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It's been approximately 50 years since I made an LJ post that wasn't a fic post. A lot of stuff has gone on. Still working very slowly on thesis, so that hasn't changed. Kinda over it at this point. An entire awesome job came and went, and a new awesome job has begun. I meant to post a lot of pics from previous job and just... didn't. Maybe I will.

And of course there's been all this kerfluffle about LJ. The way I see it, there's two ways to respond to the kerfluffle: a defiant Fuck You, LJ by leaving the site entirely, or a defiant Fuck You, LJ by refusing to leave until they goddamn make me. I have gone for option two. Even as what few LJ friends I have left jump ship one by one, my emotional attachment to the site keeps me tied to it.

I'm not an idiot, though. If it a) goes under, or b) my journal(s) get deleted due to lack of activity or nefarious content, I don't want to lose everything. So I've backed up my main journal, my old RP journals, even one of my RP communities (and I'll do the others at some point) to Dreamwidth. I'll be crossposting journal entries from Dreamwidth to Livejournal from now on. (I'd do it the other way around if there was an option, but there isn't... guess that's one argument in favor of DW.)

This is my first crosspost entry... hope it works. LJ friends who are also on DW/have mostly moved there, feel free to add/friend/follow/whatever-the-heck-they-call-it-here.

...So anyway... my new job is I'm an Interpretive Guide for a Hawai‘i Island ecotourism company called Hawai‘i Forest & Trail. It's super fun... I get to be outside in beautiful places, talk story with interesting people, share my love and enthusiasm and knowledge of the cultural and natural history of Hawai‘i Nei, and learn tons of stuff that I hadn't known before, which for me, a greedy glutton for knowledge, is the BEST PART. ...Also tips, tips are the other best part.

I've learned a lot of new stuff about Hawai‘i Island geology and history and the places where the two intersect, lotsa new detail meshing with broader stuff I vaguely knew growing up, and it's made me very excited and like... I feel like I have a Story to tell, a Story the internet would probably enjoy, so. I'm going to try to make more frequent DW/LJ posts and tell y'all the Story. Look for the first installment very soon. Assuming this crossposting thing works.

Peace out folks, and aloha to all.
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HEY LOOK, ANGELA'S ON LIVEJOURNAL, because Twitter is down for me and I have no other way to communicate with the world.

A company called Dyn, which manages website domains and routes internet traffic, is experiencing a series of DDOS attacks, and many popular websites are experiencing outages in certain areas. Sites include Twitter, Etsy, Github, Vox, Spotify, Airbnb, Netflix, and Reddit. And I've heard maybe Amazon? The first attack primarily affected the U.S. East Coast and parts of Europe. Dyn restored service temporarily, but this was followed by a second attack. ETA: This second attack seems to mostly be affecting U.S. West Coast and Hawai‘i.

Here's a story on CNN Money for reference.

So if you can't access those or other sites, or if certain friends seemed to have vanished from the interwebs, that's why.

For me here in Hilo, Twitter is down entirely; I can reach the Netflix home page but can't play any video; I was able to reach the home pages of Amazon, Reddit, and Spotify but didn't check further.

Of course the two sites on that list that I use regularly are down and all the rest seem to be fine. :P

I'll be suffering without Twitter today. I mean, I'll be WAY more productive at the lab, but also BORED OUT OF MY MIND, and where will I faff about things like attacking my mother first thing in the morning with a terrible physics joke? Or squee about Mike Colter (Luke Cage) being the guest on last night's The Daily Show? Because eeeeeee~, Mike Colter!!

Anyway, long time no see, LJ, or rather, I'm here all the time, lurking, I just so rarely post anymore. I keep meaning to post a selection of photos from my adventures over the last several months, or crosspost a short fic I wrote in August of LAST YEAR but... ugggghhh so busy I can't even tell you. TT__TT

Speaking of which I need to finish breakfast and run my mother to the airport. Ta, LJ, peace out.

ETA2: For the first time since I woke up almost 4 hours ago I can access Twitter and Netflix again. Yaaaaaaay! Hopefully it holds.

ETA3: According to Breaking News Feed @pzf, the websites affected by the DDOS attack are Twitter, Amazon, CNN, Reddit, NYTimes, PayPal, Spotify, Soundcloud, Airbnb, HBO, Netflix, Etsy, Github, and Vox. Yikes!
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ANOTHER MEME, because that is what I'm into this week.

Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] apple_pathways again: Your Internet Life and YOU!

Type each letter of alphabet into the address bar of your main browser, and note which site pops up first. Leave off the naughty ones if you must, but give us a little hint as to what it was!

Surprising no one, my list is very LiveJournal heavy. )
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In case anyone noticed that my internet presence has diminished recently, be not afraid... I'm not going anywhere, I don't hate you, none of that. It's just that I'm moving out of my apartment. ON SATURDAY. And getting on a plane and flying back to Hawaii for the foreseeable future. And so I am VERY VERY BUSY OH MY GOD packing and selling and shipping and freaking out, etc.

Things should be back to normal soon. I may even start writing again, if I can nail myself to some kind of schedule (unstructured time is extremely detrimental to my productivity).

So that's it. I don't have time to chat, so I won't tell you about last weekend's epic Oregon desert adventure and belly-crawling through caves and Big Hole and Hole-in-the-Ground and Crack in the Ground and Fort Rock and Summer Lake and Paisley and many exciting wildlifes and Bend and delicious delicious Easter brunch at McKay Cottage Restaurant. I'm also not going to tell you how hilarious I find it that the creators of The Vampire Diaries clearly listen exclusively to my iTunes (Patrick Stump now, I ask you, as if all of the Metric and Placebo AND SO ON AND SO ON weren't enough).

I will tell you that you should check out Pioneer One, because it's a neat little project and also awesome science fiction. The project is kind of an experiment in the vein of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. It's an independently-produced serial funded entirely by viewer donations, licensed under Creative Commons, and distributed by BitTorrent. The first three episodes are available for download or streaming; I devoured them ravenously while shoving clothes into boxes yesterday, and I now eagerly await episode four, which comes out tomorrow.

Plot summary: "A mysterious spaceship has entered Earth's atmosphere. A US Department of Homeland Security investigation has uncovered a live human being in a Soviet space suit in an unstable condition. A note in Russian, found at the crash site, claims the man is the child of cosmonauts living at a base on Mars."

Check it out, yo. Support the future of entertainment, and enjoy what is actually a pretty awesome show.
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*ahem* Headline:



No news on his role, yet. RiddlerRiddlerRiddlerohmygodpleasebeRiddlerohmygodRiddlerbeRiddlerpleasepleaseplease!!! Article is here, for proof that I'm not hallucinating.


adsfjkl;ghfds JGL and Tom Hardy in the same Nolan movie, AGAIN. Christopher Nolan, I may be willing to have sex with you.


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