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Because all the cool kids are doing it.

I write. It's fun. This is a complete collection of Angela's Fan and Original Fiction: The Livejournal Years. Works are organized alphabetically by fandom (with Original at the bottom), then chronologically in the order I wrote them.

All fanfiction works on this list are also available at Archive of Our Own.

(If you're looking for hilarity, my older fanfiction in the fandoms of Fushigi Yuugi, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and Yu-Gi-Oh are on my very ancient FanFiction.Net account.)

Transformative Works Policy: Dude, if anyone would ever actually like to create fanart, podfic, translations, other fanfic written in a universe I've created, or any other type of fanwork based on my work, FREAKING GO FOR IT. Just please: a) let me know, so I can LOVE YOU, and b) credit me wherever it's posted, thanks; it's, you know, polite and morally sound, etc.

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Today I wrote most of a fic! And posted it! On AO3, anyway, I will remember to crosspost it here shortly. Probably. But because I'm feeling ficcish today, I'm going to start this meme, which I stole from [livejournal.com profile] hardboiledbaby.

Every day (consecutively or not), post about one of your fanworks:
1. Something old
2. Something new
3. Something you made for someone else
4. Something you made just for yourself
5. Something for a large fandom/pairing/character
6. Something for a small fandom/pairing/character
7. Something you're just really proud of

Something old: Bad Day )
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Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] sirona_gs! Hope you had a good one! And I do hope you enjoy your present. ^_^ Again, sorry this is a little late, bla bla timezone difference bla bla weekend of no internets bla bla excuses bla bla.

I took a couple more prompts from my wonderful little collection, so thank you all again, friends list. More Metanoia, so of course this has already been posted to [livejournal.com profile] riverside_hq.

Drabbles for Neve )
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Friday I took a couple of buses over to Lauren's house. I had a long conversation with a very nice, cute, and slightly ADD guy named Doug... we talked about Stephen King, books, movies, college, where we've lived, and what we want to do with our lives. Lauren picked me up from the Park and Ride and we ate tacos in her kitchen while her parents chilled in the family room, drinking wine and listening to Metric's "Live It Out" on high volume. We spent some quality time working on Aphelion before Lauren took me home, having to go to bed earlyish so she could go trapping for her kestrel. My friend Becca texted me to announce joyously that she had proposed to her girlfriend, and she had said yes, which was wondrous news. It's a good thing me and Dar were there to help her pick out the ring; obviously it was a winner. :DD

Saturday I slept in real late, then spent some time writing. Around midday Dar and I went to the community center and *GASP!* worked out at the gym. We did 20 mins on the ellipticals, did a sampling of most of the weight equipment, and finished up with a short jog on the treadmills- my first workout in a gym EVER in my life. Which is even stranger than it sounds, as I've been a regular athlete since I was five. I guess I've always been a bit disdainful of gyms, preferring to get my workout doing sports, preferably outside. But it was hella fun. And we've bought a 20-visit pass, so we'll be going regular, hopefully. Afterwards we loosened up doing a few laps in the pool. I climbed the rope again (which is a lot harder after a hard workout, ohmigod), we went down the waterslide, and then finally boiled our muscles in the hot tub as a preventative measure. I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow anyway.

Feeling sufficiently like we'd been pummeled by meat tenderizers and injected with happy drugs, we went to pick up Lauren, whose kestrel-catching venture was a bust, alas. Next week, perhaps- fingers crossed! We showered and ate salmon-salad sandwiches and bean salad, and Lauren and I marathoned the very first episodes of Doctor Who (OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH BECCA). We also watched a few episodes of Snuff Box, which is FUCKING BIZARRE and also amazing and awesome.

Today is also the birthday of Jesse Hajicek, one of my favorite writers. As a gift to him I have written a few shorts and drabbles about Star and Zander, the main characters of his fabulous webcomic, Metanoia (for non-Riversiders, you may remember Star from my pr0n earlier this month). Remember those drabbles I asked for, for my Sekrit Projekt? Yeah, this is them. I only had time and inspiration for four, oh well. If you're interested, here they are (cross-posted to [livejournal.com profile] riverside_hq), and thank you so much for the prompts!

Drabbles for Jesse )


Aug. 6th, 2009 12:16 am
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Interrupting the reporting of the Visit of Awesome for this Public Service Announcement: PORN!

