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So, I failed out of mini-wrimo pretty quickly. When I signed up in October, I didn't know I was about to jump back into RPing, and my new game started on the same day and... yeah, I've basically had no interest in anything else. And technically it's writing, I'm writing so much every day in the game, but... RPing is not what I need help with. Mini-wrimo is supposed to help me with my prose fiction projects, and it's not doing that for me this year. I can't even bring myself to care, because oh my god this game is too much fun, why do anything else, ANYTHING. ELSE.

In RL stuff, beginning of the month was also my second anniversary with Forrest. We did a nice little day trip to Makalawena, which is a GORGEOUS but hard to get to beach in Kona. The following weekend we had a little getaway to a cabin in Kalopa State Park.

Last weekend was crazy busy with dancing, climaxing with THE Glenn Miller Orchestra and all of us Hep Cats showing up in force to teach and perform and be awesome on the dance floor. I got all dolled up in my new red dress and did my hairs and make-up all period and wore my cute vintage-style dance shoes and felt SO FABULOUS. Look! (I'm on the left.) And look again!

Again, mostly my energies have been wrapped up in Snowblind. I am having hella fun, these people are my people, by which I mean TERRIBLE PEOPLE, I've never felt so warmly welcomed so quickly in a game, and I'm constantly crying laughing in the Snowblind plurks, everything is shame boners and severed toes and how many snowbos can we cram into the shower at once, and also how can I murder my character today?

Today what had me crying laughing was this plurk thread; I've filed all the serial numbers off and done some minor editing and I hope they don't mind me reposting this without permission, but.

Honestly, this needs to be saved for posterity. )

So anyway, that's my life lately. What up, nerds?
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Quick drive-by update, since it's been a while. Since I wrapped up my USGS Avian Disease Project job my life has been brief flurries of adventuring all over the island in between bouts of being too sick to move. For serious, I have had this horrible cold off and on for weeks. Finally got my energy back (for the second time) in time to hike down to the bottom of Pololū Valley (FINALLY) and go dancing to The Olliephonics at the Blue Dragon in Kawaihae and eat piles and piles of delicious food (omg the lambchops with the fig-pomegranate sauce and the fern shoots and the goat cheese mashed potatoes and the jaboticaba sorbet a;lhsdlgha;ksjgkahsldfk). Had great fun dancing with a guy who just moved to the island from Eugene; he's in Kona but he swears he'll come to Hilo often so he can dance with us. All I can say is, HE'D BETTER, god, young, awesome dancers really need to move here more often.

So that was Sunday, and we got back late Sunday night, and I had just enough time to get my shit together Monday morning before taking off again into the field for the first couple of days of my new job. Up to Hakalau with grad student Josh and an intern who will be leaving shortly, taking a side trip to the summit of Mauna Kea just for fun, spending an enjoyable evening eating teriyaki and char siu axis deer and talking about Science, and waking up early to spend the day in the forest looking for birds. So many excellent sightings of ‘akepa and Hawai‘i creeper, among other things.

In theory I am now full-time employed, although I haven't actually seen my boss' face since February, and I haven't heard from him where or when I'm needed tomorrow or what I'll be doing. *SIGH* Pat is an excellent scientist and a super nice guy and I owe him a lot and I will owe him even more over the next few years, but... he is not terribly well organized. OH WELL.

The big big news is that in ten days I'm taking off on a massive trip with my mother that will involve a day of poking around in Baltimore/Washington D.C., a day of poking around London, many days hiking, biking, kayaking, etc. through Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, and a few days exploring Bulgaria during which time I will FINALLY meet my dear friend [livejournal.com profile] sirona_gs and maybe I will meet up with my friend Toni as well? GUYS THIS IS GOING TO BE SO AWESOME OMG I AM SO EXCITED.

Which brings me to the question, WHO WANTS A POSTCARD??? If I don't already have your contact info you can give me your address (send me a PM if you're leery of leaving it in a comment, or email me if you have my email, or whatever); if you have a preference for where you'd like your postcard from (Baltimore, Washington D.C., London, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, or Bulgaria) let me know, and I shall do my best to comply. I'll be spending the most time in Croatia and Bulgaria, so I can pretty much guarantee satisfaction for those two locations, at least.


Feb. 21st, 2012 08:17 am
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Alright, let's see if I can squeeze this in before I lose signal.

Kapa'a was super awesome fun. It was an excellently laid-back way to spend the weekend. I had to get over my angst about feral cats and keawe trees (GIANT. THORNS. EVERYWHERE. ALL OVER THE GROUND.), but aside from that the campsite is really lovely, wild and remote, rocky coastline and blue, blue ocean as far as the eye can see. My little one-person tent was snug and cozy and delightful, and our potluck meals were tasty, and we spent the days sitting and chatting and staring out to sea and watching the whales swim by.

AND THERE WERE SO MANY WHALES. All day, every day, whales. More whales than I could possibly count, spouting and breaching and slapping. One whale would breach several times in succession, then roll over on his back and slap the water multiple times with his flipper, then go back to breaching, and so on, rinse and repeat, all the way up the coast. This went on so long, people got tired of watching him. Another whale worked his way up the coast in intervals of five to seven tail-slaps with short breaks in between. Among other quite excellent whale activities (members of the party claimed to hear singing on the second night). And a dolphin. And a monk seal that I missed seeing.

