Jun. 26th, 2012 09:20 pm
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You guys, these animals are so fucking insane, I mean, completely psychotic, I just don't even. Mostly Belle and Splotch.

Belle likes to chase things. But only very specific things. She gets very excited about strange dogs, as you can imagine, and cars. These things make sense. I don't let her chase the cars, so every time we see a car she has to work off her excess energy by vigorously chasing her tail. She also likes to chase birds. But only very specific birds. We go on walks, and she could care less about the sparrows and the cardinals, which, okay, yeah, not much point. But we go walking past huge flocks of Kalij pheasants and/or chickens and she could really give a shit. What she cares about is doves. Just doves. And she will try to chase them even when they are sitting on power lines. She does not seem to understand that she cannot fly.

Splotch is... idk, senile? I really don't know what's up with this cat. She lives in the bedroom I'm staying in for purposes of protecting her from the dogs, and she has this marked tendency to wander aimlessly around the room, meowing loudly for no reason at all. At any and all hours of the night and day. She is, as I type, making the rounds, staring into space and meowing. I do not comprehend. I get the feeling sometimes like she's forgotten where she is? Or where I am? I mean, she just meows and meows, getting louder, and I'm, like, sitting on the bed going, "SPLOTCH WTF DO YOU WANT??" and she's, like, staring at the ceiling or something.

...What have I gotten myself into? ^_^;;

Also I'm almost done with the data entry already. WTF AM I SUPPOSED TO DO AT WORK FOR THE REST OF THE THREE WEEKS?
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Argh, I can't take it anymore! Am I the only one not getting LJ comment notifications? I haven't been getting them for several days now. Does anyone know wtf is going on?

ETA: Did some trouble-shooting, and it's not actually LJ's fault! T'WAS GOOGLE. My Gmail abruptly started shunting all LJ emails into my Spam folder. ...WTF.
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See, it's like I said, I reach the conclusion that this show has reached the pinnacle of gayness, things are the gayest, things cannot possibly become more gay.


SPOILERS. ...Okay, 'sex' is a slight exaggeration, but only just barely. If Show were on trial any jury of your peers would be forced to conclude that that was foreplay. )

...Going back to the previous ep, aside from Danny's pining the crossover was mostly kind of lame, but distracted as I was I forgot to mention AFHGKJKLFHGSDFDSK ENVER GJOKAJ!!! How lucky am I that he pops up in my video entertainment twice in two days! And he was so fabulous in the ep, UGH, WHY SO CUTE, and with the accent and everything asdfjklghkfs I REALLY WANT A DOLLHOUSE/H50 CROSSOVER NOW, IT WOULD BE AMAZING. /maniacal babbling about things no one else cares about. /forever alone. *sob!*
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So I woke up this morning and drove Shawn over to meet Jackie at the office, and he is deeply, deeply hungover, I mean, okay, Nene Dave is leaving today, he was helping to give him a good send-off, that's valid I suppose. But then he makes this comment about drinking because "he hates it here, he hates it here so much". You know, like just as we're getting in the car to take our 3+ hour drive into the woods where we will spend four days out in the field together.


I don't dislike Shawn, he can be awesome, but he's also super moody and his attitude kinda sucks. I mean, I get it, Volcano can be boring (I guess, if you don't like hiking and art and farmer's markets and music and Hawaiian culture and bowling and arcades), but come on, fucking learn to make your own fun. I know he doesn't have a car, but... there is a bus. Freaking get on it and go explore. You're in a bleeding tropical paradise here. Go in to Hilo, catch a movie or see a museum or go to a music festival.

I just... ARGH. On his bad days he reminds me of Mark's bad days.

...Idk about this kid. For his own sake I don't want him to be unhappy, and I don't really want to work with someone who clearly doesn't want to be here. I'm kind of hoping Jackie will send him home. And hire Susan instead, that would be AWESOME.
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Oh my god, sorry for the spam you guys, but. But. I just can't decide whether to laugh or to cry. So I'm doing a lot of both.

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Movie trailer for "The Raven".

...Wat. Wat. ...WAT.

I really don't know how to feel about this. So many feelings. SO MANY.
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My dreams are so meta. I just had several dreams that were about dreams that were, like, sequels to other dreams. Wtf brain.

I really do not appreciate the ones that are about those alien ship/house-destroying infections, kthx. Those are gross and upsetting.

Of course, then there are the dreams about REI store locations relative to state politics. Idek.


Sep. 15th, 2011 05:49 am
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Dreamed I was trying to join the Army. Nick Lum was also there, for whatever reason. Our recruiter tried really really hard to talk us out of it, but we were determined.

If this ever happens in real life, please be sure to ask me lots of questions to make sure I haven't been bodysnatched.
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Somehow only just now found out about the massive, widespread rioting in the UK.


Brits on my Flist, stay safe, please.

And as for the hoodies filling the streets with violence and terror and destruction and crime, fuck you all very much, I hope you get teargassed. D:<



Aug. 2nd, 2011 05:57 am
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Had a dream that [livejournal.com profile] shichahn was attacked by townies in the middle of campus (we were back in college again); they beat up on her and hit her with their cars. I found her limping around the dorm room, barely able to walk.

