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Because all the cool kids are doing it.

I write. It's fun. This is a complete collection of Angela's Fan and Original Fiction: The Livejournal Years. Works are organized alphabetically by fandom (with Original at the bottom), then chronologically in the order I wrote them.

All fanfiction works on this list are also available at Archive of Our Own.

(If you're looking for hilarity, my older fanfiction in the fandoms of Fushigi Yuugi, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and Yu-Gi-Oh are on my very ancient FanFiction.Net account.)

Transformative Works Policy: Dude, if anyone would ever actually like to create fanart, podfic, translations, other fanfic written in a universe I've created, or any other type of fanwork based on my work, FREAKING GO FOR IT. Just please: a) let me know, so I can LOVE YOU, and b) credit me wherever it's posted, thanks; it's, you know, polite and morally sound, etc.

DC Multiverse (Batfamily) )

DC Multiverse (Other) )

Hawaii Five-0 )

Marvel Cinematic Universe )

Metanoia )

Multifandom )

Original Fiction )
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Three Sentence Ficathon 2013-2014
Fandoms: Marvel/MCU/Agents of SHIELD, DCU, White Collar, Firefly, Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: Sif, Thor, Phil Coulson, Melinda May, Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Dick Grayson, Neal Caffrey, Zoë Washburne, River Song; Tony/Pepper, Steve/Tony, Steve/Bucky, Dick/Neal, Zoë/River.
Rating: PG-13/T
Word Count: 1029
Summary: A multi-fandom collection of three-sentence fics in response to community prompts, written for [livejournal.com profile] caramelsilver's Three Sentence Ficathon.
Warnings: A swear word? Innuendo?
Disclaimer: Named characters and certain plot elements in this collection are © A WHOLE LOT OF BIG CORPORATE ENTITIES I'm not going to list all of them so there. ...All content is fictional and for entertainment purposes only, not for profit.

Notes: Heeeeeeeeyyy I wrote these months ago, figured I should share them. Prompts in italics.

This collection also available on AO3.

The tiniest of fanfic candies, like Tic Tacs. Fic Tacs, even. )
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So [livejournal.com profile] drownedcities directed me to this: I Am the Doctor dubstep remix. IT IS SO AWESOME YOU GUYS. I CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO IT. ALL DAY LISTENING TO IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

Also I'm fairly sure that this track proves conclusively that the TARDIS invented dubstep. AWH YEAH DJ TARDIS, DROPPING MAD BEATS ALL ACROSS THE KNOWN UNIVERSE.
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I'm back! Sort of. It's definitely going to be a busy few days of holiday shenanigans with friends and family, but I'll at least occasionally be checking in.

O'ahu was awesome, as usual. I actually got to hang out with Maile, which, oh my god, it's been a few years. And I got to spend some time with Jen and Adam and Tommy, too, and stay up to 3 a.m. drinking Scotch and losing all my money at poker. So that was fun.

Mostly I hung out with family a lot and ate alarming amounts of food and set some stuff on fire (okay, mostly just wood, in a fireplace...and candles) and opened presents, and I bonded with an adorable teenager over Doctor Who and other nerdy things. And there was, of course, the requisite afternoon of hanging out in Pauoa with the Nerf arsenal shooting range and ping pong tournament (I think I've established myself fairly securely as the worst ping pong player in the family, although I didn't get a chance to prove myself against Nova). Aside from all of that it was a lot of quietly lounging around Granny's house, reading National Geographic and writing.


Last night Mom and I got home in time to have a light dinner and open presents with Alex (the bro, not the bf... this is just always going to be awkward) and Nova. I ended up with SO MUCH FOOD I can't even (mostly candy), and Alex and Nova got me a new camera, because they love me. I also opened the packages from [livejournal.com profile] look_alive and [livejournal.com profile] platoapproved... [livejournal.com profile] platoapproved sent me lollipops and Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro and a mix CD I haven't had time to listen to yet and a whole pile of Batman swag– tiny notepads! Bat symbol bracelets! foam Batarangs!– because she loves me, and [livejournal.com profile] look_alive sent me OMG AMAZING DELICIOUS homemade caramel and toffee and a whole pile of Trader Joe's swag (LEMUR TEEEEEEEAAAA~!! :D) and a Patrick Stump tuxedo shirt, because omg she loves me.