The first night was a bit stormy, high winds and surf and a spattering of rain and lightning off-shore, but my tent didn't let me down. Wetter parts of the island apparently received torrential downpours, and both peaks got massive snowfalls. The second night had some lightning but luckily was dry, so our dancing plans didn't get ruined.

The Olliephonics was great fun as usual, and we were delighted to find a couple of other lindy-hoppers on our floor, Pat and Maria from Seattle.

...So that was all very fun, and we stopped at the Big Island Brewhaus yesterday and OH MY GOD. Truly excellent Mexican food, and I'm usually pretty ambivalent about Mexican, so that's saying a lot. And they make their own sodas and yesterday's soda was liliko'i creme (that's passionfruit to the rest of you, and OH MY GOD. BEST EVER. SO DELICIOUS. I'm going to need to go back and try their ginger bier and, like, all of their brews. For serious, if you're ever in Waimea, check it out.

Okay so I'm headed up to Hakalau for the next two days, it is raining SO HARD which is going to SUCK... SO HARD, the end I love you all kbye.
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Okay, so in case anyone hadn't already figured it out, my internet presence is going to be somewhat diminished for the next several months. I will only have the possibility of internet when I'm not in the field, which, as I go further into my internship, will not be a lot of the time; when I'm not in the field I will only really have internet when I make the time and effort to go seek it out (only one of the volunteer houses has wireless, and it's not mine), or when I come down to Hilo for a bit. I will have internet on my Droid when I'm not in the field, so emails and LJ comment alerts will still get to me on weekends and office days, and who knows, I may even have time to respond. :P

I am going to give up all attempts at actually keeping up with my Friends list. I'll check in occasionally but I'm realistically only going to catch like 10% of what goes on there. I'll make posts when I can to keep you guys abreast (haha I said breast) of what I'm up to, and I'll really make an effort to post pictures occasionally, so you guys can see my beautiful forest and gorgeous adorable birdies.

...So yeah, anyway, this is me just squeezing in a quick update while I devour some breakfast. First week of the internship is going great. The other intern is this guy named Sean from North Carolina; he's quiet and somewhat shy and totally pleasant and amiable and we're getting along great. We live with Matt from Ohio who does insect stuff, and he's cool and friendly and we like him and I think we're all going to be great housemates. I think there's supposed to be a couple of Eban's bird demography volunteers moving in with us this weekend, but there's this whole big drama right now with Eban's crew and who's going to live where and whether or not his techs will get housing even though it's against the rules and blah blah blah, so I don't really know what the situation will be like when I get back on Monday.

Matt and Sean and I usually all start work at the same time in the morning, except for when Sean and I are going into the field and therefore have to wake up at ass o'clock (we have to be at the office at six a.m. on Tuesday. SIX A.M.), so most mornings we walk to work together. Guys, this is fantastic; I've gone from a 45-minutes-by-car one-way commute, to a 15-minutes-by-foot one-way commute. And also it's the nicest commute ever, a pleasant stroll on a path through the rainforest with the birds waking up all around us. T_T It's a great way to start the morning.

We spent a few days doing office stuff, thrilling work like disentangling mist nets and checking them for holes, and disinfecting mist nets and bird bags, and aliquoting lysis buffer into tiny vials, and getting First Aid/CPR/AED certified. We did go up to Hakalau on Wednesday to check out Nauhi Cabin, which is where we'll be staying when we're in the field for the next... a lot of time, and set up a bunch of poles and played tour guide for a visiting malaria expert from Penn State, a dude named Andrew with an awesome New Zealand accent.

Life at housing is neat. Thursday was pizza night, so we all went over to where Caitlin and Keola are living and contributed pizza ingredients. We had a vegetarian pizza with white sauce (spinach and mushrooms and garlic and onions), and a pepperoni, spaghetti squash, garlic, onions, and basil pizza with red sauce (I contributed the spaghetti squash and the Italian-style stewed tomatoes for the sauce), and I brought tortilla chips and Matt brought salsa and Caitlin busted out the SCARY INTENSE hot sauce Laurèen sent from Réunion and Brent brought cheesy bread (AMAZING) and Keola made some intensely delicious shoyu chicken and Caitilin busted out the kim chee and someone brought wine and Matt brought spiced rum and there was a lot of beer floating around. It was super fun. And I had a lot of stuff to take care of that evening, but I had a beer and some wine and a swig of the rum and then I took a hot shower and all of a sudden my head was REALLY HEAVY, so I went to sleep at like 9 and woke up early to do stuff instead. XD;

I am at home in Hilo at the moment, and for at least like another couple of hours, and then Don and Mom and I are headed up to Kapa‘a, which is a beach campground in Kohala, a little ways north of Kawaihae. We're getting together with a bunch of friends for the weekend and there will be music and singing and whale-watching and soooooo much potluck food and I had planned to invite Alex but he broke up with me so he doesn't get to come, nyahh~. And it's a three-day weekend in this great nation, so Sunday night we're sneaking away and going to the Blue Dragon and the Olliephonics are playing and like at least fifteen Hepcats are showing up and we're basically going to take over the whole place and dance dance dance.

And then on Tuesday it's out to the field for a couple of days, catching birdies whee~!

