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So, I failed out of mini-wrimo pretty quickly. When I signed up in October, I didn't know I was about to jump back into RPing, and my new game started on the same day and... yeah, I've basically had no interest in anything else. And technically it's writing, I'm writing so much every day in the game, but... RPing is not what I need help with. Mini-wrimo is supposed to help me with my prose fiction projects, and it's not doing that for me this year. I can't even bring myself to care, because oh my god this game is too much fun, why do anything else, ANYTHING. ELSE.

In RL stuff, beginning of the month was also my second anniversary with Forrest. We did a nice little day trip to Makalawena, which is a GORGEOUS but hard to get to beach in Kona. The following weekend we had a little getaway to a cabin in Kalopa State Park.

Last weekend was crazy busy with dancing, climaxing with THE Glenn Miller Orchestra and all of us Hep Cats showing up in force to teach and perform and be awesome on the dance floor. I got all dolled up in my new red dress and did my hairs and make-up all period and wore my cute vintage-style dance shoes and felt SO FABULOUS. Look! (I'm on the left.) And look again!

Again, mostly my energies have been wrapped up in Snowblind. I am having hella fun, these people are my people, by which I mean TERRIBLE PEOPLE, I've never felt so warmly welcomed so quickly in a game, and I'm constantly crying laughing in the Snowblind plurks, everything is shame boners and severed toes and how many snowbos can we cram into the shower at once, and also how can I murder my character today?

Today what had me crying laughing was this plurk thread; I've filed all the serial numbers off and done some minor editing and I hope they don't mind me reposting this without permission, but.

Honestly, this needs to be saved for posterity. )

So anyway, that's my life lately. What up, nerds?
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So, how excited are we about Legend of Korra? Please estimate to the closest power of 'fucking very'. Just watched the free pre-release on iTunes today. THE ART. SO VERY GUH. And Pro Bending? Yeah. Coolest sport I will never be able to play since Quidditch. I do expect, however, to be continually distracted by Evil!Spike Spiegel, omg.

So anyway, HAPPY ANGELA'S BIRTHDAY WEEKEND Y'ALL~! And also that Easter thing. Both of these things are actually kind of getting sidelined for me this weekend, in favor of Marcus and Baerbl's 10th anniversary Hilo swing workshop. I plan to spend my birthday in Balboa classes. And then packing for the field.

But next weekend, when I actually have time for this birthday nonsense... Avatar: The Last Airbender marathon, aww yiss~. It will be a MASSIVE PARTY with me and my friend Eric... and maybe even other people, if we can find anyone else interested in Avatar. This island is definitely suffering a nerd vacuum, it's very sad. ...You're all invited, btw. IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO BUY AN AIRPLANE TICKET AND COME JOIN US.

Or you can help me construct my Avatar 'Take A Shot When' Drinking Game. So far I have:
-Sokka uses sarcasm
-Sokka food gag
-Aang attempts to get it with Katara
-Aang goes into Avatar state
-Zuko throws a tantrum
-Iroh food gag
-Iroh does something unspeakably badass
-Sokka does something unspeakably badass
-Cabbage Guy
-Foaming-at-the-Mouth Guy
-Another Avatar
-Soonghi horn
-Blind jokes
-Iroh says 'tea'
-White lotus
-Specialty bending (lightning, metal, plant, blood)
-Aang dons ridiculous disguise
-Katara acquires boyfriend
-Sokka acquires girlfriend

What else needs to be on the list?! HELP ME OUT HERE GUYS.
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So this is really ill-advised, because I am SO TIRED OMG and I need to make a good impression tomorrow. But.

Okay so first of all work last Thursday was super fun, they set us interns loose in an area I've never been before, some patches of dry forest on the Hōlei Pali, where we scrambled around on sharp, precarious ‘a‘a flows (redundant) on a very steep slope, collecting tissue from a rare plant for a genetics project and seed-collecting. It was a really cool area with a really neat plant community and FANTASTIC views of the coastal plains. If I ever have time to, like, take two breaths I will maybe post pictures.

Friday morning I went to Maui Party, and. I just. Oh my god. SOME OF THE BEST FUN I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE. )

...Anyway, I need to be ASLEEP, I've gotta be up in... less than five hours, now, because I am going up to Hakalau for a couple days after all, to learn how to put up mist nets and handle tiny birdies and take their blood. And then Thursday will be my last day with NPS, and then I somehow got roped into teaching the Blues mini-lesson at the Lounge, and Thomas and Joaquin from Maui Party are expected to show up which is AWESOME because Thomas was one of my very favorite dance partners and vice-versa; both of them, really, are amazing leads, and. Friday night is Jazz Mele at the Hilo Town Tavern, and Saturday night is Island Swing Orchestra at the Elk's Lodge, and my new internship starts on Monday and I really can't think about the rest of the month yet, it's just too exhausting OH GOD WHAT IS MY LIFE.

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I really don't have time for this, but if not now, NEVER. So, a super-quick drive-by update, just in case any of you have been wondering where the hell I've been for the last week or so.

-Thursday and Friday I went camping for work at Pepeiao Cabin with my boss Mark and my Canadian volunteer comrade-in-arms Caitlin. We tromped around in the Ka‘u Desert for a couple of days through what used to be native shrubland but is now largely alien grassland, checking up on outplants that were put in after a fire some years ago. It was fun! Mark and Caitlin are both great company, and Mark's a fantastic cook, and Caitlin brought a bottle of Jack, and I got to see some cool endemics that I'd never seen/heard of before, and the stars were pretty at night, and it was awesome.


