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DC, a question for you.

This pertains to the previously mentioned SPOILERIEST SPOILERS THAT HAVE EVER SPOILED, please see previous post for details. )
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Sorry LJ, I just needed a safe place to CURL INTO A BALL AND CRY FOREVER. T_______T. BECAUSE DC IS A DICK AND I HATE THEM, WAH.


MASSIVE FUCKING SPOILER UNDER THE CUT. If you've seen big news from DC recently about upcoming events in Batman, Inc., and it's REALLY BIG NEWS, THE BIGGEST EVER, and if it's the kind of news that would make me CRY FOREVER, then you've already seen this spoiler, please do come cry with me. )
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Okay, so, there's this AMAZING website called Myths RETOLD (bettermyths.com) where this dude Ovid retells all our favorite myths in Bro-speak, and it is FUCKING HILARIOUS. If you are not already aware of the fabulousness that is this site, get ye over there right away. It's got everything you could possibly want and more: Greek myths, Norse myths, Hindu myths, African myths, Arabian myths, EVERYTHING. Including more contemporary mythology, certain films and novels and so forth that fall into a mythical format. Also, American superheroes.

...You know I can't actually resist that, right? So I will share with you the origin stories of Superman, Batman, and Spiderman, as told by Ovid. Read them, BUST A GUT LAUGHING, and go check out the other myths, you will not regret this, I promise.

"What if Superman was a Nazi"

"Batman is Gifted at Crimefighting, Not so Great at Names"

"Spiderman: Like Batman, but for Spiders"

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HOW DID I NOT KNOW THAT THERE IS A COMIC BOOK STORE IN HILO UNTIL THIS MORNING?? I was busy complaining to someone that we didn't have one, and I thought WAIT BUT WHAT IF WE DO? As is my custom I turned immediately to the internet, and LO! A COMIC BOOK STORE.

It's even in a part of town that I know very well, so... d'ohh! To be fair, though, it's not really visible from the street. On the other hand I am now remembering I've actually been in there, once, back in high school. D'OHH! ...But my friends took me there in the middle of the night and I don't think I saw the actual store part, just a back room full of gamer nerds, so I think if I had any inkling whatsoever that this place was an actual store where you could actually buy actual things, I must've thought it was a gaming store.

COMIC BOOK STORES I MISS YOOOOOOUUUU~! ...When next I'm killing time downtown, I'll have to check this place out!

...In other news, as expected I ran out of data entry within, like, an hour. I reorganized the storage closet and fixed some bird bags for the rest of the morning, then spent all afternoon doing net repair. This is pretty much all I have to look forward to on the days I don't go out in the field with Mark Kapono. Although I went and had a chat with Mark Wasser and I think I'mma get to go surveying down in KW for a few days, so yay! ...Kinda hoping Mark Kapono won't need me on Monday, because I'd love to catch part of the Vitousek talks.

...Okay, break's over... must find a sort of half hour sized job to occupy me until I can go home.
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Article on io9: "DC plans to bring a prominent character out of the closet".


...Okay I swear I'm packing things now.

ETA: Of course, because I live in a hole (in the woods), and also I don't really pay attention to Marvel anyway, I missed this last month: "X-Men Gay Wedding: Northstar To Marry Boyfriend".

...I am packing, shut up.
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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] apple_pathways:

For all you comic nerds on my Flist. And everyone else, too. We don't like to discriminate.

I would dearly love to see an Apokolips holiday "celebration" of Anti-Life. WORST HOLIDAY EVER. ...Also I find it interesting that we have three heroes from Marvel and one bad guy, one of the worst villains ever, of all time, from DC. WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY HERE, GUYS?

So what's new in my life.

Adorable Southern Boy Update (it will be a hilarious day when he discovers my Livejournal and finds out this is how I refer to him): Alex and I went on a Sexy Beach Date on Saturday. There were sea turtles, it didn't even rain on us, and I learned how to stand on a paddleboard. Alex was impressed by my mad not-falling-off skills... I fell off three times, and then I didn't fall off again. (Years of walking on railings at the peril of my elementary school administrators' frowny faces pays off!) Next stop: surfing! (Maybe.)