So yeah. I'll, uh. Be in touch when I can.

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Welp. Alex and I broke up. He felt that I wasn't spending enough time with him/making him a big enough priority in my life... which is valid. He thinks maybe I'm at a place in my life where I don't have time for that sort of relationship, which is also probably true. (Then again, it has pretty much always been true of me that I don't make time in my life for what most people would consider an ideal relationship... I like the idea of a boyfriend, and it's very nice to have one, but on the whole I'm happier without. I don't know why I keep thinking that having a boyfriend is a good idea. ...Doesn't anybody enjoy casual, no-strings relationships anymore?)

So anyway, it's a shame, because we both really like each other... but it wasn't fair to him, and I do feel kind of shitty about it, so... good on him for doing something about it, I guess.

...And I was so close to having a boyfriend of Valentine's Day for the first time ever. Not that we would've been able to spend it together anyway, with my moving to Volcano tomorrow.

Speaking of which... it's been a super fun weekend getting to dance with Thomas and Joaquin from Maui Party, and Eli from Maui Party A LOT, and taking Eli to the warm ponds in Puna and up to Kilauea to see the lava glow at night and taking him to Kealakekua Bay for kayaking and snorkeling. I devoted more of my weekend than I really should have to these sorts of pursuits, which meant I only had today to pack for Volcano and take care of all of my other shit (which mostly I didn't), and we had a Hepcats meeting in the afternoon that I knew I really couldn't miss, and I'd agreed to meet Alex at the beach in a last-ditch effort to salvage our relationship, but I'd sort of reached my physical and emotional limits after three weeks of never having a moment to just sit and breathe (or sleep), so I sort of spent a couple of hours in the morning having sobby panic attacks. So then I called Alex to cancel and he broke up with me, which... I would've handled better if my emotions weren't already completely out of control. As it was, I was almost completely useless right up until the Hepcats meeting, which took more of my day than I would've liked it to, but at least it distracted me and got my brain reset, so I was able to make progress with the packing this evening. I'm fucking exhausted now, though; it is, as I predicted, way past my bedtime, and crying always takes more out of me than anything.

(Alex, if you're reading this, I'm not trying to make you feel bad. I really do think this is better for both of us, it's just been... a stressful day and I need to decompress. I still think you're fabulous, don't even worry.)

All of my love to [livejournal.com profile] look_alive for support and reassurance during my time of emotional fragility. This is why I will love you forever. I miss you.
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So this is really ill-advised, because I am SO TIRED OMG and I need to make a good impression tomorrow. But.

Okay so first of all work last Thursday was super fun, they set us interns loose in an area I've never been before, some patches of dry forest on the Hōlei Pali, where we scrambled around on sharp, precarious ‘a‘a flows (redundant) on a very steep slope, collecting tissue from a rare plant for a genetics project and seed-collecting. It was a really cool area with a really neat plant community and FANTASTIC views of the coastal plains. If I ever have time to, like, take two breaths I will maybe post pictures.

Friday morning I went to Maui Party, and. I just. Oh my god. SOME OF THE BEST FUN I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE. )

...Anyway, I need to be ASLEEP, I've gotta be up in... less than five hours, now, because I am going up to Hakalau for a couple days after all, to learn how to put up mist nets and handle tiny birdies and take their blood. And then Thursday will be my last day with NPS, and then I somehow got roped into teaching the Blues mini-lesson at the Lounge, and Thomas and Joaquin from Maui Party are expected to show up which is AWESOME because Thomas was one of my very favorite dance partners and vice-versa; both of them, really, are amazing leads, and. Friday night is Jazz Mele at the Hilo Town Tavern, and Saturday night is Island Swing Orchestra at the Elk's Lodge, and my new internship starts on Monday and I really can't think about the rest of the month yet, it's just too exhausting OH GOD WHAT IS MY LIFE.

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I really don't have time for this, but if not now, NEVER. So, a super-quick drive-by update, just in case any of you have been wondering where the hell I've been for the last week or so.

-Thursday and Friday I went camping for work at Pepeiao Cabin with my boss Mark and my Canadian volunteer comrade-in-arms Caitlin. We tromped around in the Ka‘u Desert for a couple of days through what used to be native shrubland but is now largely alien grassland, checking up on outplants that were put in after a fire some years ago. It was fun! Mark and Caitlin are both great company, and Mark's a fantastic cook, and Caitlin brought a bottle of Jack, and I got to see some cool endemics that I'd never seen/heard of before, and the stars were pretty at night, and it was awesome.


-Here watch a cute video about seal cuddles:

Seal meets girl. Seal falls in love with girl. The end. from Bob Dobalina on Vimeo.


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So, in all of the (enjoyable) mass chaos of this month, I think I forgot to mention that just before New Year's we got a new car? Out with the '91 Previa, in with the brand new Honda Fit Sport! I took one look at the thing and promptly named it TARDIS, because it's TARDIS blue, it's bigger on the inside (no seriously this little car is so freaking spacious, it really should not be possible), and it will take us on adventures through Time and Space! :DDD


...Mom hasn't let me drive her yet. D:

So anyway, last week Sunday (yes, I know, a week ago, shut up I've been busy) a bunch of us drove over to Kawaihae to eat dinner at The Blue Dragon and dance to The Olliephonic Horns, one of our favorite swing bands. Coming down the hill from Waimea out past Pu‘ukoholā Heiau there were MORE WHALES, about three of them, BREACHING AGAIN AND AGAIN AND HAVING A BIG OLD PARTY, which was lovely, and I thought very appropriate since Pu‘ukoholā means "Hill of the Whale".

