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Stole this Seven Lines meme from [livejournal.com profile] kristen999, and like her I wasn't tagged, I was just like, "COOL, I TOTALLY HAVE AT LEAST ONE WIP THAT IS AT LEAST SEVEN PAGES LONG, SIGN ME UP."

Go to page seven (or seventy-seven) of your WIP and select seven lines to post. Then you tag seven other people to play.

I have three fics that qualify; this is from my MCU/X-Men crossover in which Charles Xavier and Tony Stark are young scientists with important roles in Project Rebirth during WWII and are also bisexual bffs. I will probably never finish this, sob. But I'm trying!

~ ~ ~

Tony threw his hands up in disgust. “Okay, that's it,” he declared, shoving Charles towards the door and ignoring his half-hearted protests, “I'm calling a time-out, you and I are going out on the town—” he wrinkled his nose, “—Correction, you are taking a shower, then you and I are going out on the town, we'll go to the Expo, it'll be fun, we'll eat some cotton candy and teach some pretty girls how to dance and then you're going to sleep for about eighteen hours, okay?”

“This seems like a good time to remind you of all the times you refused to let me drag you from the lab—”

“Shut up. Hypocrisy is the very best medicine.”

“What does that even mean?” Charles rubbed at his tired eyes and blinked at the blurry hallways Tony was steering him through. “...What Expo is this you're talking about?”

“Oh my God,” said Tony.

~ ~ ~

That's probably seven-ish.

I'm... not even gonna bother tagging anyone specific, because I'm a rebel and I hate rules. If you have a WIP with at least 7 pages and think this looks nifty, assume I've tagged you!
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Tonight was a Big Island Jazz & Blues Association event, at which there was great dancing, excellent music, and fabulous spoken-word poetry. And then I went to see the X-Men period piece X-Men: First Class. I'd had two glasses of wine at the jazz thing so I was maybe a tiny bit drunk at the start of the movie, haha.

The movie, by the way, was AMAZING~!! And I swear that's not just the alcohol talking. The film did a great job at connecting with the audience; there were a lot of moments where we all laughed or groaned or cheered or clapped together (probably helped that there were clearly so many nerds in the audience, but even so). Lots of great references to the greater X-Men continuity. Fassbender (sexy, sexy Fassbender) did a brilliant job with Magneto, and when he had the helmet on he even looked like a younger Sir Ian McKellan. And let me just say, there was a lot of sexy in this movie. I mean, James McAvoy is hardly rough on the eyes, and that delicious accent ain't hard on the ears either. Lucas Till? Pretty. Nicholas Hoult? ADORBS. Álex González? So sexy. Caleb Landry Jones? OMG YES PLEASE I WANT ONE PLEASE CAN I CAN I?

Baconface Kevin Bacon did a good job of being evil. Logan cameo was awesome and hilarious. The end credits were full of SCIENCE and awesome music. And how funny is it that Emma Frost was played by a chick named January?

In other news, I can smell the slashers coming. Like, holy crap, don't even make them work for it, Mr. Vaughn. XD; Xavier/Magneto, obviously, although I can totally see there being a tiny but diehard group of Havoc/Darwin slashers.



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