CHALLENGE: Kiss someone seated behind you without toppling both of you off of the paddleboard and into the sea. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. SUCCESS!

Later that evening he played with the Island Swing Band and I danced, and when the canned music came on at intermission we danced a little, and then I bought him a drink. After the party I was talking to James and Andolie and they were like, "That keyboardist is incredible! Who is he? Do you know him? We think they should have featured him more, he's fantastic!" I got to pass on their comments to Alex and he got all aw shucks embarrassed. It was cute. ^_^

And then this guy wanted to know more about our swing club and he gave Mom his card, and she was like, "...Wait a minute, I already have this card," and he turned out to be Rodger, our pilot from our Blue Hawaiian helicopter tour. The one where Mom and I ran the tour ourselves, and Rodger asked us to please please please contact him later so he could take notes. SO THAT WAS A HILARIOUS COINCIDENCE.

Alex and I will see each other again on Friday night when he plays for Jazz Mele, and we have vague plans for me to show him the good hiking trails in the National Park at some point over the weekend.

...Okay so what else. It's Thanksgiving week, which means today Maintenance brought in a backhoe and dug a GIGANTIC PIT behind our greenhouses for use as an imu. Tomorrow afternoon we're loading it up with about ten metric shit-tons of food, and Wednesday we'll take all the food out and have an awesome Thanksgiving potluck. For my contribution to the imu I cut up a breadfruit and an Okinawan sweet potato, put the pieces in a pan, and dumped a can of coconut milk over it; I have no idea what will happen but I imagine it will be DELICIOUS.

Finally, trailers. )

Okay, that is all, I am very tired, goodbye now.
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Sooooo, what do we think of the "DCU reboot"? If you don't already know, in September they will be relaunching the DCU with new costumes, new origins, and new characters, and 52 titles restarting at issue #1.

Quotes of relevancy: "We really want to inject new life in our characters and line.... This was a chance to start, not at the beginning, but at a point where our characters are younger and the stories are being told for today's audience."

And, "[L]et me just reiterate this point: this is the launch of the New DCU. It is not a “reboot.” I think you will soon discover why that is."

That second statement is interesting. I guess we'll have to wait and see what exactly they mean by that. It makes me wonder if we're panicking overly much, but... I'm having trouble gelling it with the first statement. And you know, I get it, they have to do this occasionally, it's important... post-Crisis continuity is more relevant to me and my generation than the Golden Age stuff, and I enjoy it more... but it, too, will eventually become out-of-date. I just selfishly wish this wouldn't happen to me. I can't help but be worried, and feel like my heart is going to break more than a little. The current continuity has this long, rich history with so many characters... and there's just not going to be room for them all if we start "at a point where our characters are younger". What's going to happen to Steph? And Damian? And Cass and Tim and Jay? And characters like Colin Wilkes, who have such amazing potential that just hasn't been explored yet?

I just... I really don't know what to think. Apprehension is the word of the day.
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Oh my god. So I just caught up with Batman and Robin, and I cannot even describe to you the immensity of my glee. In issue 23, everyone's favorite red-headed stepchild is back, and dayum boy is fine. I have to say, Jason, the long red locks and facial hair are really working for me, for serious, never dye your hair again, babe, the ginge looks good on you. And you are a snarky bastard and hella smart and deadly as fuck and just pretty, okay, in an extremely manly sort of way, and you rock a killer smirk, and you're sitting in the prison yard reading Pride & Prejudice oh my god I fucking love you so much I can't even alskdjglakhdjsjfds.

Mad props to Guillem March and Andrei Bressan for the art in this one, although frankly neither of them should be allowed to draw children. Especially Mr. March, Jesus fuck, what have you done to Damian's face?
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Ayep, it's that time again... everyone's favorite holiday, National Angela Day! WHOO!! How will you celebrate? Champagne? Bonfires? Break-dance competition?