The Olliephonics were a blast, as usual, and we had a surprise treat: their guest vocalist was Pauline Wilson! She's the Big Island's only Grammy winner (and she won it back in the day before there were a million categories), and she's FABULOUS and we love her. So that was excellent.

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] shichahn, in case you thought I was joking or something... )

Not technically champagne; it was a sparkling wine from Italy, I believe. And delicious. ALMOST AS DELICIOUS AS BUNNY.

...So this weekend has been a lot of snorkeling and dancing and good times. (And yardwork.) The weather's been absolutely gorgeous... warm and sunny and crystal clear to the tops of both peaks, patches of snow on Mauna Kea, just... stunning.

I love my life. AND I LOVE ALL OF YOU. ♥ ♥ ♥
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Yesterday Alex and I went to Makalawena Beach, which is a gorgeous white sand beach in Kekaha Kai State Park on the Kona side, that can only be accessed by either a) walking a long way in the hot hot sun over sharp, rough ‘a‘a rock, or b) taking your life in your hands and a 4x4 vehicle that you don't like very much down the access "road". Alex has a Nissan XTerra and is the best kind of lunatic, so we went with option b. (No seriously, I can't even tell you how fucked up this 4x4 track is, I mean, I've driven in some pretty effing gnarly places for my various internships, but jesus, that road gave us a thrashing! :DD)

Anyway, skipping past all of the very excellent things about Makalawena and going straight to the WHALES, OMG SO MANY WHALES, HOLY SHIT WHALES~!!! It's humpback season in Hawai‘i, and I've been looking and looking and hadn't seen any until yesterday just before sunset, when HOLY SHIT SO MANY WHALES showed up. I can't even, I've lived in Hawai‘i my whole life and I've traveled to Alaska and I've had some pretty freaking excellent whale sightings, but in terms of the combination of sheer number of whales, proximity to the whales, and whale activity, this was THE BEST I'VE EVER SEEN. There had to have been a dozen of them, at least, maybe more, hard to tell, they're under the water and they move around, so. There were definitely one or two babies. The closest whales, a group of I think three, including a baby, was FOR SERIOUS ONLY A HUNDRED METERS OFF SHORE. We could have swum out to them easily if that wasn't a) illegal, and b) dangerous. There was a lot of spouting and we had a couple nice views of tails, and then there were the two whales further out that just WOULD NOT STOP BREACHING, they were having a freaking BREACHING PARTY, oh my god, just flinging themselves bodily out of the water OVER AND OVER AGAIN.


...Okay [livejournal.com profile] platoapproved, it's safe now.

So anyway, this beach. Not too crowded due to the effort it takes to get there, and it's beautiful and there are fun sea creatures and the waves are nice for bodyboarding or surfing, and there were moa (those Polynesian chickens) wandering around entertaining us by boldly stealing food from people's unwatched bags. And surrounding the beach there are a series of rare anchialine ponds and ʻŌpaeʻula Pond, a wetland area that's a National Natural Landmark and is one of the only remaining breeding and nesting areas for rare Hawaiian wetland birds such as the āeʻo (Hawaiian Stilt), the ʻalae keʻokeʻo (Hawaiian Coot), and the ʻaukuʻu (Black-crowned Night Heron). There were SO MANY STILTS, which was super exciting, you almost never see those, and I've never seen so many at once, oh my gaaaaaawd I really wished I'd brought binoculars, and oh my god this place is totally going on my list of Awesome Birding Places to take [livejournal.com profile] shichahn to when she finally comes to visit me.

Also, check out how cute this bird is, seriously. )

...And the vog wasn't bad and the sunset was FUCKING BEAUTIFUL and asghsla;hfklsahgkfs it was a Perfect. Freaking. Day. TT_TT

Also tomorrow is a holiday so tonight a bunch of us are driving up to Kawaihae for dinner at the Blue Dragon and SO MUCH DANCING to the very excellent Olliephonics, OMG YAY I AM EXCITE.
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We're getting to one of those times of the year where the ratio of Fun Stuff Filling My Life to Time I Have To Sit Down And Tell You About It tilts sharply toward the former. So, recap! I shall attempt to be brief. (HA. HA HA HA.)

So Ted's Blues workshop was super excellent and fun; first workshop I've taken as a lead... I feel accomplished! Having Ted and Lea as house guests was super excellent and fun, too. Seriously, best house guests ever, they were swift and sneaky about pouncing on things like dishes and laundry, aside from being polite and thoughtful and just nice people in general. I had a great time playing tour guide with them, too; we had a fun day at the National Park, and a fun day exploring lower Puna (and nice weather on both those days, too, which was a bleeding miracle), and I took them to the Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Factory and Rainbow Falls and around the Downtown Hilo shops. And their last two nights we invited Amy over and Ted put on some music (which is largely the same as my music, apparently), and we enjoyed tasty local brews and played Candyland and Apples To Apples and I just barely beat Ted in an excellent game of Stratego and I introduced everyone to the fabulousness that is Bananagrams.