Oh and I watched the Doctor Who Christmas episode last night. I was going to flail about it immediately, but there was a random blackout at, like, one in the morning that cut off my wireless signal, so I was forced to go to sleep, woe. Squee and spoilers under the cut.

Spaceman angel with his head on backwards! )
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Hope all the Americans on my Flist had a nice Thanksgiving weekend (and for everyone else, hope you had nice weekends, too, and lots of wonderful things to be thankful for).

So, let's think about things we're thankful for. For instance, I am thankful for the Internet. The Internet is a wonderful fucking place, and I for one am not pleased by the U.S. Congress trying to ruin my Internet. Y'all have heard about SOPA/PIPA by now, right? No?

Allow me to 'splain (mostly with copypasta from my friends because it's more efficient than trying to reword everything ^_^;;). )

We need to kill these noxious bills. So do what you can. Spread the word. Contact your member of Congress or Senator. And/or join Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) in his epic plan to stop it. In signing this petition, not only are you saying you want it stopped, but Wyden will read off every name on this list in one of the greatest filibusters ever, should SOPA come up to a vote. So if you have, like, five seconds (I know you do, if you're reading this!) go sign your name on the link above. If you have slightly more than five seconds, please edit the text in the blue box to come up with your own unique statement as to why you want SOPA blocked. This is important as in government petitions, names that post the same exact copypasta statement are all counted as a single comment, while unique comments are counted separately. While posting with the copypasta will get your name on the filibuster, including a unique statement will do even more good than that.

...Right, so that's your PSA for the day. Under the cut: all of the food, climbing 2200 foot cliffs for fun, a very Doctory holiday season, and the I'm A Time Lord! meme. )
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Just watched Doctor Who finale. Not much I can say, because, spoilers. But two things:

- WOW basically I was wrong about EVERYTHING, EVER, nothing happened like I predicted, but basically that is because Moffat CHEATS.

- Wat. WAT. ...WAT.

That is all.

...No okay three things: the answer had better be a damned good one.


The end.
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Okay, so we just had an entire episode of Matt Smith kissing a baby, and now, if I'm not mistaken, we get an entire episode of Matt Smith wearing a Stetson. Were we all really really really really excellent in our past lives or something, to deserve this?
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"The God Complex"/Hotel of Leaves/Cube/Edward's Maze/The Best Dressing Room Ever not only lived up to my high and hopeful expectations, but surpassed them. Replacing the minotaur with Pyramid Head would only have improved things, yes?


-Room number eleven! :D

-MATT SMIF'S FACE! TT_TT God, break my motherfucking heart, Smif.

-But but but PONDSES! DDD:

I am excited for Craig. ^_^
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So, Super 8? Super GREAT! *rimshot!*

No seriously this movie was awesome. Speaking of fucking charming. The scary parts were the right kind of scary, and the funny parts had the whole audience laughing helplessly. Good script, good directing, good acting, ADORABLE KIDS. No seriously where did they get these kids, they should give them all Oscars. Did I mention the good acting?

The movie was a fun mystery; I had a great time trying to piece things together as it went along. As a period piece it was charming; there were all of these little nods to the time period that were like, "LOL GUYS CHECK IT OUT IT'S 1979, ISN'T IT HILARIOUS?!" Although I am seriously starting to think "My Sharona" is stalking me today. Can we make "My Sharona" today's official theme song? Okay? Yes. It's official.

Favorite moment:
"He's too stoned!"

Do stay for the credits, oh my god.

...You know, this movie is kind of exactly what I should have expected, considering SPOILERS. Mild and very brief spoilers, but stay out if you'd rather go into the movie with nothing more than the trailer gave you. )

Tell you what, though, if I see people slashing Charles and Martin I am going to stab my eyes out.