Woke up filled with rage.

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So there's this show on MTV called "Silent Library". It's a riff off of Japanese game shows, and it is unexpectedly hilarious, painful, and endearing. The idea is six friends compete together, they draw cards each round to see who has to undergo the surprise challenge. If the victim completes the challenge and the whole group avoids making too much noise (we're in a library, see, you have to be quiet), they win the money for that round, starting at $300 and going up. It's endearing because it's really cute to watch a group of bros, and then a group of WWE wrestlers, giggling and shushing each other and making sympathetic heart hands at each other. It's painful because oh my god some of the challenges. Some of them are just silly, like holding a pizza while your friends shoot the toppings at you with air guns, but then some are gross, like sitting in a nest and being fed a foul-tasting liquid by somebody dressed as a bird, or drinking a baby bottle full of fish water in twenty seconds, or eating a cookie made with coffee grounds and toothpaste in twenty seconds, and some are painful, like getting your hands slammed in a copy machine or having to sit at the end of a factory conveyor belt that drops cans on your junk or getting your nipples clamped and pulled by one of those automated horse races.


Later we were channel surfing, and there was some ghost show... on Animal Planet, I ask you, what even. Remember when television made sense? There was history on the History Channel, and the Animal Planet had animals. NOT GHOSTS. ...Anyway, this house had a wraith in it, and this team went in to BATTLE THE WRAITH, and they were burning sage and lighting saint candles and using holy water... and I was having a really hard time not giggling. [livejournal.com profile] look_alive, I think you know why. ♥
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Ayep, it's that time again... everyone's favorite holiday, National Angela Day! WHOO!! How will you celebrate? Champagne? Bonfires? Break-dance competition?

So I've hit the quarter-century mark, holy shit. I can do anything now! I can... rent a car! On top of voting, buying booze, all of that, I am basically set with everything I need. So... this is it, guys. I'm not getting any older. I am staying 25 forever.

Also, Happy Birthday to one of the BAMFest BAMFs who ever did BAMF: ALFRED MOTHERFUCKING PENNYWORTH! I found out a few weeks ago that he was born on April 8. Somehow I did not know this before. Somehow I did not realize that I shared my date of birth with the only person on the motherfucking planet who might actually be cooler than Batman. How have I lived? Man, from now on, me and Alfie are partying together EVERY YEAR, okay?

To celebrate the fact that Alfred is a BAMF having a birthday, I bring you these panels from Streets of Gotham #17:

Why yes, that is a young Alfred Pennyworth protecting Thomas Wayne, Martha Kane, and Leslie Thompkins by beating the everliving crap out of some mafia goons. Be still my heart~! )

In other news, Dar and I are watching the musical episode of Grey's Anatomy. ...SO AWKWARD. MAKE IT STOP. DDDD:
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Rubber. Movie description on IMDB: "When Robert, an inanimate tire, discovers his destructive telepathic powers, he soon sets his sights on a desert town; in particular, a mysterious woman becomes his obsession."

Watch the trailer.

...What. Just. WHAT.

......I want to see this movie. XD; I feel like it might be a requirement in my life.

In other news, I'm about to go off with [livejournal.com profile] shichahn and watch birdies (hopefully, cross my fingers, knock on wood) kill things. :D
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Two things.

The Adventures of Sexy Batman on "Hark! A Vagrant". Your liver might explode from laughter. Or you might curl into a quivering ball of terror. Or both.

The music video for "The City", Patrick Wolf's new song from his new album, soon to be released. Booming piano. Epic drums. A saxophone. A beach. The 1980s. Top of the morning!
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So this weekend contained many exciting adventures with media. Let me tell you of them.

Follow the cut for massive word-dump discussion of kestrels, Misfits, Young Justice, True Grit, 1940's Batman, Megamind, a one-to-one scale model of the Enterprise-D, NOLAN'S BATMAN VILLAIN CASTING CHOICES, and the holy Buddhist temple of superheroes and sci-fi action movies. )

...So, that was my weekend. In other news, I have to keep the door to my bedroom closed during the day now. Because the cat appears to have developed the habit of coming into my room while I'm gone and PEEING ON MY BELONGINGS, FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
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Halloween weekend was nice, it involved Hell's Belles and corn mazes and Vampire Diaries and Grey's Anatomy and Harper's Island and Lauren and a kestrel and carving pumpkins and Halloween candy and trick-or-treaters and delicious roommate food. I'll provide pics of my costume and our jack o'lanterns when I have time... which will probably be next week, at this rate.

My mom's visiting, so shit is bananas. But we got my bike all fixed up and she took us to dinner at Jake's Famous Crawfish, and tonight we had dinner with Harry Lee Kwai (one of Kink's hanai sons) and his wife, who live in Canby. Mom and I will be spending the weekend with them, going up to Timberline and other things.