I snuck away on Friday night to go to the HAVO Employee Christmas Party, which was fun. My boss, Mark, was one of the guys in charge of decorating the Volcano House, and he and his buddies chopped down a bunch of faya trees and stuck them in the corners and strung lights on them. ...Morella faya is, btw, an invasive alien species, and one of the top two worst problems in the Park. So. BEST USE OF FAYA EVER. There was also bamboo and monstera staplegunned to the walls and lights everywhere and live Hawaiian music and a roaring fire in the fireplace and small adorable children running around, this is important for the ambience, okay... it was very nice. And Caitlin and I arrived just as the last of twilight was fading, and the view over Kilauea Caldera with the light in the clouds and the silhouette of Mauna Loa and Venus setting over the orange glow of Halema‘uma‘u, and a huge, full moon rising behind us, clear and bright... GOD, SO BEAUTIFUL. ...Anyway, the food was traditional lu‘au fare, all the good stuff, kalua pig and rice and laulau and mac potato salad and chicken long rice and poi and haupia and THE MOST AMAZING TAKO LU‘AU EVER and it was delicious. And after Santa showed up (what a rockstar he is too, seriously, all the dude has to do is show up and wave at people and everyone cheers, everyone's happy to see him, for serious, what a pimp), Caitlin and I decided it was TOO GODDAMN COLD to hang around the main party, so we took our wine and plates of dessert over by the GIANT MOTHERFUCKING FIRE and sort of oooooozed across the couches and just talked for a while, which was nice. ^_^

And so on and so on, BITCHES DON'T KNOW ABOUT MY TROPICAL RAINSTORMS, sekrit LJ is not so sekrit, plus enjoyable spam. )
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Okay, another drive-by post... for serious, I really need to get some quality sleep tonight.

Work was kind of FAILBOAT today. We went to Kahuku to try to finish our last three monitoring plots. This should've been the end of the matter; usually we can do five in one day. Instead, we did one, ONE, and then fruitlessly searched for the corner poles of Plot S2M0L, wandering mournfully in circles and digging through unnecessarily thick pasture grass before giving up in disgust and going home on the theory that consulting the photo documentation will help us find it next time. Oh, and it rained on us. Quite heavily. The whole incident was rather demoralizing. *shakes fist* DAMN YOU EXCLOSURE TWO. DAMN YOU KIKUYU GRASS. ...On the plus side, acquired iced Ka‘ū coffee, cinnamon-raisin-macadamia nut sweet bread, and lemon-salt marlin jerky at the Punalu‘u Bakery, so the day wasn't a total waste. :D

Anyway, Ted and Lea seemed to have an enjoyable day. In between working they managed to make it down to the Hilo Farmer's Market and came back laden with rambutan, kaskaron, and assorted exotic greens. Andolie, bless her, took them to ‘Akaka Falls in the late afternoon, where they also acquired a stalk of sugarcane (Ted wants to borrow a machete and carry it with him everywhere, in case of future sugarcane incidents), and thence to Chiang Mai Thai Restaurant. So I feel gratified that they have been well taken care of in my absence. They also accepted my invitation to join us for Folk Dancing and had a lot of fun, so... yay!

Tomorrow after my private lesson with Ted we're heading up the hill for the requisite Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park visit, and then straight on into the first night of the workshop. So that will be fun.

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Okay so it's past my bedtime already and as usual I am underslept (there is really not enough time in a day to work eight hours and commute and do all of the things I want/need to do), but I'm going to do a drive-by post of THINGS, because if anything I am about to get busier. When the fuck am I going to do my Christmas shopping oh my gaaaaaaaaaaawd!! T_T

First off, Ted Maddry is here with his girlfriend Lea... he's here to teach a Blues workshop this weekend. Mom's on O‘ahu for work, so I picked them up from the airport and fed them and showed them the ropes. It was instantly clear that they are both fabulous people, as I have come to expect from the traveling Swing/Blues instructor crowd; I'm really looking forward to learning from Ted and to hanging out with them and showing them around the island for the next week. Ted bought us beer (Maui Brewing Company Coconut Porter oh my gaaaaaaawwwwd~!) and said some really complimentary things about my mother (that he's been hearing her name from everyone on the circuit as a workshop coordinator who is supremely excellent to work with, and having corresponded with her for this workshop he can now see why) that I hope he will repeat in her presence, because awww~.

So, yeah, I'mma be busy playing tour guide and Blues dancing and having fun, and then next week I'm going on a Waipi‘o-Waimanu backpacking trip with some people, which I am super excited about; with this trip and the Labor Day Mauna Loa summit adventure that's two out of three crossed off of my Big Island Backpacking Bucket List... now if I can only get Pele to cooperate so I can camp at Nāpau-! ...Oh man, and then I've got the Haleakala backpacking trip coming up in January... SO MUCH AWESOME HIKING YAY.

And now a list of Things To Flail About:

- For those of you who enjoy Red vs. Blue, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog, the sillier bits of Doctor Who, and/or THINGS THAT ARE AWESOME, I highly recommend The Visitor from the Future (Le Visiteur du Futur), a French science fiction/comedy web series (don't worry, it comes with subtitles). The show is, in general, much like its title character: adorable, frenetic, and slightly insane (oh my god I have such a crush on the Visitor and his crazyface, for serious, SO IN LOVE), and it's full of time-travel shenanigans and robots and zombies and silliness. So. WATCH IT.