So I've hit the quarter-century mark, holy shit. I can do anything now! I can... rent a car! On top of voting, buying booze, all of that, I am basically set with everything I need. So... this is it, guys. I'm not getting any older. I am staying 25 forever.

Also, Happy Birthday to one of the BAMFest BAMFs who ever did BAMF: ALFRED MOTHERFUCKING PENNYWORTH! I found out a few weeks ago that he was born on April 8. Somehow I did not know this before. Somehow I did not realize that I shared my date of birth with the only person on the motherfucking planet who might actually be cooler than Batman. How have I lived? Man, from now on, me and Alfie are partying together EVERY YEAR, okay?

To celebrate the fact that Alfred is a BAMF having a birthday, I bring you these panels from Streets of Gotham #17:

Why yes, that is a young Alfred Pennyworth protecting Thomas Wayne, Martha Kane, and Leslie Thompkins by beating the everliving crap out of some mafia goons. Be still my heart~! )

In other news, Dar and I are watching the musical episode of Grey's Anatomy. ...SO AWKWARD. MAKE IT STOP. DDDD:
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Okay, so, Epic Adventuring Mega Post, I haven't done one of these in a while. GUYS, THIS ONE IS REALLY QUITE EPIC.

For the sake of recording the events of my life in chronological order, I should probably mention that on Thursday Kat Fischer PM'd me out of the blue. I didn't even know she had an LJ! And vice versa, apparently; she found me via my Faceblargh profile. Take note, people, this is the only acceptable use of Facebook: putting your contact info on your profile so your friends can find you in the places you actually hang out. ...If I understood her correctly, she's just finished one job and is getting ready to move on to another, and in the meantime she's roadtripping around the country. SO JEALOUS. I think she's in Walla Walla right now, unless she's moved on already. ...Anyway, she drove into Portland on Thursday night and Dar and I met her for dinner at a sushi train place and then the three of us poked around Powell's. So that was nice. Whitties on my Flist, Kat says hi.

Under the cut: Drinking With Strangers on Trains, Dustin Nguyen is the Definition of Sweet, I Will Be Forced to Commit Seppuku After My Humiliation Before His Shinyness Bruce Timm, Mike Mignola Tells Funny Stories, DC is the Very Best and Also They Have Donuts, and Guys I Bought All of the Comics, Yes All of Them, Sorry There's None Left for You. )

...Guys, this past weekend was just the beginning. This is the start of my two month long non-stop party. Coming soon: Cory in Portland, Carrie in Portland, My Chemical Romance in Portland, Travie McCoy and Black Cards in Portland, Bright Eyes in Portland, Patrick Stump/Becca/assorted friends and family in the Bay Area, Jen and Adam in Honolulu, Angela's Triumphant Return to Hilo. Among other adventures. And somewhere in there I'll need to pack or sell all of my shit. Guys, I may never sleep again. :DDDD
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Two things.

The Adventures of Sexy Batman on "Hark! A Vagrant". Your liver might explode from laughter. Or you might curl into a quivering ball of terror. Or both.

The music video for "The City", Patrick Wolf's new song from his new album, soon to be released. Booming piano. Epic drums. A saxophone. A beach. The 1980s. Top of the morning!
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So I took a break from thinking about the symptoms associated with exposure to different concentrations of carbon dioxide. "Manta Rays" by Ludo was playing on my iPod, and I tried to think up a story that would go with it. Then I started thinking about Aquaman instead, and hey, I wonder if they'll make an Aquaman movie, seeing as they did one for Green Lantern. Ooh, or a Flash movie, that's what I wanna see WHOA WHOA WAIT A GOD DAMN MINUTE!

...Where the hell is our Wonder Woman movie?!

I'm wracking my brain to think of any movies at all featuring our lady superheroes, and the best I can come up with is... didn't Elektra have a movie?... and... Catwoman...? And that's using the term superhero veeerrry loosely. ...I feel like that shit don't even count.

