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Sorry for the radio silence, since my last post I've pretty much done nothing outside of work but lie around and read old OMG logs and threads. This tends to happen from time to time; once I get started it's very hard to stop.

Work's been fun, and the weather's been gorgeous. So weird to be in places that are hot and sunny. Trip to Malama Ki was successful; we caught the four 'amakihi that Carter needed for his immunology study. Two of the birds were infected with the knemidokoptes mites that Boss Jackie discovered on 'amakihi for the first time a few years ago. These skin mites are HORRIBLE; they cause a "scaly-leg" mange that makes it look like the birds' legs have been tempura-fried. It's DISGUSTING. The first bird we caught had one of the most extreme cases that anyone's seen in Hawai'i; the other bird was only in the early stages. I'll post pics sometime so y'all can be disgusted with me. :P

The rest of the week was mostly setting up poles in 'Ainahou (we start netting there on Tuesday), plus driving back down to Malama Ki on Wednesday morning to let our captive birdies go. Tomorrow we go to East Kahuku to scope out mist-netting sites... SO EXCITE. I love East Kahuku, it's gorgeous. And I love Kahuku in general; spent a lot of time there on the last job, I kinda miss it.

This Saturday Shawn and I are going into Hilo for the Kamehameha Day festival, and more importantly to see Prometheus OMG SO FUCKING EXCITED. I'mma see how many other people in housing I can rustle up to come with. Should be fun!

Shawn leaves on Wednesday. Sad day! He has occasionally been aggravating, and things have sometimes been awkward and strange between us, but mostly he's a real chill guy and we get along and I like him. Who the hell else can I nerd out with? It's just nice to have someone around who understands me, you know? He likes SPN and OUaT and GoT and understands why the woodchipper card in Apples To Apples is AWESOME and why I would name my car Oliver and who the Stig is, and today we had awesome conversations about Watchmen (he's read the book!)and Spiderman comics and Batman: The Animated Series and Batman movies. WHO WILL I NERD WITH WHEN HE'S GONE?

...I hope the next to interns are cool. :3
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Lauren came over today and we had our Cooking Awesome Food and Listening to Awesome Music party. We enjoyed the musical talent of such artists as Arcade Fire, Dr. Dog, Girl Talk, The New Pornographers, Sea of Bees, Mersault, Menomena, Mumford and Sons, The Decemberists, Patrick Stump, Kristeen Young, and Trampled By Turtles. We also enjoyed listening the sweet sweet voice of Stephen Fry, watching The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, and playing biology-themed Bananagrams ('dissection' for the motherfucking win!).

Foodwise, we made Pumpkin Halwa: kabocha, almonds, cashews, craisins, saffron, condensed milk, etc, rolled into little gooey balls of tasty. We also made– and [livejournal.com profile] omg_alchemist veterans will appreciate this– orange zest brownies. Or, Three-Orange Super-Special Brownies, using orange zest, orange essence, and some chocolate-dipped candied orange peel we just happened to have lying around. They are just as amazingly delicious as Clara and I always thought they would be. T_T We also tossed together a pretty amazing soup at the last minute when we realized halwa and brownies did not a dinner make, comprising a whole pile of random things in the kitchen, including turkey broth, chicken, kabocha, two kinds of potatoes, a turnip, a leek, mushrooms, celery, parsley, garlic, ginger, shoyu, oyster sauce, sesame oil, and hot peppers. It was meant to be stew, but I'm not complaining.

Basically, for a rainy January Saturday... pretty freaking perfect.