Continued under the cut: rock and roll, naked Fassbender, jet packs, lava, SPACE, and that guy I like. And Batman eats a pony. )

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Mom and I just had our floorwarming party, to properly break in our shiny new hardwood floor. A whole crowd of our favorite swing friends came over and there was wine and pupus and lindy and blues for four and a half hours straight.


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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] apple_pathways:

For all you comic nerds on my Flist. And everyone else, too. We don't like to discriminate.

I would dearly love to see an Apokolips holiday "celebration" of Anti-Life. WORST HOLIDAY EVER. ...Also I find it interesting that we have three heroes from Marvel and one bad guy, one of the worst villains ever, of all time, from DC. WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY HERE, GUYS?

So what's new in my life.

Adorable Southern Boy Update (it will be a hilarious day when he discovers my Livejournal and finds out this is how I refer to him): Alex and I went on a Sexy Beach Date on Saturday. There were sea turtles, it didn't even rain on us, and I learned how to stand on a paddleboard. Alex was impressed by my mad not-falling-off skills... I fell off three times, and then I didn't fall off again. (Years of walking on railings at the peril of my elementary school administrators' frowny faces pays off!) Next stop: surfing! (Maybe.)

CHALLENGE: Kiss someone seated behind you without toppling both of you off of the paddleboard and into the sea. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. SUCCESS!

Later that evening he played with the Island Swing Band and I danced, and when the canned music came on at intermission we danced a little, and then I bought him a drink. After the party I was talking to James and Andolie and they were like, "That keyboardist is incredible! Who is he? Do you know him? We think they should have featured him more, he's fantastic!" I got to pass on their comments to Alex and he got all aw shucks embarrassed. It was cute. ^_^

And then this guy wanted to know more about our swing club and he gave Mom his card, and she was like, "...Wait a minute, I already have this card," and he turned out to be Rodger, our pilot from our Blue Hawaiian helicopter tour. The one where Mom and I ran the tour ourselves, and Rodger asked us to please please please contact him later so he could take notes. SO THAT WAS A HILARIOUS COINCIDENCE.

Alex and I will see each other again on Friday night when he plays for Jazz Mele, and we have vague plans for me to show him the good hiking trails in the National Park at some point over the weekend.

...Okay so what else. It's Thanksgiving week, which means today Maintenance brought in a backhoe and dug a GIGANTIC PIT behind our greenhouses for use as an imu. Tomorrow afternoon we're loading it up with about ten metric shit-tons of food, and Wednesday we'll take all the food out and have an awesome Thanksgiving potluck. For my contribution to the imu I cut up a breadfruit and an Okinawan sweet potato, put the pieces in a pan, and dumped a can of coconut milk over it; I have no idea what will happen but I imagine it will be DELICIOUS.

Finally, trailers. )

Okay, that is all, I am very tired, goodbye now.
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Man, at this rate I'm never going to have time to make my post about all the many exciting things that happened in July. Stuff keeps happening!

Campbell and Chris are in town, and I didn't have work today (Did I mention I'm only working part-time now? I'm only working part time now.), so I took them up Hamakua for the day. It was a gorgeous day (a few light, brief showers notwithstanding) and we had a blast.

We took the little four mile Old Highway Scenic Route between Papaikou and Pepe‘ekeo, stopping and pulling over at Onomea Bay and taking the shoreline access trail. I taught them about One Lane Bridges, ‘awapuhi battles, kukae pua‘a vanishing caterpillar tricks, native and non-native plants, Hawaiian myths and legends, how to collect and eat shoreline foods, how to sex a crab, and how to greet people like a local. We poked around the streams and wild shoreline, climbed a banyan tree, and obtained a coconut.

We stopped in for lunch at The Fruit Stand a.k.a. The Smoothie Place a.k.a. What's Shakin' (I think it's actually called) for lunch and smoothies. This place has become famous, and deservedly so. Their smoothies are 100% fruit and fruit juice, no added sweetener, and most of the fruit is picked fresh from their own gardens. I had a delicious wrap too, with chicken and black beans and salsa and melted cheese, and green salad and fresh papaya, pineapple, and banana on the side. DELICIOUS.

Next we drove down to the shoreline access trail in Pepe‘ekeo, which was fabulous. We had the place to ourselves, and enjoyed walking along the tops of the cliffs under the ironwood trees, watching the massive breakers roll in and hurl themselves onto the rocks. We saw koa‘e kea (white-tailed tropicbirds) and sea turtles. We watched a massive pod of dolphins swim by, intent on reaching their destination to the south, with one (duly christened 'Bob') lagging behind the group to goof off, jumping and spinning and flipping. We visited the sea arch and poked in streams, and we scrambled down the cliffs to the shore and explored caves and tidepools and discussed constructing beach homes out of live ironwoods. I taught them about blue-eyed hermit crabs and rock-boring urchins and tubeworms and sea cucumbers, and Chris and I enjoyed a refreshing impromptu soaking courtesy of a rogue wave. We collected a strange orange fruit with bright red seeds (later determined to be a kind of bittermelon) and headed back to Hilo, stopping off for malasadas in Papaikou on the way in.