...So anyway. That happened. And then I got home and put on a pair of pink polka-dot pants and ate an organic vegetable-pie pocket sandwich and blue jello, and watched Doctor Who. So that was fabulous. And I mean, like, really fabulous. THAT EPISODE. SO AMAZING. And I was starting to worry, too, with the second half of the season starting off with two thoroughly mediocre episodes. And next week: "The God Complex"! I am excite! (Everyone saw the trailer for "The God Complex" back in July, right?) I hope it's as good as I want it to be. I can't stop thinking of it as the House. I mean– minotaur! Dude raving in decidedly Johnny Truant manner! As I have commented before, I will be disappointed if the episode doesn't start playing upside-down or sideways or backwards or in Braïlle, even if I have no idea how that would work.
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So I have a whole pile of completely unrelated stuff to post about, and rather than spam you all with, like, eight different posts, I'm just going to cram things haphazardly into this one. It's going to be incredibly schizophrenic. ...Time to make a list!

-Fic rec! Found Where the Light Drowns by [livejournal.com profile] odditycollector. It's 1600 words of Batfic, Tim POV, but uh... even if you're not into Batfandom, maybe consider reading it anyway? All you need to know is Tim Drake is one of a series of Robins to Bruce Wayne's Batman, and his parents, like Bruce's and like most Robins, are dead. Anyway. This fic. It's beautiful and strange and takes the Batman mythos in an interesting direction. I kind of love it.

-Fic rec! Apple Seeds by [livejournal.com profile] pprfaith. 3700 words of X-Men: First Class fic, may be a little bit triggery (read the warnings) but... oh my god, so beautiful. And it made me think. And it made me see Charles in a completely different way. And it made me hurt a little. My heart is for serious broken now guys, and I completely love it. The insight in this piece... just, GUH. Read it already, what are you waiting for.

-...! Idk, does this count as a meme? The Geek Zodiac; I am Year of the Alien, what are you?

-Doctor Who! So there was that episode this evening. Um. I have such completely mixed feelings about it, I can't quite process. On the one hand, A LOT OF GREAT STUFF. On the other hand... too much stuff crammed into one episode? On the gripping hand... kind of poorly written, I thought; was surprised it was one of Moff's, although considering hand number one I guess I shouldn't have been. ...Basically nothing in the ep went at all like I would have predicted. And. The thing I want to say about Hitler which is kind of a spoiler. Fuck. EVERYTHING IS SPOILERS.

-H50 Season 2 trailer! )

-Video rec! )

-The icon meme! )

-That's it there is nothing else! I was going to post pictures and words pertaining to today's horseback riding adventure, but that's going to have to wait because I am LE TIRED.
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The brother and his sort-of-fiancée, sort-of-already-wife have arrived, meaning this is the official start of the mass chaos festivities! Today everyone who's already on the island is having a potluck bbq at Hapuna (widely considered to be the best beach on the island). Ohmigod beeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaccchhh~!! :DD ...Would you believe, I've been home two months, I live ten minutes away from the ocean, and I've not actually been to the beach? I mean, technically I've been to the shore several times, but I've not actually put on a swimsuit and got into the water yet. I know, right, what is wrong with me? What is wrong with me is I am very busy and I don't have anyone to hang out with aside from my mother.

In other news, I've been getting my mom all caught up in Doctor Who, which has been very useful... doing a proper rewatch of this and last season is helping me remember everything and get all of my facts and clues in orderly, well-labeled brain boxes. For instance, I was reminded that Spoilers through 'Day of the Moon' and my own theories. )

Moving on to the next fandom. NEW THEORY! Could it be possible that Danny finds Steve so attractive because he looks a little like Bruce Springsteen used to?

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I present to you Exhibits A and B. )

P.S. THIS MUSIC VIDEO, OMG. I think The Black Keys are my new favorite people. I love me a band that makes awesome music and doesn't take themselves too seriously. By which I mean not seriously at all, in any way. ♥

[Error: unknown template video]
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SO MUCH GAY and things that are massive spoilers. )

In other news I was watching Who with Mom last night (we've started season five! :D) and it occurred to me that the Doctor Who theme and the X-Files theme could be mixed together quite nicely. Just think about it: BA-DA-BA-BUMP BA-DA-BA-BUMP BA-DA-BA-BUMP BA-DA-BA-BUMP, do-do-do-do-do-dooooo~!
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Regarding events in "The Almost People" and the rest of this season of Doctor Who: this never happens and I feel extremely proud of myself... I HAVE A THEORY, and IT'S ONE I CAME UP WITH ENTIRELY BY MYSELF. ...Well, okay, TWO theories, but ONE of them I came up with entirely by myself. Furthermore, I've not seen anyone else postulate this second theory anywhere else... granted, I don't really travel in the main Who circles.