Diana deserves her own movie. Wonder Woman has, by far, the biggest name recognition of any lady superhero ever; I mean, she's almost on-par with Batman, Superman, and Spiderman. She's certainly more famous than Green Lantern. And she's just so gods-damned fabulous, a strong, powerful feminist icon who is sexy without being trashy. So where's her movie?! FEMINIST RAAAAGE!!

...But do not despair, my friends in geekdom! I did some research and there is a Wonder Woman film in development! :DDDDDD It's had some fits and starts, but it looks like it might be closer to being a reality than the Aquaman, Flash, and Justice League films that are also in the works. (I have no idea how it measures up to the Nolan Superman project; I'm working off of gossip here.) We came this close to having Joss Whedon as a scriptwriter, which would've been AWESOME... but word is it's in the hands of David S. Goyer now, so I guess I can't complain (he was the writer for Nolan's Batman movies).

So... yay? DO WANT.

...And that has been your nerd report for the day. ^_^
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Just read Superman-Batman 77 and I am FILLED WITH GLEE. I truly cannot express the depths of my love for one Damian Wayne. The story was meh, but who cares? This comic is all about the banter.

Tomorrow I'm going to go see MAH LAUREN, YAAAAY!! There will be video marathons and a sleepover, and maybe we will catch her a birdie, and maybe we will go to a haunted house? WHO KNOWS? IT'S EXCITING.
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Okay, so. Just watched eps 2 and 3 of the new season of Supernatural. It really should've stopped with the last season, but I'm giving it a chance. And things are looking up! Dean's hunting again, yay. His reunion with the Metallicar was downright pornographic... TRY TO HAVE MORE EYE-SEX WITH YOUR CAR, DEAN. JUST TRY. Dean/Cas continues to write itself, recent events with Sam's car suggest that there really might be justice in the world, and the plot... hmmm. Either there are several plots going, or one really complicated plot that will tie together in some way that I don't understand yet. I'm actually kinda interested to see where this is all going. But it's definitely going.

In other news... I've done my usual thing where I sit at work and listen to my iPod and think about fandom stuff, and eventually I end up with a whole bunch of songs with fandom associations. I did it with Cowboy Bebop when I was rping Faye... now have the DCU version!

"Way Back Home" by Bob Crosby and the Bobcats - Tell me this doesn't remind you of the town of Smallville. Clark Kent totally grew up here.

"Big Girls Don't Cry (Personal)" by Fergie - Aside from the unfortunate references to "walking" and "baby steps" (TOO SOON! TOO SOON!!), this song is, imo, a perfect expression of Dick and Barbara's complicated relationship, from Barbara's pov, what with Babs holding him off at arm's length while she tries to get her emotional shit together. ...And she damn well better soon. OH EM GEE MY OH TEE PEEEEEEEEEE!!! T_T

Okay, this is where it starts getting complicated. And by "getting complicated" I mean "deviating from canon". We're delving into AU fanfic/headcanon territory here.

"Return" by OK Go - This is my anthem for Tim Drake and Connor Kent... if Kon hadn't come back from the dead. Which is a very fanfic sort of thing to happen, although I haven't written it and probably won't, as much as I love tragedy. And it is TRAGIC. *listens to song and SOBS*

"Angel" by Massive Attack - Y'all on my friends list should already know all about this, but it deserves a spot on this list. This used to be my tongue in cheek, el-oh-el wee!Tim Drake is Dick Grayson's creepy stalker, haha isn't it funny song. Now it belongs to scary!Timmy, and Tim can't have it anymore. Timmy doesn't really do "sharing". : \