Sep. 17th, 2010 12:09 pm
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Matt Bomer was in me my dream last night. He, or rather, someone named Adam who was played by Matt Bomer, was in a band, as was [livejournal.com profile] bluerose16's character Mal. I was friends with both of them. I went with Mal to get his ears pierced (they weren't pierced already wat? XD;); he got both ears double-pierced and then he wore the GIRLIEST EARRINGS EVER, like, all dangly and gold and floral wtf (also he wore them BACKWARDS). XD Then he and Adam's band had a concert, which I went to. Metric opened for them. The concert was freaking awesome. In between sets, or maybe afterward, I was hanging out with Cory, and she passed on some gossip. She told me that Kelly, Adam's girlfriend, felt threatened by me, and Adam had told her he didn't like me. I got all upset and made her tell me the whole story in detail. I had a crush on Adam (obviously... I mean he looks and acts like Matt Bomer and he's a motherfucking rockstar who sings and plays guitar) and I was really concerned with whether he meant he wasn't into me (which I could live with, I mean, I accepted he had a girlfriend and all), or whether he was ambivalent, or whether I annoyed him and he actively disliked me, which would've made me very sad. I think we determined he probably meant the former, but I wasn't sure, and I felt all worried and self-conscious, so I went to go look for him. Cory passed on more gossip, talking about how he and Kelly had taken a break last winter and probably would again this winter (they had a difficult, long-distance relationship); I couldn't quite help feeling pleased by this prospect, and hope that they'd actually split up. We didn't find Adam right away, but we found Kelly, and also Adam's two-ish-year-old daughter... Sophie, I think? We weren't sure what the story was with Sophie; she wasn't Kelly's, and we weren't sure she was actually genetically related to Adam. She kinda looked like him, but kinda didn't... she had dark eyes, dark, curling hair, definitely looked like she had some Middle Eastern something in her. She was gorgeous but very weird... she was obsessed with babies. Kelly was looking all harassed trying to keep her from abducting other people's infants; she was very brusque with me. She left Sophie with us briefly, during which time we had great difficulty keeping her contained. Adam showed up, also looking harassed... I couldn't tell if he was being edgy around me or just stressed out by Sophie, and I was VERY WORRIED about it.

...Then I woke up.


Apr. 6th, 2009 01:07 pm
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Lol, something hilarious happened at work today. The account we've been working on has been running down, so the past week or so we've been getting all the claims that were mailed past the March 6 postmark deadline, and a lot of them include "I'M SORRY IT'S LATE HERE'S MY EXCUSE PLEASE ACCEPT THIS ANYWAY!!" notes. So today Crystal gets my attention to show me this letter from this guy who's like, "I'm sorry it's late, my wife was experiencing digestive problems and she had to go into surgery, we've been kind of busy with that, please accept this anyway!"... including dated photographs of some doctor's gloved hand holding his wife's gallbladder. ...FREAKING GALLBLADDER. GORY PHOTGRAPHS OF. INCLUDED IN THE CLAIM FORM.

...BEST CLAIM EVER. My entire row had a good long laugh about that. The amusing post script is that the pictures were dated February 20, so his excuse isn't even valid.

So anyway. Yeah. That was funny.

...Oh, and the other hilarious thing that happened at work today was we all got laid off! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~!! Oh yeah! Hilarious~!

Actually, in perfect seriousness, I don't even really care. I'm sure that will change if I don't get another job soon. Meanwhile, I have enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and lots of leisurely reading of old rp threads and logs, and lots of leisurely watching birds eat our birdseed on the porch... it's still fucking gorgeous out, sunny and warm and blue skies and flowers everywhere, so it's cool that I get to be diurnal again for a bit.

Now I'm going to leisurely call Adecco and tell them I need a job, and then leisurely do my taxes. EXCITING.
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So [livejournal.com profile] graffitimoon tagged me to do this meme for Clara. Like almost two weeks ago.

So here it is. )
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The Hazards of Love was released today! I bought my copy off of iTunes... turns out I could've bought it on the 18th, but oh well. I've only had time to listen to the beginning so far, but IT'S SO PRETTY. Apparently today The Decemberists were signing CDs in Portland AND I MISSED IT. Also oh well. And lol, there's another concert in Troutdale in July, maybe I'll go to that one, too, if I feel like it. ^_^;; ...I really should check The Decemberists' website more often, it is made of awesome.

In other news, Mary and her friend called me at 4:30 to tell me they would not be stopping by, but instead would forge onwards to Seattle. Oh well. I like hanging out with Mary, but this gave me an extra 2 1/2 hours of sleep and let me get away without cleaning my room for another day.

In other other news, this is the kind of weird shit I think up while I'm at work. It occurred to me that if Clara Smith ever met Simon Tam from Firefly, she would like him a lot, he is exactly her type. And then it seemed to me that he would like her, too, were he ever in a situation that removed Kaylee from the equation entirely (sad though that may be). And I realized that this was because the two of them are so freaking alike it's scary. Their love would be made of fluff and bunnies and awkward fail, and it would be so adorable, and now I'm really sad that my new interdimensional OTP will NEVER EVER HAPPEN. ...But I'd already decided that when I get around to writing the first book in the Hosta-verse timeline, Clara's going to be in it (turns out I'm not done with that girl), and now I've decided Beau #3 is going to be a doctor. I'm just going to have to try damn hard not to infringe on Joss Whedon's copyright.


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