That's right. In honor of [livejournal.com profile] slob_child's birthday, I wrote PORN. And I decided to share it with you all, Zolac knows why. It's Metanoia, Star/Kevin, so if you actually care about this fandom you've already seen this posted on [livejournal.com profile] riverside_hq. But, hey, maybe you don't care about fandoms and characters, maybe you just like porn.

This is the first porn!fic I've ever written, and only the second porn EVER after the Satan/Eros roleplay incident (OTP!) So, apologies.

So anyway, yeah, this is what I've been doing with my free time for the last three evenings. I'll get back to my regularly scheduled life/livejournal tomorrow. After I sleep OH GOD IT'S SO LATE AND I'M SO TIRED.


Dear Kevin's Sooooo Not-A-Diary )
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While I was slaving away at work, Becca and Ducky arrived at the Greyhound station after a long ride north from San Jose, and Melissa pulled into town after a drive from Walla Walla in her minivan. After some text-message coordination, they offered to come pick me up after work. The last half hour was torture, and when 5:59 clicked over to 6:00 I whooped, "FREEDOM!" and all but burst from the building. Within seconds Jarvis was pulling up and I packed myself in with Dar, James, Becca, and Melissa until we resembled a sardine can with a good sound system. And things got a little silly.

The goofy party atmosphere stuck with us the rest of the evening. I hadn't seen Melissa since May, and I hadn't seen Becca since freaking... I dunno, winter sometime? Fall? A long time ago anyway... she's been marooned in Scotland. ...Not marooned in a bad way. Marooned in an awesome way. Like the Swiss Family Robinson. ...Anyway. So, five (later, six) girls, giddy with being reunited, hanging out together in a group, and having a gorgeous summer weekend to celebrate. Imagine the giggling, and the loudness, the yelling to be heard over each other, the dancing around, and general silliness.

From work we went straight to Uwajimaya (Mimi somehow managed to predict that, strangely). We whizzed about buying tasty Asian foods and being ridiculous, eying the Giant Dongle Clams and indulging in such activities as the Three-Way Skirt-Wearing Bro-Fist (as Becca says, "I think I've seen a porno with that title..."). Then we headed back and Dar did her badass grill thing, and everyone took turns playing badminton with James except me, I just sat around being a lazy ass and djing on my computer and drinking chilled white wine. So then we sat under the giant shady tree and had bao and gyoza and rice and grilled salmon and grilled eggplant and grilled asparagus and grilled Walla Walla sweet onions (OHMIGOD SO TASTY~!!) as the light faded from the sky.

Then we all piled into the car and went to see Harry Potter, blasting wizard rock all the way. The 9:50 show was sold out, so we chilled in Borders for an hour, and I spent some of my Christmas-giftcard-from-Don purchasing MY SOUL The Dark Knight... oh man as soon as I have time there will be some Batman-y goodness in my life. The Harry Potter movie was AMAZING, as I'm sure everyone who doesn't live under a rock has heard. So many AMAZING awkward moments, omg, and fabulous performances from the side characters, and Draco being OMG SO EMO ALL THE TIME LURK LURK LURK EMO EMO. The movie was like, 99% awesome, excepting the wtf-Burrow-fire scene that everyone's been wanking about, and the wtf-is-this-bad-writing-shit scene with Harry and Ginny in the room of requirement.

Look under cut for Saturday and Sunday )

Work was crap today, and I was tired, and the air conditioning was broken. But Dar, James, and Becca came to pick me up, which was nice, and Dar made taro bubble-teas for all, which was also nice, and we let the cute Oregon hippie dude talk us into paying a few dollars extra for wind power, which was environmentally conscious.

We've been sitting around all evening going ARGH HEAT while Becca read Edward And Bella Can Suck It and Dar painted her and Ducky's nails and I hid in my room and wrote this epic gigantic LJ post. As is my wont.

I love my life.
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-Sometimes I really love my job. In one of our cases, the plaintiff's name is "Rick Love, M.D." ...Is that not the best pornstar name you've ever heard? It would be better if he went by "Dick", maybe, but then again, maybe a subtler approach is more classy.

-In related news, yesterday at work there was FREE BEN & JERRY'S ICE CREAM.