Chris had been slowly deconstructing the coconut, using only his hands and spare rocks and fenceposts. He continued this exhibition of manliness at the end of our driveway– with great success!– and we enjoyed fresh coconut and coconut water.

And then we had the first Blues class of the workshop, and lots of people showed up and there was awesome fun and dancing. Really really looking forward to the rest of the workshop. And tomorrow night, after classes... Hale Pohaku for stargazing! :DDD

In other news, the lava has slowed down since the initial outpouring. But HVO's got the cool pics and videos up!


Jul. 4th, 2011 09:51 am
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Today involves wedding set-up and then a barbecue/potluck/dance party/fireworks viewing at the Hockers' farm in Pu‘ueo.

That's all I have to say for the moment, because my brother is downstairs in the kitchen making CRÈPES and I need to be eating some of them RIGHT NOW. *best brother EVER*

Hope y'all have an excellent day, even if your country didn't give you the day off to blow shit up and grill things. ♥
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Today was PERFECT. The weather was glorious even in Hilo, and the whole drive up the Hamakua coast was stunning, sun shining and ocean the deepest, bluest blue. Hapuna was, predictably, hella crowded, but not to a bothersome degree aside from the parking. I ate a gigantic motherfucking plate of food, poke and bbq chicken and vegetable shishkabob and coleslaw and green papaya salad and sushi and watermelon and lychee and banana, and then I was full to bursting with food and then I ate a steak. And then I got in the water that was glass-clear and as warm as my skin, and I horsed around with family and friends and played keepaway and bodysurfed even though the surf was pathetic and I didn't come out again for two and a half hours and ohmigod I was so relaaaaaaaxed~!

And then, since we were already in South Kohala and it was a first Sunday, we abducted half the party and went to the Blue Dragon to hear The Olliephonics and dance. I had myself a drink called the Tequila Dragon which had tequila and Grand Marnier and lime juice and mango puree in it; it was basically a mango smoothie with tequila in and it was DELICIOUS. Since I still felt full from the gigantic motherfucking plate of food + steak from three and a half hours earlier I avoided the entrees and ordered the seared ahi and spinach salad, which was also delicious; these little batter-fried slices of eggplant were especially amazing. And as usual The Olliephonics were motherfucking spectacular, and as usual we had a freaking amazing good time dancing, and as usual members of the band and random other patrons came up to our table to tell us how amazing we look on the dance floor, and I think we hooked someone for the blues dance workshop in August, so that's cool. And I danced with my brother to "A-Train", which is his favorite ever swing song (he used to play it when he played alto saxophone for a couple of big band/swing/jazz bands back in high school), and I led sister-to-be Nova more-or-less successfully in a cha-cha to "Oye Como Va", which was hilarious but hella fun, and they played "Mack the Knife" and "Jump Jive and Wail" and "In The Mood" and ALL OF THE GOOD SONGS, ALL OF THEM, and it was sooooooooo fun. ^_^

And my friend Eric (from high school... and middle school... and elementary school) somehow discovered that I was on the island and texted me, so I'm going to have to find time to hang out with him, yaaaaaaaaay Eric! I don't know WHEN, because my schedule for the next MONTH looks like this: wedding prep, partying, working full-time, folk dance, partying, working full-time, wedding prep, WEDDING, wedding clean-up, working full-time, traveling to O‘ahu, traveling to Kaua‘i, working full-time, blues workshop. @_@ But I dunno, fuck it, maybe sometime next week after the WEDDING is over with we can meet up after work for dinner and/or a movie or something.

What is my liiiiiiiiife. ...It is wonderful, that's what.
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Tonight was a Big Island Jazz & Blues Association event, at which there was great dancing, excellent music, and fabulous spoken-word poetry. And then I went to see the X-Men period piece X-Men: First Class. I'd had two glasses of wine at the jazz thing so I was maybe a tiny bit drunk at the start of the movie, haha.

The movie, by the way, was AMAZING~!! And I swear that's not just the alcohol talking. The film did a great job at connecting with the audience; there were a lot of moments where we all laughed or groaned or cheered or clapped together (probably helped that there were clearly so many nerds in the audience, but even so). Lots of great references to the greater X-Men continuity. Fassbender (sexy, sexy Fassbender) did a brilliant job with Magneto, and when he had the helmet on he even looked like a younger Sir Ian McKellan. And let me just say, there was a lot of sexy in this movie. I mean, James McAvoy is hardly rough on the eyes, and that delicious accent ain't hard on the ears either. Lucas Till? Pretty. Nicholas Hoult? ADORBS. Álex González? So sexy. Caleb Landry Jones? OMG YES PLEASE I WANT ONE PLEASE CAN I CAN I?

Baconface Kevin Bacon did a good job of being evil. Logan cameo was awesome and hilarious. The end credits were full of SCIENCE and awesome music. And how funny is it that Emma Frost was played by a chick named January?

In other news, I can smell the slashers coming. Like, holy crap, don't even make them work for it, Mr. Vaughn. XD; Xavier/Magneto, obviously, although I can totally see there being a tiny but diehard group of Havoc/Darwin slashers.

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...Well, this is as good a time as any to be making a post.

So that folk dancing party I went to. It was lovely. Like I said, good food, good people, live music. And dancing! Smiles and laughter. Sampled some of Lon's homegrown homemade chocolate. Good stuff.