"The Hero" by Ministry of Magic - *FACEPALM* This is so embarrassing. I almost didn't put it on the list, but. Bad enough this is Potter Rock... worse when I've taken Potter Rock and appropriated it for my own degenerate Teen Titans animated series AU/RP/headcanon purposes. The specific headcanon universe this pertains to is heavily inspired by my brief tenure at [livejournal.com profile] x_villainous_x. When I was in the game, the Joker had taken control of Gotham City, Batman was missing, and while there were a few other heroes and anti-heroes wandering around, essentially the Teen Titans, led by Robin, were the superhero presence in the city. And the Joker put a hefty bounty on them, so half the town was after them, and all of the Joker's bent cops, and... it was a bad time for the good people of Gotham. If I'd actually had time to rp, it would have been EPIC. ...Anyway, if you change a few lyrics in the song (and I do now, every time ^_^;;), it's a fantastic if embarrassingly sentimental GO ROBIN GO anthem for the situation, or some other situation in which Batman is missing and everyone knows it and Robin's really the only force for good when things are bad bad bad.
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Okay, so I was looking up Jason Todd on Wikipedia because I realized that I know very little about him in his Red Hood period (and that's just tragic), and I accidentally unintentionally stumbled across this bit of fabulous news that I somehow failed to hear about until now.

They're making an animated straight-to-DVD movie called Batman: Under the Red Hood. In which, Neil Patrick Harris voices Dick Grayson/Nightwing, and Jensen Ackles voices Red Hood.

How excited am I? SO FUCKING EXCITED OMG! Like seriously, since I found out this afternoon I have been in such a good mood, but also antsy and bouncy and flaily and twitchy and trying not to hyperventilate. SO. EXCITED.

The movie's set to release on July 27 WHICH IS NOT SOON ENOUGH IF YOU ASK ME.

In other news, I have really become a fan of the Red Robin series. Because I love Tim and his adorable little face and his adorable little brain to itty bitty tiny bits, and also the writing is great and the art is fantastic and omg exciting things are happening. This might be a comic I might actually have to read as it comes out. I just read RR 13 and am busy spazzflailing about that too. TIM DRAKE WHAT ARE YOU UP TO? And whose face was CONVENIENTLY hidden behind his head in that last panel? I WANNA KNOW!!! DAMN YOU DC YOU ARE ALL HORRIBLE PEOPLE!!

EDIT: OH I REMEMBER WHAT MY OTHER DC FANFLAIL WAS ABOUT! I already told probably the only person who cares in the comments, but even so. Somehow I forgot or maybe didn't know at all that Michael Fassbender is going to be in the Jonah Hex movie. WHOO FASSBENDER! So with him and Josh Brolin and John Malkovich in this movie there are some pretty good actors. Which should make up for my super-hot girlfriend Megan Fox being in it, too. Jonah Hex opens June 18, woohoo yay!

Finally, a meme. )
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Last night I dreamed the world ended. My dad became a tobacco farmer and there were monkeys everywhere. )

...Then my alarm went off, so that was the end of that nonsense.

Old news on [livejournal.com profile] dear_mun... THIS was the most amazing freaking crack, ohmigod. Um, spoilers for FMA manga? Maybe? I dunno that it spoils anything, so much as makes everything better. I dunno, I'm not caught up, and I just barely know enough to understand what's going on. BUT IT'S AMAZING. Also, for my own reference, Robin spoke with Kim from Deathproof, ahahaha amazing!! The conversation turned out to be much more entertaining than I thought it would be when Kim told Robin he could probably get stunt work. And then Robin spoke to Jason Todd (Miller!verse), which, yeah, is just about as awkward as you'd expect it to be.

I'm deeply obsessed with Top Gear (BEST. SHOW. EVER.), I'm madly in love with Richard Hammond, and guys, I want to share this with you, because it may be the best thing that's ever happened to me: html Comics, a free online library of over three hundred thousand comic books that at least claims, fairly convincingly I think, to be legal. TT_TT Oh my god you guys, this is seriously every comic ever. Although, they lag behind a bit on current publications, but who cares?! No more camping in Powell's for me! I'm reading my way through Teen Titans Go! right now, finally. Next on the agenda is finishing Fables, then... oh god, everything I can find with Deadpool in it I think, then every Batman comic ever, then... idefk, The Spirit?! Then EVERY COMIC EVER. ALL OF THEM. ALPHABETICALLY. ...James, bb, I love u. TTT_TTT

...Also, I really need a job. Like, I really do. ...But I don't waaaaaaaant one! T_T


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