-And then, after work, I went straight to the theater and watched Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. So, okay, nobody should be giving that movie an Oscar, but it was damn entertaining! Giant robot epic battles, and delicious U.S. military action, [MINOR SPOILERS HERE] oh baby Black Hawk helicopters and SR-71 Blackbird and MQ-1 Predator unmanned aerial vehicle and effing railgun, huminahuminah~!

-Related to that, Jarvis (Dar's sexy sexy MAZDASPEED3) and I have really gotten to know each other better since she's been gone. He's my boyfriend now. And, he's a Transformer.

-Today it was gorgeous weather out (and, also, really freaking hot), so James and I decided to go out and have fun. We went to the zoo, and the Rose Garden, and Pittock Mansion. We saw lots of awesome animals, and petted goats, and fed the lorikeets, and smelled all the roses, and walked barefoot in the grass, and saw the lovely view of Portland from high in the west hills.

-Then we got some Wendy's, and watched Quarantine (which is really almost as good as the original, REC, to my surprise) and some of Fallen (which we picked up at Blockbuster's), until James started passing out from the heat. ...Btw, if you haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend it. It is one of my all-time favorites. It came out in 1998, stars Denzel Washington, and involves a police detective going up against a demon. Actually, it occurs to me you Metanoia fans may be especially interested. ...Man, I really need to buy this movie sometime.

-This morning I watched Battlestar Galactica s03e18, "The Son Also Rises". [MINOR SPOILERS HERE] Baltar's new attorney is Romo Lampkin, played by Mark Sheppard, who I know and love as Badger from Firefly and Tanaka (why the fuck does he have a Japanese name?!) from Dollhouse, and is rapidly becoming one of my favorite TV actors. ...I ADORE LAMPKIN. He has sexy little black shades, and Sheppard's gravelly voice, and he's a COMPLETE BASTARD like it seems he always is. Oh man he is so smart and bastardy and devious and sneaky and a freaking klepto to boot oh man I want to lick him. Instant addition to my list of favorite BSG characters. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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So it turns out it wasn't Peter, praise Zolac. Apparently that other guy in profile, sans glasses, in strange light, with his hair standing up, looks a lot like him.


...In other news, my icon reminds me that I had a Metanoia dream last night. A REALLY WEIRD ONE. Riverside HQ was like, this old creepy mansion, Jane looked like a man, I was hanging with Edward... or what was supposed to be Edward, I mean, he was black, but he was bald like he was a few years ago, he was old, he had a beard, and he had pointy ears. Edward was apparently appointed Star's special guardian, and he told me a secret that no one else knew... Star was 1/4 angel, and 3/4 demon! And he needed my help, because Star had turned into a winged demon and was flying around outside, and we needed to get him to change back into human form, and only I could do it, because apparently I had some sort of special connection with Star. And we had to do it before any of the other guys found out. And I felt really guilty going behind Zan's back, but I went out anyway. It was really windy outside and Star was flying around and I was shouting "DENNIS! DENNIS! COME DOWN, DENNIS!"... because apparently his name was also 'Dennis', wtf. And he turned into a woolly bear caterpillar (like Fuzzy, remember Fuzzy?) and he landed in a tree, and I was trying to talk him back into being human and/or get my hands on him, but the wind was blowing the branches around something fierce, and I was also afraid he was going to bite me. Eventually he fell out of the tree and I picked him up and he crawled around on my hand. I was still afraid he was going to bite me, but I pleaded with him while gazing into his soulful caterpillar eyes. ...Seriously, he was bordering on being shojo!caterpillar. Eventually he changed back into a human, but he was severely weakened, so we threw our arms around each other's shoulders in a comradely manner, and I helped him back to the house.

...I am now remembering that before this, I was dreaming that Jesse sent me a folder full of Metanoia art, and in the back pocket was a DVD with really awesome extras... a video that was an unreleased chapter that was illustrated with a series of full-color stills of awesome Rah art, and another video that was another unreleased chapter, that was live-action, filmed in black-and-white. Dar and I were watching these together. ...I think the first video involved Lexi having wings as well... I think I got sucked into the above dream from that point.


...Lawl, should I crosspost this to [livejournal.com profile] riverside_hq? XDD;;;


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