Also a bunch of us took an excursion up to Chris and Julianna's place. Chris and Julianna are this lovely young artist couple–Chris is a woodworker, Julianna paints–who live on Lon and Carol's property and, apparently, collect animals. When I met them in November, they had cats, a VERY HAPPY dog named Jeeves, a bunch of chickens, a garden, and a greenhouse full of tomatoes. When I met them again in January, they'd acquired a pair of baby goats. Now, the kids have grown up, and there's also a little sweet-faced donkey named Aster, and a big black cow with three calves, and a pair of Jackson's chameleons, and a flock of ducks, and pheasant chicks, and quail chicks, and a horse.

...Let me tell you about this horse. So Lon and Carol had this horrible sketchy neighbor who was always driving home drunk and getting stuck on their rocks, and he moved away, leaving a dog and a horse behind, and when his caretaker had to leave he told his caretaker to leave the animals to die. Instead the caretaker came to Chris and Julianna. They gave the dog to some friends who love dogs, and they kept the horse. Her name is Grace and she is skin and bones and her coat is bad and her digestion is bad and she is lovely. She's this tiny little roan thing and despite everything she's been through she is so sweet, she is so friendly, she has this amazing temperament and good spirits, and when she's healthy again she is going to be fantastic.

Fuck you very much for leaving her to die, you motherfucker.

Anyway, hanging with the animals is so much fun. They all love people and they get along with each other so well, it's totally adorable. My Dad and I walked down to the bottom of the lot to see the chickens and the garden and the greenhouse and the avocado trees, and the two goats and Aster and Jeeves came with us, and they're all playing together and chasing each other around, and then the cat that was down there poking about joined up with us and joined in the playing, and Grace wanted to play with everyone too but she was in her paddock. Aster's clearly friendly but very shy; if you look right at her she shies away, but she followed on my heels and I stopped once and she put her nose in my hand where I was holding it behind my back. Even the chickens and the ducks will follow you around, and the cow sniffed at my hand but tossed her head in disgust when I didn't have any food for her. I was up there for a good long while, feeding and playing with the animals, SO MUCH HAPPY ANIMAL THERAPY GUYS, IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. T_T

...In other news, read this fic: History, Repeating Itself by [livejournal.com profile] gyzym. It's a multichapter Sherlock Holmes fic (as in, the RDJ and Jude Law movie), an AU where Holmes and Watson are grad students in America and roommates, and it is fucking BRILLIANT. Like, some of you are aware of Jizzy's genius, but this is phenomenal even for her. The best thing I can think of to compare it to is the show Luther. You're reading it and it's awesome, omg so awesome, so very fucking awesome and then HOLY SHIT WHAT IS HAPPENING OHMIGOD AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!! Like that. There's part of a sequel, too, Valley Winter Song, but she posted that almost a year ago and hasn't yet posted the rest, so read that at your own risk.

That is all.
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Dear Supernatural,



P.S. Crowley, I am still as madly in love with you as ever. Mark Sheppard, would you please consider having my babies?

Aaaaaand that's it for all of my shows except for Doctor Who, at least until various things start up again in the summer. ...At least I'll maybe have a little more free time?

In my continuing adventures in yardwork (thrilling, I know, but this is my life now; when it rains, it pours, but when it's sunny, yardwork), hacking apart banana trunks with handsaws and machete is still immensely satisfying, as is excavating the root mass with a spade. Whilst doing the latter, I disturbed (and was disturbed by) a centipede as thick as my finger and long as my hand. Oh, Hawai‘i. ...Well, no more of that today, anyway; the rain is back WITH A VENGEANCE. It's coming down so hard right now, omg.

Last night Mom and I went up to a friends' house in Kaumana for one of their Mauka Music parties. It was hella fun... potluck dinner with a whole bunch of people and lots of wine (and a dog and some cats, very friendly), and then after we'd eaten and talked story we gathered in the living room with guitars, ‘ukulele, ‘ipu, flutes, drums, tambourines, and various sorts of rattles and maracas to play music and sing. They've been having these parties sort of semi-regularly (my Mom only just recently made it onto the guest list), and they have these big binders with lyrics and chords... tons of songs, all the best, from Bob Dylan to Eric Idle to Queen Lili‘uokalani. We even sang "Crazy" by Gnarles Barkley... or, the cute twenty-something guy with the mad guitar skills and fucking amazing gorgeous voice did (music cruuuuuuuuush) and I joined him, while all the older folks listened, because it wasn't in the book and it wasn't written in the sixties, so they didn't know it, haha. Mom and I were almost the last to leave... we hung out and sang until one in the morning. So much fun, for serious.

In a few minutes I'll be off again... today is the monthly International Folk Dance party up on the Hocker's farm. More good food, nice folks, and live music. And presumably, when I get back, Doctor Who. Life ain't so bad.

Hope all is well with y'all. ♥

ETA: OH YEAH, I almost forgot. Last night my dreams mostly involved me hanging out with Justin Bieber, of all people. HE WAS AT MY HOUSE. He was actually very adorable and cool and sweet and personable. We became friends. I was hanging out with him on tour, and I went with him and his friends to check out this giant mansion he was thinking of buying. This place was insane, it was like a small country. ...Anyway. Wtf.


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