had hoped to write, and I haven’t worked on Aphelion at all. Suffice it to say I’ve been much busier than I expected to be; every night I have fallen into bed, watched a couple episodes of Justice League, and passed the frak out. …So here’s a not-brief summary of what I’ve been up to.

Here, have an essay. )

…You already know about today. Except that the other thing about today is DOLLHOUSE DOLLHOUSE DOLLHOUSE OMG DOLLHOUSE.


Sep. 24th, 2009 10:49 pm
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-Massive Anglo-Saxon gold discovery in Staffordshire. Celebrate your Anglo-Saxon heritage: use some four-letter words.

-G20 protestors in Pittsburgh get tear-gased. The important bit in this article is the Anon in the second photo down the page. Also the Daily Show has a presence, very important. And a sound cannon is a fucking awesome high-tech anti-riot weapon. Sorry, protestors.

-Last night I cooked dinner for once. Oven-baked chicken breaded in panko, hazelnuts, and cajun spice; quinoa; and green beans. It was delicious. Sometimes I am awesome.

-Today the call volume was very low, which would've been... nice? I guess? Except that there was an unusually high percentage of callers I wanted to throttle. ...This job has only made me more of an elitist. So much of the world is dumb. And they all CALL ME ON THE PHONE.

-The massive levels of dumb were made up for to a great extent by my participation in the birthday preparations for our manager, Francis. I joined a couple of my work buddies, including one of my supervisors, in spending an hour saran-wrapping his entire cubicle.

-I'm still recovering from the cold that laid me flat all weekend. My nose is a slow-dripping leaky faucet, producing unlikely amounts of snot. The snot coming out of my right nostril is clear and colorless. The snot coming out of my left nostril is yellow and opaque. THIS IS DISGUSTING. ...I felt I should share this with you.

-Tomorrow we go to Walla Walla (again)! 'Tis the season for birthdays; this weekend we celebrate Becca's by crashing on her floor and preventing her from studying.
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Last night's dreams involved a lot of sex. A lot of lesbian and gay sex.

Under a cut because it's naughty~. ...No actually I just talk a lot, as usual. )

And also, other stuff. THE DECEMBERISTS CONCERT. )



So that's most of what's been going on with me recently. The other exciting thing that I need to share, if you haven't seen it already (I've watched it sooo many times), is this: the Sherlock Holmes trailer, AT LAST!! It's been months since I'd heard anything new about it; I'd seen production photos and I knew RDJ was to be Holmes and Jude Law was to be Watson. Now, RDJ I wasn't worried about, because I fervently believe it is impossible for him to fuck up a role, but Jude Law... he's a fabulous actor, but I thought it was weird casting. But no. He looks fantastic with a little facial hair. OH MAN THIS IS GOING TO BE SO GOOD. I need to re-read the stories. And, as usual, I want to lick RDJ all over. Allllllll over. Oh man. I can't wait.


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