...So. Last night just before sleep I read Satin and Split Lips, a Dick/Jay fic involving Dick having to dress in drag. In a blue satin dress. For a mission, of course. Clearly it infected my subconscious, because this morning I was dreaming and my dreams went in the direction of crossdressing, and my brain helpfully supplied Dick Grayson in a blue satin dress, hurriedly fixing his makeup. For some reason one of the other people around (there was no Jason, woe) was trying to get him to put on a different blue satin dress underneath, "for dancing", and Dick starting throwing a hissy about, "Do you want this dress to make me look fat?!" and I started laughing and then I woke up and I laughed some more. ...And a good thing, too, because I'd overslept by twenty-five minutes and if I hadn't had this dream and laughed myself awake I would've been late to work, probably. So... thanks, Subconscious, and thanks, [livejournal.com profile] merelymine!

And, in case you haven't had enough Batfamily-related ridiculousness, watch this amazing clip from Batman: The Brave and The Bold (a show I need to actually watch sometime, gdammit).

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Surprisingly, pink kryptonite was not involved. ...[livejournal.com profile] icon_uk, you find all the best stuff.


Mar. 9th, 2010 02:49 pm
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Nightmares all last night. I think both of them were supposed to be movies I was watching, but I was in the action as well.

The first one involved sort of a poltergeistish ghost. I was in some fancy house and it was banging the table around and banging against the windows. It wasn't completely a poltergeist because we saw the thing a couple of times, all wispy and ghosty. It did not have a friendly look on its face. It was scary.

And then I was in some world full of demons, and for some reason fighting the demons involved blowing up a bunch of bridges. There were lots of other people in that dream, and lots of demons and monsters of all grotesque shapes and sizes, and there was a lot of running around to try to escape the demons and then hiding cupboards and stairwells and behind trees and hoping the demons wouldn't hear/smell/see you and come and eat you, because there wasn't any way to fight them, all you could do was hide and listen to them catch and eat someone else. And eventually I got to where the final, most important bridge was, and we had to hurry and clear all the cars and people off of the bridge so we could lay charges and blow it up, and my Dad was part of the bridge-blowing-up team because he's an engineer. We got the bridge cleared and guys ran onto the bridge from both sides and started setting up the charges, but we could hear the roaring from this gigantic demon approaching, and we could feel the ground shaking, and it burst out of the trees and charged onto the bridge and there were still people on it but we had to blow it up anyway. So that was sort of a victory for us but the demons were still around so it was more hiding in basements and closets trying not to be found and ripped into pieces.

...At this point the movie/nightmare ended and I met my friends outside. Dar had managed to pick up some guy AGAIN, which I thought was really unfair, and the random girl I'd ended up sitting next to/surviving the demon apocalypse with had picked up the random dude that was with us, so that was even more unfair. Two of the guys Dar had been dating were there and they were really jealous of her and New Dude. I ended up hanging out with the scary cougar lady from Cougartown and driving around in her really cool car. She was speeding and got stopped by two cops, a man and a woman, and she managed to flirt them into submission, so they got into the car too. The cops were also robots. Dar's New Dude, who was also a vampire, saw us all driving around and was really jealous, and Scary Cougar Lady played hard to get for a while but eventually picked up Dar and New Dude as well. We all went back to Scary Cougar's house which was big and up on top of a hill in the woods, and she had like six jacuzzis and a gajillion TVs, and we all were hanging out in the jacuzzis and presumably if I hadn't woken up we would've had an orgy or something. ...IDEFK, GUYS. @_@
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So while I was in Honolulu they moved me to a new desk. I will miss our group! T_T But Mimi's still there, and the other people near me are cool. The guy sitting next to me is an outgoing redhead dude named Lucas, who's totally awesome, even if he is leaving me already for a new job. We spent like all day Friday chatting about Miyazaki movies, anime, Star Trek, and science fiction franchises. Also he got the WEIRDEST CALL EVER. Weird as in it seemed totally normal until the weird part, which came out of the blue. He got a call on the PGE Refund line, some lady from Portland, he filed a claim for her over the phone, blah blah, he read her her confirmation code, spelling out each letter like we're required to, "Y as in Yellow, I as in Igloo, P as in Paul"... and then she spells it back, okay, to double check, and she's like, "D as in Deathcamp...." ...WTF?! It totally threw him off for the rest of the call, and we've been laughing about it ever since. Like, seriously, wtf?! WHO SAYS THAT?! WHY WOULD YOU THINK OF SUCH A THING?!

This weekend was super lazy. I spent all day Saturday marathoning Battlestar Galactica, and then I went to Crystal's Chocolate Party. We ate brownie bites and fudge and triple chocolate fudge cake, and dipped angel food cake bites and strawberries in a chocolate fountain, and we watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and gossiped about ex-boyfriends. It was fantastic. Oh, and she cut my hair, thank Zolac.

Cut for WTFery Day at work today. )

And also... meme!

stolen from [livejournal.com profile] salt_of_the_egg

1. Put your music player (iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc etc etc) on shuffle.
2. For the first twenty-five songs that come up- and no cheating!- post the first line of the song.
3. If the title of the song comes up in the line, you have two options: you may replace the title with (song title here) or, if that would make it too obvious, you may skip the song. This is the only time you should skip a song! Skipping embarassing 90s pop songs takes the fun out of it, guys.
4. Let your friends guess the songs.

Clicky to play! )


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