-Here watch a cute video about seal cuddles:

Seal meets girl. Seal falls in love with girl. The end. from Bob Dobalina on Vimeo.


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Sooo, what have I been up to recently besides feeling like I've been punched in the face? A LOT. I shall attempt to be brief.

-The Embalmer's Ball! Friday before Halloween, awesome live music, nice dance floor, quality pupus, pirate theme!

-Went to another Halloween party the next night with the folk dance crew, had a good time but ducked out early to hang with Eric and Micah and Kira (high school friends). We drove all the way to Waikoloa to catch happy hour at Sansei's, this awesome sushi bar. Everything on the menu was half-off, and everything was delicious, and the waitress took awesome care of us and the chef made us dessert even though he usually doesn't, and it was fried ice cream and it was DELICIOUS. And then we drove to Hapuna and lay on our backs in the sand and watched the stars and the meteors and talked about movies and Micah fell asleep and the rest of us went skipping up and down the beach, and then we got back in the car and Eric opened the sunroof and drove the back roads while we stood with the wind in our faces. Didn't get home until after three in the morning, but it was so worth it.

-On Halloween went to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show for the very first time; had a lot of fun and of course Tim Curry is always sexy even/especially in drag, but all in all I think The Room is a more hilarious experience. Or maybe it's just that I'm usually drunk for that one.

-Was sick for a few days. It was sucky and lame.

-Had the most awesome day at work EVER last week Thursday. It was almost the most boringest day ever. Everyone else in the team was off in Ola‘a or Kahuku and it was just going to be me and Laurèen doing koa processing all day. This means eight hours of sitting in one spot, peeling open koa pods and stripping out the seeds. I remembered to bring my iPod and speakers, so that was a good start. And we're sitting there and we're telling each other, "Hey, we could go to the volunteer house and watch movies, that would be okay, right? It doesn't matter where we do the work so long as we do it, right? Maybe?" And then boss-lady Sierra walks by and says, "Hey girls, you should go to the volunteer house and watch movies!" and we were like, "WOW SIERRA WHAT A GREAT IDEA." And then my iPod died, so we went to the volunteer house and watched movies. And we sat in big squishy armchairs and drank tea and there were KITTENS and we watched Spirited Away, Top Gun, and Aladdin and it was the BEST DAY AT WORK EVER.

Continued under the cut: epic adventuring, downtown dance parties, boys boys boys (okay just one), recs for fun and profit, and PICSPAM OUT THE YINGYANG. )
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Chris and Campbell are gone. *sigh* They'll be on Maui by now. ...I think I'm experiencing withdrawal. It feels weird to miss people you've only known for a few days, but there you go. (If I'm honest, I miss Chris more than Campbell; not that I don't love Campbell– I do, she's fabulous– but Chris is my Texas clone. Even if he doesn't like coconut. Or mushrooms. Weird.) This isn't the first time this has happened, though; both times Andrew Sutton visited when I was here, there seemed to be a hole in my life when he left a few days later.

How does the Swing/Blues scene churn out such amazing, wonderful, awesome people? And why don't more of them live in Hilo? (Not that I don't love our awesome Hilo scenesters, but. THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM FOR MORE AWESOME.)

Although... when we were out to dinner last night at Café Pesto (still my very favorite, Café Pesto you are the restaurant of my heeeeaaarrrttt!), Chris and Campbell started asking us pointed questions about Hilo real estate prices, and then admitted they were maybe sort of a little bit kind of seriously thinking about getting a house out here. At which point Mom and I were like, YES PLEASE, BY ALL MEANS, WE THINK THAT WOULD BE A REALLY REALLY GOOD IDEA, YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GO FOR IT! :DDD

For serious, how awesome would it be if we could dance with them/hang out with them all the time? DO WANT.
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It's two in the morning and tomorrow's going to be a looooong day, so I will be brief.

Chris and Campbell spent the day at the Orchid Show and the Panaewa Rainforest Zoo & Gardens; I spent the day bloodying myself on sharp lava in Southwest Kahuku. ...Well, okay, there was only a little blood. And afterwards we stopped at Punalu‘u Bakery (the Southernmost Bakery in the United States!) and sampled their sweetbread, and I bought pineapple ice cream, iced Ka‘u coffee (I can vouch for Ka‘u coffee, it is FANTASTIC), kukui nut oil chapstick, and organic dark chocolate with pineapple, lime, curry, and KAVA in it. So, yes, I have now consumed kava. (How has it taken me 25 years of living in Hawai‘i to do so?)

After work I abruptly abducted my French coworker Laurèen; she'll be staying with us all weekend. She took one of the Blues classes this evening; had a blast. Then she, Chris, Campbell, Mom, and I piled into a rental car (the Previa's brakes are on the fritz) and drove up to Hale Pohaku, the astronomy dorms and visitor center at 9000 feet up Mauna Kea. We wrapped ourselves in fleece and down and wool and drank hot apple cider and hot chocolate, and climbed to the top of a nearby cinder cone to stargaze, forming a ring with our heads on each other's stomachs. We had a stunning view of Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, and Hualalai in the moonlight, and the eruption was visible as an orange glow on the horizon. The moon sank into the vog and turned yellow, then red, and then the stars really came out. We identified a few constellations (and made up a few of our own– The Chris Dipper and The Skunk are favorites), and saw about a gazillion and a half meteors. Many of them had trails and were green or red in color; we would sometimes see several a minute, sometimes even three in ten seconds. We started to get cold/get tired/have to pee, and we left a little after midnight with Jupiter rising in the east.

Tomorrow: Hilo Farmer's Market, full afternoon of Blues classes, dance party at Don's.

Tonight: Not enough sleep.


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