I... I think it's rather a good theory, actually; I'm really quite excited about it.

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Okay, so I just watched the new Doctor Who and JESUS FUCK!


If you've sent me an email or a text or a comment or a PM... yes, I've seen it, I am aware, I will get to it... um, soon. Yes. ...I AM LE TIRED.

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ETA: Spoilers in the comments, in case some of us haven't seen this yet, *COUGH*[livejournal.com profile] sirona_gs*COUGH*. ...Seriously, stay far, far away, spoilers are baaaaaaaad.
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This week's Doctor Who.

I think it might be the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Neil Gaiman.

Neil Gaiman I love you.


I will love you forever.

Thank you.



I just.

There's no topping that.

My opinion: that was the best episode of Doctor Who that has ever been written in forty-eight years.
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Good gods but I love air travel. Give me some wings and a clear day over crumpled topography and I am happy as a clam.

By all rights I should be unconscious... I had a night of four hours of sleep followed by a night of no sleep and an eternity of hauling heavy boxes down flights of stairs. When I got to the airport for my flight to Los Angeles I was more living dead than lively. But it seems a fifteen minute nap at the gate–serenaded by Pachelbel's Canon in D picked out on a red Gibson, accompanied by a chorus of ululating adolescent murmurings in Thai and dreams of an American Disneyland vacation–was enough to revive me, at least for a few hours.

I got a left window seat, which was brilliant; my favorite Oregon places were laid out like a map before my eyes. As the plane climbed the air layers I was given a sweeping view of the entirety of Portland in all its cheerful glory, towers and bridges and hills, forested parks and two great rivers. I caught the very edge of Sauvie Island as the airplane completed its spiral and swept southwards.

Cut for excessive use of purple prose. )

The flight to Honolulu was uneventful. I slept through all of it. And Uncle Gary picked me up and I hung out with him and Auntie Susan and Cousin Darian, and we played old rock songs with an electric guitar and ‘ukuleles, and then, because my timing is BEAUTIFUL and I've arrived in Hawaii in the middle of the Merrie Monarch Festival, we sat and watched the Merrie Monarch hula competition on the television LIKE I HAVEN'T DONE IN YEARS, and I ate fried noodles and ohmigaaaaawd. T_T And then my friend Adam came to pick me up.

GUYS. GUYS. YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THE STORY HE TOLD ME. He works for this audio-visual company that operates out of a local hotel, and a couple of Hawaii Five-0 episodes have been filmed there. And so, after the P. Diddy episode, the cast were hanging out in the hotel club getting trashed, and Adam was up in the booth doing sound, and P. Diddy came up into the booth and started DJing, and then P. DIDDY AND GRACE PARK STARTED MAKING OUT, LIKE, PRACTICALLY ON TOP OF MY FRIEND, like seriously, he had to try to edge away, it was really awkward.


And now I've seen my Doctor Who, so I can FINALLY GO TO SLEEP, OH MY GOD.
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Okay, so, I can't take credit for any of this at all (my one contribution to Who conspiracy-theory is the flash of the blue sphere in The Eleventh Hour, and I'm starting to think that's not going anywhere), but I did some stalkery lurking in the journal of a friend of a friend and I'm really excited by it now. I feel kind of stupid too because most of the scenes that have been picked out, I noticed something odd but didn't think to go beyond that, to picking them apart and thinking why they were odd and whether they might be significant... and seriously, I've watched each episode at least twice! I'm just no good at this analytical stuff. But I'm convinced now. There's a lot more going on in between the lines. :DD

Not spoilers, really, just conjecture... pointing out a lot of probably significant stuff that you may have missed. Don't click if you'd prefer to wait for Moffat to spell it all out for you later in the season. Do click if you'd like to join me in excited bouncing. )

...*bouncy bounce bounce bounce* :DDD

In other news, speaking of complex plots I would like to unravel, why White Collar season finale horrible cliffhanger WHY. July cannot come fast enough. *fidget flail foam-at-the-mouth*


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